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Pink Cosmetics

I started following Pink Cosmetics way before I even started this blog.  I was drawn to their products, and very quickly knew that I had to place an order to try some of their products for myself.  I have seen how their name has grown and grown, and I constantly see them being recommended in beauty groups that I am part of – in fact their solid brush cleanser is probably the reason we have more clean brushes in South Africa as it is just so easy to use.

I had never had the opportunity to meet Janet face-to-face as she stays in the Western Cape and I am in Gauteng – that is until Beauty Revolution happened (just before lockdown!).  I couldn’t stop myself from skipping up to her and giddily introducing myself.  She is someone I admire so much, and I trust her products 100%.  They smell beautiful, look beautiful, and make you feel beautiful using them.

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Janet & me at her stand at Beauty Revolution

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Nomsa & Janet at Beauty Revolution

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Lanie (Lanie Soaps), Andrea (Maria Cosmetics), Janet (Pink Cosmetics) & me (fan-girling)

I have been wanting to interview Janet for the longest time, and am SO excited about being able to feature her today.  And if there is one item I can personally recommend, it’s the brush cleaner – did you know you should be washing your brushes and sponges every week to avoid makeup build up and residue of other colours mixing together?  Plus bacteria can build up in the brushes and cause acne and skin irritation – yuck!

Your name:  Janet Pink

Business name:  Pink Cosmetics

Social media handles:  Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube and Website.

Pink Cosmetics Wedding Favours59

Tell me, what is PINK:  Pink is products that are beautiful both inside and out. They are vegan and cruelty free, created in small batches by me and my team with no sulphates and parabens and no petrochemicals. Pink is good for your skin and the environment, but they are also pretty and lovely to use. PINK stands for Perfectly Incorporating Natures Knowledge and we use the best from both the plant world and science.

Where did the idea for this business come from:  In 2010, while investigating the skincare products used by my family, I was horrified to discover the dangers of so many ingredients lurking in the vanity aisles of countless products. Many skincare items contained controversial preservatives like parabens, strong sulphates, and petrol derivatives (parafinium). I felt like someone needed to contend with the unfulfilled promises and unethical behavior of these countless products on the market. So, armed with passion and purpose, backed by my beauty therapist degree, I began to educate myself and develop my very own formulations & an ethical skincare range. My aim was to create a wholesome and beautiful range of products that were not only vegan and non-toxic, but also safe for use by the whole family.



What makes your products different to others:  Our products are not mass produced or imported and relabeled. I literally formulate & manufacture EVERY product myself from scratch. I am staring to outsource my formulas to various labs – as I can’t keep up with the demand anymore. We make small batches to keep ingredients as fresh as possible so they don’t sit on shelves for 2 years. Every product is made with love and passion and a sprinkle of PINK!.

What is your personal favourite product:  That’s hard!!! I love and use them all! I would die without my Superskin moisturizer – so that’s the ONE I would chose.

Pink Cosmetics

Tell me a bit more about your brush cleaner: I get DM’s every weekend from makeup artists, I am cleaning my brushes and thinking of you- that’s makes me so happy. It’s a quick and very effective way to clean your brushes thoroughly. Each one is poured by hand and made with lots of nourishing and cleansing oils in a magic ratio to clean and condition make up brushes.

What have been the most popular items:  Brush cleaners, bathbombs, cherry blossom scrub and our Plump up Hyaluronic serum.


How has lockdown affected your business:  We have been incredibly blessed to have been super busy during lockdown. I realized I needed to pivot Pink really quickly and started marketing our hand sanitizers and sourcing other PPE – like masks and shields. I have the most amazing and loyal customers and they all supported Pink incredibly. It also gave me the ability to help and support other small businesses who were struggling. I need a holiday – as it’s been just me working most of the time and struggling with out of stock and closed suppliers.

What have been some of your proudest moments during your PINK journey:  Definitely standing in Waterfront Truworths Context store taking a picture with my products on their shelf! Wearing my mask – of course- lol


How can people order from you:  Directly from our website.

If you had to recommend just 3 products for people to start with, what would they be:  Make up melt- our cleansing balm, a moisturizer suited to their skin type- we have 3, and Pink Clay – our facial scrub and mask in one.

Quote you live by:  Be kind

Anything else you want to add:  Hard work, passion and dedication can make anything happen. Believe in yourself and your dreams, with all your heart and work towards them everyday! No matter who you are, dream big and forge your own path. Who knows, your dream might change the world for good! Mine did.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Megan and for being one of my amazing and loyal clients.

Pink Cosmetics

Guys, if I can get behind a skincare and beauty brand, this would be it.  I have been blessed to try quite a few of their products (they also do sample packs of their facial range so you can see which ones you like the most and the improvement in your skin before you purchase the full-size products).  I would definitely say get a trial pack of products, the solid brush cleaner, facial mist, and one of their masks for your first order – from there you will be hooked and will definitely want to increase your range that you own.


Addi is the BOMB!

Princess Addison is such a special little girl.  When I first met her, I was completely enamored by her friendliness, zest for life & her complete love for animals.  We bonded whilst watching The Trolls & she chatted away to me about all sorts, & getting to see life through a child’s eyes truly reminded me about how beautiful it is!

addi bathbomb1

Recently I saw on FB that she has started her very own business called Bath Bombs by Addison, where she is making the most stunning bath bombs with her mum & selling these – with some of the money being donated to FORA (Friends Of Rescued Animals).  What a kind heart this little girl has, & I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of these for myself.  I sent through some questions for her & her mum to answer…

What is your name: Addison Brown
How old are you: 6
What do you love to do: dance, cook, make things, play with my doggies, go to my granny’s house.
thumbnail_addison bathbomb 2
What are your favourite animals: Doggies, horses, & elephants
Tell me more about yourself: I love to make things with my mom and dad, we are always doing something fun. I have the best family and awesome friends. I have 2 doggies that I love playing with and they sleep with me every night. Making bath bombs is one of my favourite things to do because we get to make new shapes and we have lots of different smells and colours. I have a new secret bath bomb that we are going to make soon.
Business name: Bath Bombs By Addison
What do you make: I make bath bombs and pinecone firelighters but I have more ideas of things that kids like me would love. My favourite is still the bath bombs though.
What made you want to do this: My mom is helping me to grow my own business making things that I love the most.
I see you give some of your profits to FORA – why did you choose to do this: Both my doggies come from FORA and I want to help more doggies and kitties that don’t have a real home yet. Every animal should have their own kid to play with.
thumbnail_addison bathbomb 3
Which is your favourite bath bomb: I love the big colourful unicorn bath bombs that have lots of glitter. They make you shine at school the next day. My new bath bomb is going to be launched soon, just for kids like me that love surprises:-)
How can people order them: My email address is bathbombsbyaddison@yahoo.com or on my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/BathBombsByAddison/
Note from Mom – Addison and I started making bath bombs for fun and for her own enjoyment. She, of her own accord, asked if she could start selling them and I took it as a great opportunity to teach her about business and responsibility. I love her enthusiasm for her little business but I want her to understand the value of money and the hard work that it takes to make, all whilst having fun at the same time. I show her how to save, budget and most importantly to give back, and I love the fact that she chose FORA as her beneficiary. It is awe inspiring watching a little 6 year old, being her own boss and building a little empire for herself. As parents, we can only hope we have instilled good morals and beneficial life lessons along the way, but for now, our hearts are bursting with pride…….
thumbnail_addison bathbomb 4

To Addison & her parents – I am so so proud of you, your kindness & this amazing business!  I think we could all do with a little more time spent pampering ourselves, & the unicorn glitter bath bomb sounds like the perfect addition to this.

Please support this local business & help Addi reach her dream whilst supporting the animals that she loves so dearly!


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