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Recently I was contacted by a company called Gammatek – they are the distributor of branded technologies, & the collectable brand Funko to sub-Saharan Africa.  I was quite amazed as I have recently got into collecting these awesome figurines & have had such fun searching for specific pops & making friends within this community.  You can get pops from all different pop culture – from movies, to Disney, to gaming, to sports, to anime – they have it all.  It truly is a gift for the whole family!

The festive season is upon us & some of us have already started to scramble for ideas on what to get for everyone in the family this festive season.
Getting a pair of socks of different colours got very old very quickly after the first year that you tried it so the time has come to really do something that would “Wow” the whole family. This is easier said than done as every person has their own tastes and interests and no one gift would be a good match for everyone.

A good starting point to search for the perfect gift is to figure out what every member of the family is a fan of. There is Dad that is a die-hard football supporter, Mom that loves binge watching her Game of Thrones series, little Brother that cannot get enough of Marvel superheroes, Sister that is in love with Aquaman & Granny that constantly talks to her grandkids about how much she loves Snow White & other Disney princesses. Well it seems that you have just stumbled upon your list to get everyone the perfect gift!

But where are you going to find something that is related to all of these subjects without having to travel to the far corners of the planet to find it? There is one company with the slogan “everyone is a fan of something” that might just have exactly what you are looking for, and in one place. Funko Pop! collectables literally has a character for any taste & you are bound to find a character that will be perfect for every member of the family. For your Football-fanatic Dad you can get an EPL player. For mom, a Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen would be perfect. How about getting The Avengers collection for your little brother & then an Aquaman for sister that she can talk to when no one is around. Granny would love a Snow White figurine to accompany her stories that she tells the grandkids & it would take her back down memory lane as well.

“Me & my girlfriend watched Pixar’s “Up” movie the other day & fell in love with the Grandpa, Mr Fredrickson. We then saw the Funko figurine in a shop window & we just had to have it. Now we will have to hunt for the Russell character as well to complete this cute collection.” – says Christiaan Louw, an Avid Funko collector.

There are also collections that you will be able to gift to the whole family where each member of the family can get a character to complete the collection. Examples of these collections would be the Parr Family from the Incredibles or the Justice league from the DC universe. So let’s just see how that would make the perfect gift for the whole family: Dad will get Batman, Mom will get Wonder Woman, Brother would get the Cyborg & Granny can get the flash to be her little helper.


Funko collectables also has the potential to start a collecting hobby so it is really a gift that will keep on giving and the best part is, you would be able to buy Funko Pop! collectables next season again to fuel their ever growing collection. Funko figurines will also be much better received than those socks that you were planning to get everyone again.

Funko products are available in SA from from BT Games, Cardies, Hamleys, Incredible Connection, Musica, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, and Vodacom stores. It is also available online on,; and


About Gammatek:
Gammatek was established in South Africa in 1999 & strives to be the leading distributor of Branded Technology Accessories in Southern Africa. The company distributes products that offer an added value proposition in terms of brand value & range & is currently the sole distributors of Body Glove, FUNKO, Ridata, Solo, Speck, Snug, Tiggly, UAG, UBTECH ROBOTICS, & Whoosh. Gammatek prides itself on timeously
offering the latest accessories for all popular consumer electronic devices.
For more information on Gammatek’s product range please visit or follow them on Twitter  Instagram & Facebook.

I have truly loved collecting what I have so far – from My Little Pony & Care Bears, to the different Deadpool characters, to Grease’s Danny & Sandy.  I even got my nephew the Harry Potter & Lord Voldemort Pops! as he is completely Harry Potter obsessed.


The serious Pop! collectors prefer to keep these figures in their boxes, but when you take them out you can truly appreciate how much detail there is in each of them.  You can get clear containers to protect them & you can then see a lot more than when they are in the packaged boxes.  There are also Exclusives & Chases that are more rare & valuable.

Have you bought any of these?  Which ones are you collecting?  Just a word of warning – once you start, it is difficult to decide where to stop!


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