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I came across this great clothing line a while ago, & when I started reading more about them it truly pulled on my heart & I knew that more people needed to know about this.  A girl I went to college with always dresses her daughter in the most gorgeous outfits, & when I saw this brand tagged in one of her posts I immediately set to finding out more!


The top definition of a “sillybilly” is as follows: A person, who acts in a special way and is not afraid to do so. Usually a small, cute, person who is very happy and can make you laugh whenever they want to. Also some one who is very fun to be around and acts in the silliest way possible.
“Why are you so cute, you sillybilly.”
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Your Name:  Joy
Your Business Name:  Sillybilly / Sillybillie.  Sillybilly is spelt two ways : SILLYBILLY and SILLYBILLIE . For boys products I use the Y and girls products I use the IE.  Just a fun way to distinguish gender fabrics.
Social Media Handles:  Facebook & Instagram – Sillybilly / Beanys Biters
What do I do?  I create beautiful handmade, affordable quality boys and girls baby harems, bloomers, rompers and suspender skirts…. and this is only the beginning!  Michaela, my Down Syndrome daughter, handmakes teething rings and teething bracelets called Beany Biters. These are made from quality silicone beads and wooden rings. Only child safe quality will do!
How did I start?  My daughter Megan fell pregnant with my gorgeous grandson, Scott. I relished in this idea of being a grandmother so decided to make him something special and sewed some beautiful harems for her nappy party. When my gift was opened my children suggested I sew to sell and open a business.  I had been retrenched a few months earlier so I took the bull by the horns (I will admit I was nervous). I took what little savings I had at the time and bought fabric. I created a few pieces and we created my Instagram and Facebook page and I have never looked back.  Sillybilly was born. Having Michaela at home with me most of the time (she loves to thread things) we decided to incorporate baby teethers, made from scratch by her. Beany Biters then started.
What makes my products special?  Every stitch, every button and every item is made by me and me alone, from start to finish. I don’t use an assistant or a CMT. In doing this I am able to keep my prices affordable, hence you don’t need to pay a lot of money to dress your baby beautifully. Quality control is of utmost importance. I will even redo the label if it does not look straight. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to Sillybilly.
Most popular item?  This has to be my highwaisted girls bloomers. I can’t tell you how many I have made. I think it’s the soft, cool feel and the beautiful colors. Pop them over a nappy on a hot day and “walla” you have a gorgeous baby!
My personal favourite? Every piece I see on a baby is my favourite.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a piece come to life from a flat piece of fabric on a roll.
How do people order?  I have an online store. Its proved to be so easy and for me it’s been amazing. Getting orders via email, I get stuck in and courier them off as soon as I can. Please pop in and have a look
My daughter Michaela.   Michaela was born with Down Syndrome.  She is 23 years old and attends a special needs college called Careways in Kloof, Durban. She loves dancing and dances with Flatfoot Dance company in Durban. Her nickname is Beany (comes from calling her Michaela Bean!) so when we were thinking of a name for her business my daughter in law said “Beany Biters”. She takes great pride in her work and gets super excited when an order for them comes through.
What quote do I live by?  Mmmmm a hard one as there are so many.  But one that comes to mind is “NEVER DOUBT ONESELF!!!” If I had just doubted myself for second at that nappy party I would not have this precious business.
Anything else to add?  My fabrics are mostly chosen by my daughter Megan.  She has graphic design flare behind her, young and knows her stuff! She is my amazing marketing lady who runs her own digital marketing business so I’m fortunate to have her run my pages.
My third bedroom is turned into my studio where I have three trusty Bernina machines. Frankly it’s my “happy place!”
I have been married to Ronny for 10 years. He supports me 100% in what I do and love. My whole family is behind me and tell me every day how proud they are. So for this I THANK YOU SILLYBILLY  🙂

With all my friends that are currently pregnant, or just recently given birth to their own gorgeous miracle, I know that they are certainly going to be getting gifts from this company!  A mum & daughter duo with a passion for what they do makes my heart so very happy.  And does this not remind you that you can set out to achieve whatever you wish; regardless of what society says “no” to?

Please support Sillybilly & Beany Biters.  Because we all deserve that little bit of good in our lives!

Ella and Jo

When looking for clothing for your precious miracles, don’t you love finding handmade items that are unique & beautiful?  Don’t you love knowing that these have been designed by a fellow parent & that they come from a place of passion for only the very best for your mini-me?

I know that when I have a child this is what I will look for, & that when I am getting something special for a friend’s little one, this is what I love to find!  I was so thrilled to discover Ella & Jo, & as I found out more about why she started this business, & why she loves what she does, I knew that she deserves all our love & support.

Your name: Kelsea Jade Versfeld

Business name: Ella & Jo

Social media handles: FacebookInstagram
Website to be launching very soon!

More about what you do: I am 24 years old turning 25 in January.
I am almost 7 months pregnant with a little girl due on the 3rd January. Still working hard as ever running Ella & Jo and also working a half day job in Real Estates
(For Ella & Jo I do everything myself from pattern making, garment making, fabric buying, thread cutting, invoicing, liaising with clients, packaging and arranging daily deliveries).
I have recently gotten sales marketing agents on board and also 1 lady to assist me with sewing once or twice a week and 1 lady to assist with the crocheting of our new rugs to be launched very soon).

Why did you decide to start a children’s clothing brand: I became interested in sewing at the age 6 years old as my mom used to make clothing for my brothers and I. My mom and I always used to comment on baby clothing when we were at the shops and suggest better idea’s. (She is a very huge inspiration to me).
At the Age of 6 I was begging to sew by myself but my mom always bought me plastic sewing machine toy and tools instead.
At the age of 9 is when I actually started sewing my own dolls clothes and odd projects on my own with her machine and also by hand.

What makes your goodies different to others: All the Ella & Jo products are uniquely designed by me and made by me too..
You will not find our garments anywhere else.
What is also new is our hand made printing that we have recently started.
Our items are all hand made and a lot of time and effort is put into each garment.

Who taught you to sew: My mom – as I got older I got better than her though and now she asks me to take in and adjust her items when needed. 🙂

How can people order from you: Our website is to be launched in the next month or two. In the meantime if people are wanting to place an order they can email us on ellaandjokids@gmail.com or comment or inbox our Facebook page or Instagram feed.
We are stocked in a few boutiques and stores and are branching out to Vredendal JHB slowly and Ballito Durban next week.

What is your favourite product: I don’t really have one favourite, I have a few…
Aurora Jumper
New Summer frilly bloomer and my hand made print inspired for my little daughter for her summer closet.
Our boys car “daddys little classic vest” Which was hand drawn by my brother especially for the Ella & Jo range. (The first one to wear the item was his 3 year old son – Who mom and I now help take care of).

Quote you live by: Work Hard, Dream Big, Stay Humble.
(My brother that has just passed away less than a year ago – This is the message he left for me on our kitchen chalk board so it is now what I follow and I wont give up pursuing my dreams)41871726_1741392385982793_8599407889695637504_n

Anything else you want to add:  Starting up a business is extremely hard especially when doing it all by yourself. (started up with no funds or investors).
It can be completely challenging/ frustrating and lots of late nights and hard hard work! Luckily I have a loving and very supportive partner that understands the late night hours I put in and having to sacrifice most weekends by working.
Main key is to never let anyone run you down, never give up and keep pushing for your dream because you can make it happen!
Hard work, Dedication, Motivation and Persistence.

Of course the unicorn cushions are my absolute favourite, but I know that if I had a child of my own to love & spoil then I wouldn’t be able to choose what I love the most.  I love how these are proper little kids clothing & decor, & they truly make me so happy just to look at!

Wishing you all the very best Kelsea, & we can’t wait to see pics of your little girl when she arrives 🙂


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