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Another type of treatment

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

Don’t you find that at times you look around your house & you just really need a change?  Whether it be new cushions on your couches; changing the photos in your frames; or just rearranging the furniture – all of these can make the world of difference to how a room looks & how you feel about it.

Husband & I had a tough week.  Work-wise, emotionally, health-wise & just stressful.  So we decided to have our own form of “therapy” by changing a few things in our house.  We didn’t put the TV on, just enjoyed the time we had together, laughed, spoke about everything & got to work out a lot of frustrations & irritations.

And these were our projects…IMG_8954.jpg

Our old-school bedside tables that were last “renovated” in 1983.  They serve their purpose well, but let’s be honest, they needed an update!  We didn’t want to buy new ones, so decided to try out a new paint that I had been eyeing out for some time – Granny B’s Old-Fashioned Paint.  We found a shop quite close to us that stocked it (Rosedales Gifts & Decor) & went to go choose our colour.  They have the most gorgeous colours, & after some backwards & forwards between a few of them, we finally settled on “Overcast”.  The lady who helped us was very informative & really assisted us a lot in deciding what would be best – plus they offer craft mornings some weekends so guess where I will be going soon?!

We got home, emptied out our bedside tables & took them outside onto some newspaper.


It was a beautiful day, & as I said before it was such a wonderful bonding time for us.  We got to just be alone together with no other distractions.  I also realised just how calming painting can be!  Plus the bonus with this paint is you don’t need to sand down the surface area or prep it in any way – simply paint it & finish it off with “armour”.  We chose the matte finish & it felt like such an accomplishment once we were done!  It is the first piece of furniture I have ever painted so it was a big things for me – maybe not so much for husband who used to be in construction & is a perfectionist of NOTE.


So this is our finished product!  What do you think?  The paint dries really quickly – you only need to wait about half an hour between layers, & about 2 hours before finishing off with the armour, so it literally can be finished off in one day.  It has made such a difference to our bedroom – now I just need to find the next thing that I can work on & clear my mind.

Flower Frame – DIY

“Every flower blooms in its own time.” – Ken Petti

Pinterest can be my best friend at times, but at others I just look at the images in complete disbelief & think “I could NEVER do that.” That’s sort of how I felt when I saw the following images (all taken off Pinterest):
I was in love with the simple beauty of them, & they created so much life to an otherwise dull frame/area. So last night I finally got a bee in my bonnet & decided to try my hand at making one – along with husbands help of course!
So here it goes, a super-duper easy-peasy lemon-squeezy way to make your own flower frame!
You need:
Old frame (this was from a photo frame that the glass was broken)
Paint/spray paint in colour of your choice (I used spray paint in Blush & added some copper accents to catch the light)
Fake flowers (I got mine from PEP, Crazy Store & on sale at Sheet Street. There are so many but watch the prices – you end up using quite a few so don’t go spending exorbitant amounts on a few flowers as your frame will end up looking quite sad)
Hot Glue Gun
How to make it:
Spray/paint the frame & leave it dry. Probably best to do this outside!
Trim down all fake flowers so you hardly have any stem – but make sure you don’t cut it too high up & the flower falls apart!
Strip the leaves off the stems.
Arrange flowers & leaves on the frame to get an idea of how you want it to look. Obviously you can add as many or as few flowers as you would like – you can even go all around the frame. It’s a great way to bring out your own personality!
Glue them in place!
Be very careful toot to get hot glue anywhere on your person. It hurts like a mofo & causes almost instant blistering.
Get husband to hold up frame & smile to make sure you’re happy with it.
Warren had to help me cut the flowers as some of them had quite thick wire & plastic in the stem part, but that was probably the trickiest part.
#Coachella #Boho #handmade

Building yourself up again

“Straighten your crown, and build your empire.”


My beautiful birthday flower crown from Opgedollie

As a young girl, we are always told "you're a princess", or "you're so beautiful"; & the best part about this is that we truly believe it.  

We believe that Father Christmas does travel the whole to give presents to good children; we believe a little mouse manages to sneak into our house & take the tooth we had left under our pillow, & still leaves us a bright coin in exchange.  

We believe that there are fairies living at the bottom of our garden; & we go out wearing whatever we damn well please without worrying what others will say.

We believed we were the best singers & would croon away to ourselves. & anyone who would listen really!

We would wave at little old ladies; ask questions constantly & want to make friends with the next-door neighbour.
What changes?  

Is it as a result of what society enforces as the new "normal"?  Is it that longing to be considered "grown-up"?  Or do we simply lose hope in the lighter side of life when we see the particular hands we have been dealt?

Recently I was planning my birthday event & decided that this was going to be a big one.  Besides the fact that I am turning 30 (eek!), I really wanted to celebrate thatI am alive!  You see, earlier this year I had a major health scare & was told by 3 separate doctors on 3 separate occasions that they didn't think I would make it through the operation - never mind all the healing afterwards.  It scared the crap out of me.  It made me reassess what was truly important in my life & how things were going to change going forward.

Through my planning; hours on Pinterest trawling; & wasting time on Facebook; I also began to notice how people so often say they want a certain service or product that doesn't cost "an arm & a leg".  How do we determine the pricing of this?  Do we not want quality?  You pay for what you get after all...  And this is where the idea for this blog started.
I want to be able to put a little bit of spotlight on South African businesses (I try to #SupportLocal whenever possible), have some fun DIY ideas (I crochet, am learning to sew, make dreamcatchers & love trying new crafts!).
This year is a fresh start for me, a new chapter in my life book & I am starting a clean slate.

I am going to learn to love myself.  
I am going to buy those shoes, because flip they are amazing - who cares if husband told me I look like a Spice Girl from the 90s.

The shoes in question…

This year is about truly valuing every minute that I am here.  It is about speaking kindly to the lady at the counter at Checkers; & smiling at the little old lady in the shop.  It is about taking the time to talk to the car guard to find out more about him; or making a little something for your doctor to thank her for saving your life.

I am going to wear my flower crown when I go out in public & not care what people think; I am going to build that fairy garden at the bottom of my garden & I am going to choose kindness over the need to be right every time.

Thank you to Lene Visser from Opgedollie for making this masterpiece for me; for all your patience& understanding; & for your simply beautiful creation!  I couldn't be happier.  If you haven't yet seen her page, please pop on over.  And while you're there, why not get yourself a flower  crown?  Embrace 
the beauty inside yourself, & don't let that flicker of magic die out.

"Let Your Light Shine: - Matthew 5:16

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