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Cakey by Davy

Lockdown really screwed a lot of us over!  So many people have lost their jobs, and just have no idea where to turn.  I know of families that are starving, and friends that have no idea when their next income will be received.

And then, a friend introduced me to Davy.  I gave him a call to find out more about this business that started during lockdown, and I KNOW that he is going to change the world one delicious cake at a time.

Davy lost his job at a well-known restaurant during lockdown where he had been a cleaner.  His new baby was only a few weeks old, and they had no idea how they were going to survive.  But Davy doesn’t give up!  He hustled, taught himself to bake by watching YouTube videos, and now is able to stay at home to look after their children while his wife is at work.  He then bakes from 5pm – 12am to ensure that his cakes are fresh for any orders that he has, and he has really found his creativity and passion.

Your name:  Davy Tsopo

Business name: Cakey by Davy

Photo 2020-07-22, 07 48 21

Social media handles:  Facebook and Instagram

Tell me more about you:  Im Davy Tsopo. I am a father of two boys – Craig is  7 years and Travis is 5 months. I am married to Tatenda, who is a very hard working woman.

Photo 2020-07-22, 07 48 20

Photo 2020-07-22, 07 48 22

Photo 2020-07-22, 07 48 21 (1)

Tell me about your business:  I bake delicious cakes!  I specialize in Vanilla, Carrot and Chocolate cakes, cupcakes and muffins.

How did you get into this business:  When Covid19 pandemic forced us into lock down I started teaching myself how to bake by following videos on YouTube. It was theory only because my oven stove was not yet connected. When we finally moved to level 4 of lockdown, an electrician connected my stove. I started doing muffins for my family and then moved to cakes. It was fun because I was teaching myself and I enjoyed it.

When did you start baking:  It was end of May when I started selling my muffins and cakes, and it was a huge relief for me because i was getting something for my family to eat. In June I officially started baking and I have never looked back. I have lovely friends who supports me. I can mention a few – Charlie K, Inge, JP, Luschka, Tania, in UK my friend Tendai in UK, –  all these people played a big role in starting this business.

How much are your cakes:  My cakes cost R150 medium and R250 for large.


How can people order from you:  Most of my customers order via Instagram and Facebook but some order through my friends.  You can whatsapp me on 084 430 7326 to order yours.

Where can people collect from:  I’m located at Linden, Johannesburg.

Why do you love baking so much:  I’m loving baking because I’m learning new things everyday.

How has this business changed your life:  I lost my job at Brian Lara as a cleaner. Now I can feed my family and pay bills.

Quote you live by:  In order to write about life first you must live it.

Anything else you want to add:  Thanks so much for supporting me. I’m still new in this industry but I’m loving each and every support I’m getting from all corners of this world. Stay safe one day we gonna conquer this Covid19. Peace, love and harmony.

Photo 2020-07-21, 21 11 51

Guys, please support this wonderful man.  Davy is so humble, so kind, and honestly just wants the absolute best for his family.  Order your next birthday/anniversary/just because cake from him in Linden; and tell your friends about how delicious they are.  I am going to be sponsoring a giveaway with him, so make sure you keep an eye on his social media for when this is happening.

And if there are any bakers who would be willing to take Davy under their wing to teach him more and help him to really achieve his dreams, please contact me or Davy directly.  The fact that he has managed to achieve all of this through just watching YouTube videos shows that he has a natural talent, and with a little coaching could be the next big thing!  He would also really appreciate donations of baking goods to help take his business to the next level – he was mixing everything by hand (37 cakes for Father’s Day were all beaten and mixed by him personally), and recently received a large mixer to help make this process easier and quicker.

It has been so lovely getting to know him better, and I know that you will all adore him too.

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Sugar & Paper

This time last year I had my fundraiser, The Snow Ball, to raise funds for my life-saving stem cell transplant.  I was blown away at the generosity of everyone that I knew, as well as those that I had never met.  Liezl was one of those very special people that didn’t even know me, yet sponsored the most gorgeous (& delicious) snowflake biscuits for everyone that attended my event.  The biscuits didn’t even make it home as they were all gobbled up at the event!


Then, my friend Jenny spoilt us all at Rare with a box of Christmas-themed cookies, & as soon as I saw them I knew that I had to reach out to Liezl & feature her on my blog.  Besides looking absolutely amazing, they are the most yummy biscuits you will ever taste.  Read on to find out more about this beautiful lady & her biccy business.


Your name: Liezl Veiga

Business name: Sugar & Paper

Social media handles: Instagram and Facebook


Tell me a bit more about your business: I have been a freelance Graphic Designer since 2013, but having always loved parties and baking and after being encouraged by friends (and my first cookie “order”) I decided to start my party planning business, Sugar & Paper. I call myself “a celebration enthusiast” – I can conceptualise, design, coordinate and style your event, and even bake the tasty treats. A one-stop-shop of good taste!


Where did your passion for baking come from: I have always loved baking and the rule in our house growing up was “you make the mess, you clean it”. So my sister and I baked often! Baking is a productive form of self-expression and communication. It’s also a form of mindfulness and altruism – at the heart of baking for others is the very act of giving. And, although, people pay me for my cookies, it will never cover the amount of time and love I pour into every baked creation.


How did you learn all the amazing royal icing techniques: I have actually never taken a cookie class – I learned through trial and error. Lots of error! Also, YouTube and social media are great places to watch tutorials etc.

What makes your cookies different to those you can get in the shops: My cookies are made with quality ingredients, real butter, free range eggs and lots of love! I think my attention to detail sets me apart.


What are some of the events you make cookies for: I make cookies for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, corporate events – anything really! Even just to fill your cookie jar at home.

Whereabouts are you based: I am in Linmeyer, Johannebsurg South.

How can people place an order with you: They can email me or visit my site.


How far in advance should people place an order with you: The sooner the better, as I book up fast! Ideally, I need confirmation and full payment 2 weeks before collection.

Do you sell Christmas cookies, & do you have extra in stock: I haven’t taken Christmas pre-orders as yet this year but have just posted some!

What have been your favourite cookies that you have made so far: It’s so difficult to choose! I love just about every set I send out as it’s a part of my creativity 🙂


Why do you encourage people to support small businesses: I encourage people to support small business because you are helping someone live their dream! Handmade items are always more expensive than store bought, but that’s because they are bespoke – that item that’s handmade, has been created from precious time that was spent designing, searching for materials, creating the product, finishing, packaging, cleaning! It’s also hours of failures, experimentation, frustrations, and moments of pure joy. It’s a piece of their soul, their heart and a moment of someone’s life!

Quote you live by: Don’t sweat the small stuff 😉


Anything else you want to add:
I hope to build Sugar & Paper into a brand that people will immediately think of when it comes to parties. Right now, I seemed to have slid more into the cookie side of my talents, but hope that I will be able to become ever more involved in the design side too.


Aren’t her creations absolutely stunning?

I could spend hours getting lost in Liezl’s images on her social media pages, & can definitely vouch that these cookies taste just as good as they look.

Ok I need to go now, my mouth is watering & I my tummy is grumbling.  Liezl I’m coming for you!


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Chalmar Beef

Last week Thursday I was invited to attend Chalmar Beef’s 50th Milestone Celebration in Bapsfontein.  They were hosting an auction with beef from 45 selected animals, that had been fed for longer – whole carcasses as well as individual cuts of meat were auctioned & I was super excited to see how this all worked!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.29

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.55(1)

The late Oom Wimpie Wethmar started this business 50 years ago, in a simple small building.  He had great dreams for Chalmar Beef, & together with his wife, they built this up into the thriving business it is today.  This family-run business has a feeling of coming home (especially since I am from a farming community in KZN), & the staff are all so friendly & welcoming.  I was so impressed with the stories from people involved with & working for Chalmar Beef, & you could really see their passion for the entire business as well as the Wethmar family.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.56

“The Chalmar Beef farm and abattoir operation includes over 300 dedicated and passionate people, it has a farm feedlot capacity of 20 000 cattle and a further 19 000 cattle on pasture. The farm also produces maize silage on 1 000ha of high potential soil.

Our farm is still owned by the Wethmar family who are involved in the daily operations.”

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.57

Profits from the sale of some of the beef also went toward assisting Little Eden Society.  Founded in 1967 by Domitilla and Danny Hyams, LITTLE EDEN is the permanent home to 300 residents who have profound intellectual disability, the majority of whom have been discarded and abandoned by society. Within the confines of LITTLE EDEN these precious souls find daily warmth, care and love together with all the ancillary programmes and therapies to make them stars in their own right.

Besides the 2 healthy & nutritious meals provided weekly for all residents of the home, they are also able to make a further 2 soups/sauces with the bones & leftovers.  The Wethmars live for their community & providing support, & this really showed throughout the afternoon I spent there.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.55

I had never attended an auction in any form, so when they sat us down for the festivities to begin, I felt a flutter of excitement in my tummy.  The bidders were registered, & I saw the paddles being held in tight hands & you could feel the electricity in the room.  We had sampled some of the delicious meat for lunch, & when my knife simply glided through the meat as if it were butter, I knew that I would be a meat snob after this spoiling!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-20 at 16.40.33

I don’t think any picture could do the food justice, but believe me when I say I never have, & probably never will, taste food like that.  Restaurant’s such as Marble, The Grill at 120, Chaplins Grill, Square Time Café, Pachas & many more made our mouth-watering meat dishes supplied from Chalmar Beef.  I was teasing my husband with sneak peeks from throughout the day & he was extremely jealous!

The auction went off with much support & excitement, & I definitely noticed that some people were bidding on more than others – I’m not sure where they were from, but we should be asking where our meat is supplied from, & if you hear its Chalmar then you are in for a definite treat.

With our tummies full, & our wallets empty, we were entertained by talented singers before being led through their shop on the property.  This is open 6 days a week, & they even have cyclists that stop off along their journey to enjoy an ice cream & drink.  If you aren’t able to get to the shop yourself, you can now place your order in their online store & have it delivered to you (if you live in Gauteng).  This shop is run by friendly staff who assist you with everything you could possibly want – including an amazing cup of coffee.

You feel Oom Wimpie’s presence all over the farm – from his picture proudly displayed in the shop; to the way the staff remember him with so much love; to the pride the family has in continuing his work.  They WANT you to come to visit them & learn more about this passion project of theirs, & you can even get some recipes that have been created in their home with the delicious Chalmar Beef.

All in all, it was a day that I will always remember with such fondness.  Besides all the awesome bloggers & media members that I got to meet, I also learnt so much about the importance of loving what you do, & how family will always support you in reaching your dreams.  I can’t wait to go back, & know that I will be doing all my meat shopping online from now on.

You can stay up to date with their events, as well as their recipes & so on by following them on Facebook & Instagram.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

And please try some of their meat – I promise you will love it.


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