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Oval Make-Up Brushes?

If you are sad, add more lipstick & attack” – Coco Chanel

When I finished high school, I had no idea what I wanted to study.  So I took a year off & worked full-time until I could decide exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  During this time I discovered my love of beauty therapy & everything it entails.  People are so quick to think that you are a dumb blonde if you study beauty therapy, but it is actually really intense!  I studied at The Academy of Beauty Therapy for 2 years, got my international qualifications; & then decided to complete my third year, specialising in Spa Therapy – including sports massage, reiki, & so on.  I realised that I had found my “happy place” & that I loved being with people, making them feel good about themselves, & I absolutely ADORED the creativity that came with being able to do make-up.

I have experimented with all sorts of different kinds of make-up over the years – bright eyeshadows, extreme contouring, plain Jane, prominent lips & so forth.  I don’t wear make-up every day, as it uses up too much energy at the moment & luckily my job allows for me to go bare-faced with no problems.


However, I embrace every opportunity I get to make myself up!  Weddings, events, date night with husband, or even when I just have the energy…  I have been reading so much about the oval make-up brushes & wondered if these were really so much better than the usual type.  Having invested so much into my entire make-up kit I decided it was time for an upgrade & got a set of oval brushes for my birthday.

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The set I got is from Dischem (you can buy them online here) & I brought them home SUPER excited to try them out.  As soon as I opened the box I was impressed by the softness & fullness of the brushes.  They felt a lot more solid than your usual brushes, so I was a bit concerned that this would mean they would absorb a lot more product rather than applying it onto your face.  Oval brushes have been designed to fit comfortably into your hands & specifically cater for self-application.  They are created to mimic the way your fingers move across your face, including the smooth finish & shouldn’t feel awkward.

The first couple of times I used them it felt really weird!  I was used to the traditional make-up brushes (especially being a qualified make-up artist) so holding my brush parallel to my face & not perpendicular took some getting used to.  I wanted to try see how much of the product would be used with these brushes as opposed to the “regular” ones, & in my opinion, less is actually used.  It is also really easy to remove any excess product left behind on the brushes.

Some things I learnt through trial & error:

  • Apply foundation to your face & then blend with the brush – do not apply it directly to the brush.
  • Start by picking up a little of each product on the specific brush.  You can then add more if need be.
  • Use light pressure whilst gliding back & forth in circular motions (don’t tap-tap or dab)
  • Use the different brushes for their different uses – there is a reason there are different sizes, shapes & thicknesses.
  • They are much easier to keep hold of when your hands/muscles are weak as you can grip it with your whole hand, & not just your fingers.

However, I did still miss a few of my “regular” brushes (it may just be trying to get my head around something new & a change to my usual), so got some beautiful ones to add to my collection.

These are also from Dischem (from here) & as you can tell by the colour of the bristles, I have still been using them!  I love my angled brush to apply contouring (i.e. give my face shape & angles), but will keep trying to do this with the oval brushes.  These are beautifully soft & I really enjoy using them.  Sometimes it is not all about buying the most expensive brand possible, but rather finding what works for you within your budget!

Hopefully I will have an event where I can do some fun make-up & post a tutorial on here too.  But until then, I will keep practicing with my new brushes!

Have you tried them before?  What are your thoughts?  Are they so much better than the original ones, or would you rather stick with what you know?  Leave your comments below 🙂

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