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Three Lads and a Toucan

Recently I saw a post on a friend’s timeline that mentioned a company roasting coffee here in South Africa.  After doing some digging, I realised that I knew two of the owners and knew that I immediately had to find out more.

This time in isolation has made me realise the importance of supporting local, and I have spent quite a bit of time researching businesses that are making a difference, producing amazing products/services, and those that more of the public need to be aware of.  Being stuck indoors for almost 2 weeks (let’s be honest – none of us really know what day it is, or even what time it may be) means that at home we have been experimenting with much cooking, baking, and MANY cups of coffee.  So I was thrilled to receive my bags of 3 Lads and a Toucan today and it has made my day so much brighter.

Your name: Kobi van Schalkwyk, Barend van Schalkwyk and Charl Mcleod

Business name: 3 Lads and a Toucan

Social media handles: Instagram

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 19.06.26WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 18.39.27

Tell me a bit more about what you do: We supply specialty grade Coffee beans and ground coffee that we source directly from origin and roast locally in SA. We are based in Durban and are a proudly South African business.

What makes your coffee so different to others: We only use specialty coffee beans. This means that you are always going to get a beautiful clean cup of coffee with incredible flavours and taste. We certainly are not the only guys using specialty beans but quality is something that we will never compromise.


Where did the passion for this come from: From my perspective – Running our own business has always been a passion of ours and the idea of supplying a great quality coffee from Brazil actually started from school days when I was privileged enough to attend a Scottish school for 3 months on an exchange program . Long story short – one of my best mates in the Scottish school was a Brazilian chap and we started speaking about a potential business between the two countries 15 years ago! I also have the privilege of running this business with my best mate and my brother which makes it even more epic! Oh and we are all addicted to coffee!

How did you decide on your name: It a funny story which is pretty much summarised in a poem on the back of our coffee packs but to give you the plain version : We travelled to Brazil a few times, always in search of a Beautiful Toucan. We never found it BUT on our second to last trip we were travelling through a big coffee farm where our Brazilian friends were giving us a run down of how coffee is processed. Whilst we were driving, this Beautiful Toucan shot past us, it actually almost flew into our windscreen … the car screeched to a sudden halt and we all jumped out , very relieved that we didn’t hit the toucan. From that day onwards we knew that Coffee was the game we were meant to be in. It did after all give us our precious Toucan!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 18.28.10WhatsApp Image 2020-04-08 at 14.19.49

Where can people purchase your coffee from: Our coffee can be purchased from selected Spar Stores. Spar is an awesome company and brand to do business with and we love their local, caring approach. If we aren’t in the Spar store near you – nudge the store manager in our direction please! Our coffee is also available directly from us by getting in touch with us on or through a DM on Instagram.

Who do you think would enjoy your coffee: Our coffee is made for everyone. You don’t have to be a coffee snob to enjoy our blend – its really easy drinking and delicious…  Even if we say so ourselves.

Why do you encourage people to support local: Local businesses are the lifeblood and backbone of many communities. Especially in these difficult times that we live in. We have also realised how dependent SME’s are on people taking a “Local is Lekker” Approach. One can often also see what impact supporting local businesses has on those businesses owners and the people that they employ- which is a big drive for us to support local.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 18.35.12

Quote you live by: “We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in good shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee Solves all these problems in one delightful cup.” – Jerry Seinfeld

Anything else you want to add: Thank you for having us on your blog. We feel honoured – you are an inspiration to so many out there.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-06 at 18.30.05

As I am writing this, I have a steaming cup of this delicious coffee next to me.  The aroma alone has my taste buds going.  You can purchase the coffee in either bean or ground form, and it is well worth trying it out.  If you have even a slight fancy for good coffee, then I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Does your local Spar keep stock of this?  Or will you be placing an order for it instead?  They can deliver during lockdown (thankfully coffee is on the essentials list!) so you don’t even need to wait until the end of the 21 days to try some yourself.

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Lingo Coffee

I haven’t always been a huge coffee fan; but burning the candle at both ends, as well as smelling the delicious scent of my husband’s coffee in the morning has made me brave & want to finally “grow up”.  I still don’t know if I am brave enough to try some without sugar & milk, but it is definitely a taste that I have come to enjoy.

My husband, friends, family & co-workers are nearly all addicted to coffee & practically cannot function without at least 1 cup in the morning – don’t tell anyone but my best friend has 3 cups before she even reaches the office…

On my quest to find Proudly South African gifts for family & friends for Christmas, I came across this company called Lingo Coffee.  The names of the different strengths of coffee made me snort through my cup I was drinking & I was immediately drawn to find out more.


Your name: Donovan Walshe

Business name: Lingo Coffee

Social media handles:  Facebook & Instagram

Why are you proudly South African:  It is quite ironic how this originally came about, I have always been passionate about good coffee and sitting at a restaurant one day I just became GATVOL of being served cr@p coffee, and always sending it back, only to have it return tasting just as terrible, so that day I decided I was going to make a really good quality coffee for everyone, that is also GATVOL of bad coffee and call it GATVOL.

That where it all began and hat night my head was racing with ideas and I realized that we as South Africans have such an amazing choice of Lingo to choose from and I wanted to make a coffee for all of them, so I chose all my favourite words, and since it was based on our LINGO, I decided to call it Lingo Coffee.


What makes your coffee different:  Firstly I believe we have the most unique packaging, and secondly we are an extremely high end coffee, yet we add a twist of the down to earth South African culture in our branding, which I believe is missing from the coffee industry as a whole. . I am also fortunate to have a highly experienced team behind me, however I do recall feeling like a Guinea pig in the beginning, and spent many days getting a “buzz” from tasting far too many coffees and having way too much caffeine, however it was important for me to find the perfect blends, and I am confident enough to say that we currently have the best coffee roasted in South Africa.

Where can people buy your coffee from:  Online from our website

We also have a coffee shop at the ROOT 44 market in Stellenbosh, and our latest coffee shop that recently opened in the BMW dealership in Stellenbosch, and also in the Duty free store in Cape Town, and the Slim Suite wellness store in Big Bay Blouberg.

What are your different strengths (of coffee!):


Befok – “Dark Roasted with chocolatey notes – to give you the most befokte coffee experience”

Our Befok coffee is made using a blend of Brazilian and El Salvadorian beans. A rich and dark well-balanced roast, this is a full-bodied coffee that produces intense flavours. Starting with a nutty tone and ending on a chocolate aftertaste.

Strength 7/10 Klaps


Mamparra – “The ultimate combination that even makes a Mamparra look like a coffee guru”

Our Mamparra coffee is made from a selective combination of beans from three different origins. This is our ultimate premium-grade, dark roast, and full-bodied coffee, producing an array of flavours that roll onto the tongue with a slightly fruity base and then end on lovely notes of chocolate that linger in the aftertaste.

Strength 9/10 Klaps


Jou Ma se –“Premium Grade Dark Roast but Soft and easy, just like your Mamma”

Our Jou Ma Se coffee is slapped together using a mixture of beans from Brazil, El Salvador, and India. A well-balanced dark roast with a slight hint of nuttiness and smokey dark chocolate afternotes. Lively, with a sweet biscuit aroma.

Strength 5/10 Klaps


Gatvol “ Medium roasted and intensely flavoured to pick you up when you gatvol”

Our Gatvol coffee has a rich fruited aroma with hints of cocoa powder and a fantastic medium body. Beautifully sweet fruited undertones with an aftertaste dominated by dark chocolate notes.

Strength 4/10 Klaps


Babelaas “ A dark roast high in antioxidants and enough caffeine to klap you out of bed”

Our Babelaas coffee is made using a combination of Brazilian, Ugandan and Indonesian beans. This premium- grade coffee is sleek and sultry. A full-bodied dark roast coffee with wild fruit, light hints of spice and strong dark chocolate notes in the aftertaste.

Strength 6/10 Klaps


Snot Klap “ Dark Roasted, high in caffeine, perfect for when you want to high five someone’s face”

Our Snot Klap coffee is made using a single origin Brazilian bean and is a premium-grade dark roast. Beautifully smooth and light on the palate, with low acidity and a pleasant fruity undertone, it is often bittersweet with a chocolaty roast nuance and a great crema.

Strength 8/10 Klaps


Chommie “ Warning! This Coffee is so smooth and good it will become your new BFF”

Our Chommie coffee combines beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil. Like three good chommies from different countries getting together to party. This creates a smooth, vibrant coffee with a really good body, subtle winy flavours, complemented by a full, fruity aroma and a lovely Kenyan, earthy, cherry aftertaste.

Strength 6/10 Klaps


PK “ An Indonesian single origin, premium grade, backhand-klap-to-the-face coffee”

Our PK coffee is made from a single origin Indonesian bean. This is our premium-grade, ‘no nonsense’ strong coffee – dark roasted, with full aroma. Mild cocoa notes and subtle, complex fruit flavours roll into a lingering, rich, dark chocolate aftertaste.

Strength 10/10 Klaps

What quote do you live by: My own quote -We have one life, one chance to make it count, so if it excites you then go for it, commit 100% and never compromise on living a life of quality and a quality life.

If I hadn’t started drinking coffee of my own accord, then these would definitely give me that extra push I needed to give it a go!  I think they would be such a great talking point (I want to collect them all & perhaps even frame the empty packets as a fun form of decor) & the flavour is incomparable.

Let me know what you think once you have tried some!


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