• Local Businesses

    Pimville Gin

    You know me by now.  I am a definite G & T type of girl, & I love trying out new gins – especially those that are produced & bottled in South Africa.  I think we often have the most unique, delicious flavours that give you a little taste of home with every sip. Pimville Gin is one such gin, & I am sure you are going to want to rush out to get your own once you have read more about this small business. Your name: Francois Bezuidenhout Business name: Pimville Drinks Co. Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website & Thundafund Tell me a bit more about Pimville Gin: …

  • Food,  Local Businesses

    Umoya Foods

    During my quest to health in 2019, I discovered this local business called “Umoya Foods”.  I saw how people I admire in the health industry were making use of their products, & I was drawn to their social media presence as well as their offerings.  I have realised that our foods these days are not providing the nutrients & goodness that our grandparents could get from simply eating naturally, & it is so important that we supplement.  I currently add protein powder & collagen daily, as well as micro-greens & -reds. And taking into consideration that our bodies need a little bit more TLC than we are currently giving them,…


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