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I am a HUGE gin fan.  I don’t usually enjoy too much alcohol, but when it comes to gin I feel there is nothing better on a hot evening.  Husband & I sit outside, enjoy a cold drink together & chat over our day.  My body doesn’t feel bloated or gross after I have indulged a little, & I haven’t woken up with any kind of headache.

And then I discovered Sugarbird Gin & I was even more excited.  Read on to see why…

Your name: Nzeka Biyela

Business name: Sugarbird Gin

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram

What makes your gin different to other brands: A proudly South African gin inspired by the people of our beautiful country. Sugarbird Gin is distilled and infused with Cape Fynbos. Which is key to our distinct, unique, proudly South African flavour. It’s these gentle, fragrant flavours that make Sugarbird the perfect gin to drink neat over ice, in a G&T, or in a delicious cocktail: Sugarbird fits your life effortlessly.


Tell me more about what you are launching for Christmas: We’ve launched various products for the festive season which we’ve made for our Sugarbird friends and family to share with their friends and family. Sugarbird is about bringing people together, and adding fun & different ways to enjoy your gin. So we thought these products would do just that, no matter which way you enjoy the festive season, there is a product to fit the occasion.

Where can people purchase your products for: Sugarbird & Friends 8-Pack Advent Calendar containing a variety of 8 local gins at R299.99, Sugarbird & Friends 24-Pack Advent Calendar containing a variety of 24 local gins at R699.99 both available exclusively at Pick n Pay Liquor stores. Sugarbird Gin Crackers containing 1x50ml bottle of Sugarbird gin at R39.99 per cracker available exclusively at Checkers & Shoprite Liquor stores. Sugarbird Gin Baubles at R129.00 per sleeve which contains 5 x 40ml baubles filled with Sugarbird Gin available exclusively at Makro stores.


What is your favourite gin mix/cocktail: A simple Sugarbird G&T always does the trick 😉 A personal favourite is our Juniper Unfiltered Gin + Barker & Quin Hibiscus tonic with pomegranate rubies, strawberries and rosemary 🙂

What gin cocktail is the ideal Summer drink: Sugarbird Summertime-Tini
35ml Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered
15ml Lavender Syrup
5 Mint Leaves
Lime squeeze
50ml Litchi Juice Cellulose
Shaken hard and fine strained into a chilled Coup Glass.
Garnish: edible flower on top


Quote you live by: “There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
― Erin Hanson

Are these not just too gorgeous?  It is a definite benefit being an adult & I think these would be a great addition to any Christmas tree & celebration.

Which one are you planning to get?


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