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I am such a girly girl, & when I had hair I loved wearing bows in it.  And I LOVE seeing all the little girls running around with their huge bows in their hair – I wish I could still pull that whole look off.  And the Snapchat filters with the cute little bows are everything!

One of my favourite people from Olive and Arrow Creative designed this logo, & she tagged me in one of Liah Love Bowtique’s posts.  I know that the moment I have enough hair to rock these, I will be placing an order.  It just helps me feel so feminine & pretty; whereas at the moment I am really battling with just not feeling very attractive (even though I am trying to do a full face of makeup every day I have realised that my hair held a lot of meaning & confidence for me).


Anyway, this blog is not about me, but about the most gorgeous little business!  So those of you with little girls, or even those of you who enjoy wearing bows like me, take note…

Your Name:  Cindy Kruger

Business Name: Liah Love Bowtique

Social Media Handles:  Facebook & Instagram


More about my business:  I only recently started my business, as I am a mommy of the cutest 1 year old – Liah, and decided to make a bow for her as I couldn’t get a red bow over Christmas time.
I was quite excited about buying the fabric and creating something and seeing the end product.  Every bow is cut and put together with the love of my two hands

A few months down the line I decided that maybe I should take my passion for girly things and change it into a small business opportunity.


Your Personal Favourite Bows: My love for Rose Gold is uncanny, and can be seen in my logo as well (designed by my best friend at Olive & Arrow Creative) So I made a Rose Gold bow for my daughter’s 1st birthday outfit.

Do You Make Custom Bows: The fuschia bow is actually a custom bow, as a friend of mine wanted a bright pink bow for her daughter’s Christening.
It’s quite difficult to get the fabric in specific colours, so I used non toxic paint to paint the bow in her specific colour and matched it with her outfit.

How Can People Order From You: It’s very easy to order, either send me a message on my page, or email me at

Quote You Live By: Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

Anything Else You Want To Add: Keep an eye open for our Lace range & new bow designs.


Aren’t these absolutely divine?  Plus blush & rose gold are my absolute favourite colours so I feel like we are kindred spirits with all our similar likes & general girliness!

Please support this beautiful lady, & tag us in any pics of your gorgeous little girls so we can share in your excitement.

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