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Post a TikTok video and win a 43’’ Hisense Smart TV and Infinity H40 smartphone worth R11 500

It’s a phone that makes every moment worth capturing, and is packed with amazing features in a sleek and beautiful package, the Hisense Infinity H40 is an incredible device to accompany you in 2021.

With a bigger 6.5 Inch O-Infinity display nothing gets in the way of what is on the screen – eye catching from edge to edge. With a thinner profile and ergonomically designed , the Hisense Infinity H40 is a joy to hold.

The HD lens super resolution delivers truer colour and richer detail for vivid pictures and the ultra wide angle mode fits everything in. The Hisense Infinity H40 allows you to create eye-catching bokeh effects with minimal effort. Scene recognition automatically adjusts settings to suit whatever you are shooting. Forget overexposure – keep every details clear and crisp even in low light. With the 25MP front facing camera you can take fantastic selfies and the AI beautification fixes uneven tones and tweaks images to reflect beauty trends.

The Hisense Infinity H40 offers face and fingerprint recognition to unlock your phone. Powered by Android 10, it also has features such as battery conservation, adaptive brightness and smart reply. With a 4510mAh battery you can enjoy a whole day’s usage and benefit from the Infinity H40’s intelligent power management system.

You could win a Hisense Infinity H40, plus a Hisense Smart TV!

How would you feel if you won a Hisense Smart TV (43A6000F – FHD) and smartphone worth R11 500? What do you think your facial expression would be? Share it on TikTok, and you could win these incredible Hisense devices.

Here’s how you could win:-

  • Take a photo of your expression if you won
  • Create a catchy 10-second TikTok dance sequence to the song 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. When he sings “magic in the AIR” that is your cue to open your hands and show us the photo you captured.
  • You don’t need to use a Hisense camera to take the picture, nor do you need to have it in your video.
  • Use the hashtag #CaptureTheMagic to enter.
  • You can enter as many times as you want.
  • The giveaway ends at midnight on 31 December 2020.

About Hisense Mobile

Hisense S.A. (PTY) Ltd. entered the South African market in 1996. The company is based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, and in Century City, Cape Town. Hisense has a national footprint with offices in the country’s 4 major centres, 

Hisense Mobile was launched in South Africa in 2013. Their 14 models cater to a wider audience ranging from entry models, mid range models, and their premium range models. 

It’s this dedication to developing and producing cutting edge technology that has seen us become one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers.

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Denny Adds Goodness

The weather currently is terribly cold.  In fact, earlier this week I woke up and checked my weather app – we had a “real feel” temperature of -11°C.  Cuddled in my warm bed, under a blanket with my pups and husband surrounding me, I began to think about those people who weren’t experiencing such luxuries.  Those people that are going to bed with grumbling tummies and just cannot get warm in this extreme cold spell.

But what could I do?  How could I, as an individual, make a difference?

And then I heard about Denny’s campaign where you can make any donation – from only R10 – and choose to #addgoodness.  PLUS, with every donation you make, you go into a draw to win one of their gorgeous onesies and a mushroom hamper.

I know that times are tough (my husband hasn’t had work since the beginning of lockdown), and many of us are battling in our personal capacity, but if we could all spare at least R10 towards making a difference, we can quite literally save South Africa from starving.  Keep scrolling to learn more about this!

Proudly South African mushroom brand Denny is bringing the ultimate comfort and warmth for winter. Aligned with the brand’s efforts to #addgoodness across a variety of environments, the #wintercomforts campaign is adding goodness through a range of activities.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Denny has donated many tonnes of mushrooms to shelters and old age homes across the country and continues to do so. A knitting initiative, which sees many Denny staff members picking up their knitting needles, will provide blankets to shelters. They are also partnering and volunteering at soup kitchens, such as Ladles of Love in the Western Cape, helping to hand out mushroom soup to those in need.

Brand Manager of Denny Mushrooms, Samantha McChesney said, “Add goodness to every meal is Denny’s brand purpose. It speaks directly to how we bring goodness to everything we do as a company. It’s about the nutritional value of the products, the love and care that is put into each meal that the consumer prepares and our responsibility to community and planet.”


In true Denny style, added to this is a charity-based initiative to rally South Africans to #addgoodness and warmth themselves through a donation drive which will benefit Food Forward SA. Food Forward SA supports over 1000 beneficiary organisations (BOs) reaching close to 500 000 vulnerable people directly (and an estimated 1,5 million people indirectly) with food parcels to households. Denny’s parent company Libstar is a food partner to the charity.

There are distinctly Denny rewards for those who add some winter goodness to the charity. Consumers who heed the call to support Denny in its drive to #addgoodness stand the chance of being rewarded with a limited edition, bespoke onesie and hamper.
The campaign is in partnership with a leading South African feel good media title – Good Things Guy, as well as five highly influential, warm and fuzzy bloggers who are distinctly into #wintercomforts. They are Fit Like Mummy, Crazy Rio, Just Ella Bella, Modern Zulu Mom and Becoming You. Armed with onesies and goodies they will post and share Denny feel good winter content to activate their followers.

“Adding goodness to every meal has never been more pertinent. It’s winter and there’s Covid-19, which puts even more strain on communities in need. As a company, everything that we are doing – soup kitchens, knitting blankets and increasing donations – is about adding goodness. As a company, each one of us is giving time and capacity to help. In true Denny fashion we are bringing our consumers all with us. We are appealing to them to donate to Food Forward SA and also keep themselves healthy by including mushrooms in their diet,” concludes McChesney.

To #addgoodness and feel #wintercomforts with #Dennymushrooms go to their Website, Facebook or Instagram.


Read more here.


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Loving Local

It is the month of love, & I am thrilled to have teamed up with some of my favourite small businesses for another giveaway!  It is launching on 17 February 2020. so make sure that you don’t miss out…

I am letting you know a little more about each of these amazing businesses below so read on to get inspired & fall in love.

Enter to win the following:
– R500 voucher from Muppie Lounge
– 1 x Made Wild shirt
– 1 x Gift Box from Modern Crete Decor
– Print from Olive & Arrow Creative
– Shaving soap & brush from Bundubeard
– 2 x bottles of wine from HPF Skapie
– Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet from Living that Oil Life
– Macrame bag tag from Viveca

Jislaaik Online Shop

In 2016, Jislaaik Online Shop was created as an expression of our passion for good-quality, locally-made South African products.

Our range is only supplied by local artisans and creatives who hold to sound ethical values in their production and in their business practices. We aim to provide products that are manufactured to be environmentally sustainable, while also raising social consciousness.

Our collaborations with our suppliers result in unique one-of-a-kind product lines. We love introducing creatives to each other who together with us, bring concepts to realisation that are exquisite and exclusive. We are equally committed to the spirit of Ubuntu. When our collaborations are successful, we donate a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes that fall within the theme of each collaboration.

Our firm belief is that we live in a South Africa where everyone can benefit from the works of their hands and their hearts. Through our blog posts, you get to learn about the inspiration behind the products that feature in our online store.

We know our suppliers. We understand our clientele. We believe that our country possesses great talent that can contribute to positive economic change for everyone. We are good at what we do, and we are true to our purpose in bringing good quality products to the forefront of the South African Online Shopping Industry.

Jislaaik, that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


Facebook & Instagram

Muppie Lounge

A Proudly South-African brand. Everything uniquely designed for the confident woman.

Each range tells a story and all my inspiration comes from you. The life that surrounds us, the beauty of motherhood and the longing of a perfect tomorrow.

All our stuff is either made by hand or carefully designed for your comfort. We are all about lifestyle, confidence and adding a dash of excitement and romance to life.

Stay At Home Mom of four, Marishka, needed a new challenge when the kids went off to school and decided to try something bold and new. She launched the first range 3 months before her last baby went to school and loved it since.

This brand is to empower woman. She believes that we are all worth it.

It’s called a #muppiemoment

She has launched 5 ranges in total since September 2017. Every range means something, it tells a story of where she is in her life.

She started off with T-shirts and have now evolved to dresses, mommy daughter twinning , woman accessories and some creative play tents for kids.

Everything is made by hand, in South Africa by woman who needs the work.


Facebook & Instagram

Made Wild

Made Wild is a proudly South African blog created by someone who felt the need to celebrate and embrace the South African heritage and culture.

In addition to providing you the best quality T’s we are passionate about travel, good food and coffee, great friends, long evenings around the campfire and a spirit of adventure!

When joining our #MadeWildFamily you will find a lot more than just some lekke T’s to wear, you will also discover a whole new world of all things travel and local related.

We are blessed to live in a country rich in diversity, we just have to keep on searching for the beauty and joy deep down to appreciate it.

So get out your vellies, pack the coolerbox and join us for a roadtrip through our precious country!

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventure, we have nothing to lose and a world to see” Made Wild


Facebook & Instagram

Modern Crete Decor

There is something beautiful about the natural cement look that brings so much character to a space. Not only is it modern but also a classic look that dates back to ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Modern Crete is an established company in Somerset West, Western Cape and hand crafts cement décor items. From planters, candle holders, serving slates, door stops to jewellery dishes, Modern Crete’s variety is unlimited.

They are always looking for new items to create.

“We are inspired by our desire to create beautifully crafted décor, furniture and accessories and strive to offer the best service and product quality.”


Facebook & Instagram

Olive & Arrow Creative

My name is Charise and I am the founder of Olive & Arrow Creative. Olive & Arrow Creative was born long before it got a name, creativity has always been part of my life

I live for the beautiful moments in life.

I absolutely love what I do and the journey of meeting new people who quite often become friends.

My style of work is modern and simple but stems from a deep love for what I do and this, in combination with your idea, gives way to the perfect end result.

Creativity is a force of enchantment – not entirely human in its origins

I will forever be changed by this book – Olive & Arrow Creative


Facebook & Instagram

Bundu Beard

Classic wet shaving is simply the coolest way to shave. Period. When you start to enjoy something considered by most as a tedious daily chore, you know you are on the right track. Improving your quality of life is not only about doing great things, but also about making small changes that turns boring into fun. Most classic wet shavers look forward to their morning shave, even thinking about what combo they are going to use the night before! It is all about options, quality, exquisite hardware and consumables that nourishes, cleanses and lubricates. Just by being here you have taken the first step in upgrading your life, now take a few more and reclaim your own individuality and style. Classic wet shaving is exactly that; Classic.


Facebook & Instagram

Living That Oil Life

It all started out kind of organically, I’d heard about the ditch-and- switch phenomenon sweeping across the States – where moms were trading their store bought cleaners for natural, child-safe alternatives. It’s what kick-started my journey with essential oils. We as a family already watched what we ate so why not everything else? I took the plunge around June 2018 and bought a Young Living Premium starter kit, and switched out our dishwashing soap, all-purpose cleaner and our washing detergent. From my kit I started making my own blend of chill-out rollers for my hubby, Duncan (he calls it his cream soda roller, because it smells incredible), a soothing baby bum balm for our little girl Sloane and a few gifts here and there for my girlfriends’ stork teas.

Then one day I found my friends asking me to whip them something up to help with their eczema, something for dry skin, body butter for our kids and a roller to help with sleep and in late 2019 Living That Oil Life was born. I realised early on that people wanted alternative, “nasties” free products and the health benefits of using high quality essential oils in our products offer that. You might think “oils aren’t for me” but there is literally something for everyone, from moms to bubs and even the dads too. One take away I have from it all is that delving into essential oils has been, and still is, a wonderful journey. I’ve had so much feedback from people wanting to know more and learn more and that’s why I launched a Facebook group where anyone can ask questions, share tips or follow a few of our guides when starting on a similar journey. I’d love for you to join our community and learn more about essential oils and how they can enrich your life.


Facebook & Instagram

Viveca Handcrafted Jewellery

A mother of two, wife to one, friend to many spectacular souls, daughter, sister and a crafter with a taste for nature and uniqueness.
Hesmarie vd Merwe was born and raised in Limpopo, and currently lives in Bela Bela.
Handmade bohemian jewellery which is so unique, not one ever looks the same.

Viveca is a unique local supplier of creative, handmade products of different mediums for those with a love of the flair of local.


Facebook & Instagram

Hermanuspietersfontein Wines

Was it not for “the sheep” we would not have a story to tell.
In the early 1800’s farmers from the Overberg region imported a teacher by the name Hermanus Pieters to teach their children in Dutch, the forerunner to the Afrikaans language. Mostly paid in sheep they used to graze at a fountain where be camped under the Milkwood trees near the sea… This spot soon became known as Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein.

The wine with the longest Afrikaans name in the world…
In 1855, some 20 years his after his passing, the village was named after him. In 1902 the postmaster shortened the name to Hermanus. When, in 2005, we founded our cellar we elected to adopt the original name of our village and pledged all our brand’s label copy to be in Afrikaans.
Operationally, our well equipped 350-tonne urban cellar boasts a large stainless steel component, 20 6000L French foudrés and some 450 small and large French oak barrels. Designed to operate with two winemakers and two assistants; we combine a European mindset and gravity concept to minimize handling and intervention in the winemaking process.
Our 350 Ha conservation conscious farm is located in South Africa’s cool climate premium wine producing region and nestles in the sheltered mountainous area called Sondagskloof. Less than 20% under vine our viticulture strategy focuses on low-yield farming in the interest of quality.
On average 2° cooler than the rest of the Walker Bay region this special piece of earth is an accredited wine ward: Wines of Origin Sondagskloof under auspices of South African Wine and Spirit Institute since 2007.
The minerality in our wines can be traced back to the high clay content in the soils while the cool climate and maritime influences on the vineyards is expressed in natural acidity. The different soil profiles presents the perfect environment for both Bordeaux and Rhône to prosper.
Founded in 2005 for more than a decade already we’re still the only wine producer able to offer an elegant, European styled range of Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet franc, and Bordeaux and Rhône varietal wines under the appellation Wines of Origin Sondagskloof.
Our winemaking philosophy Good Earth makes Better Wine successfully expresses our sense of place which we call The Soul of Sondagskloof.

What is the relevance of a “sheep” in our lives?
Well, everything… Was it not for his sheep Hermanus Pieters would never have camped at the fountain under the milkwoods near the sea and the site was never going to be called Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein. To this end we’re employing a wooley little creature as our story teller…


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Flowercrowns & Treatment

If I had to describe my blog using 3 bullet points, it would include:

  • Kindness
  • Proudly South African
  • Awareness

I am here to show that your diagnosis doesn’t have to define you (I was diagnosed with a rare disease, Myasthenia Gravis in 2004); that we should always try to support the local businesses in South Africa (there is so much talent right under our noses – we just need to look); & that you should always choose kindness in every moment of every day.

I have made some amazing friends through this journey, & hope to continue it for years to come.


Facebook & Instagram

I am so amazed by the gorgeous products that we have right here in South Africa – & this is a prize jam-packed with so much love, time, talent & passion.

Follow all their social media pages now & get ready to enter the giveaway of a lifetime!

Which part of the prize are you most excited about?


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Jislaain SOS Tees

Trying to live a greener, better life is one of my goals for 2019.  I want to try to recycle, refuse & reduce – I no longer accept plastic bags when out shopping but rather take my fabric reusable bags into the shop with me, & if I have forgotten them behind then I will load up the trolley & have to carry everything into the house individually!  I also have a bamboo straw & a stainless steel straw that I carry with me to use if necessary, & again, if I have forgotten one of these then I will refuse a plastic one.  We have a recycling bin in the office, & I am trying my hardest to decrease my carbon footprint.  We have also recently implemented meat-free Monday (you can read more of the benefits here).

I think going through my stem cell transplant has really reminded me that we only have one life to live, & we need to make it the best life possible.  Also what kind of planet are we destroying not only for ourselves, but for the future generations?  Do we want our children & grandchildren to be exploring through rubbish piles rather than the beauty of nature?  I know that I don’t!

I also discovered a group on Facebook called Zero Waste Journey Southern Africa – this is a non-judgemental space where people can offer advice on how to reduce their waste.  The time to make a change is now.


When I heard that two of my favourite businesses (Jislaaik! Online Stores & Olive & Arrow Creative) had collaborated to bring out a range called Jislaain I did a little happy dance.  I saw some of the cushion covers they had done, & then I saw a sneak peek of their tees that they are bringing out & I just fell in love.  Their SOS Tees are to raise awareness for the plastic & waste problems that are being experienced worldwide, & to encourage people to do their bit in helping to save the planet.  They have also joined forces with Raw Co. to print & develop this range of tees.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jislaaik! store has a passion for making a difference in the world & I love everything that they stand for…


Jislaain is a collaboration initiative bringing together a few elite local brands. Promoting South African talent and still providing that exceptional quality that you come to expect.

Laain (pronouced as Line) – focuses on amazing One Line drawings done by Olive & Arrow Creative. One Line. One Line is used for the whole illustration. These designs are the signature of the Jislaain range and can be seen on each and every item available.

We’re bringing One Line Drawings to life – minimalistic, simple and absolutely gorgeous.


The SOS (Save Our Seas) Tees range focuses on exactly that. Saving our seas – well, technically not just the seas!

Here are some shocking facts on the current status:

  • According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), South Africans use between 30kg and 50kg of plastic per person per year.
  • More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. –
  • There are 5 giant garbage patches floating in the ocean of which the largest one contains more than 80,000 tonnes of plastic. –
  • Have you ever thought that some of your trash might be in those patches? Or that something you threw into your dustbin ended up killing an animal?

With this range we aim to raise more awareness on this issue and to get people to think differently about their consumption and the impact they have on our planet.

We will also be donating proceeds on each shirt purchased to various charities who share the same view and passion and who are actively making a difference in our world. Our followers on social media will be able to suggest and vote for their favourite charities on a monthly basis.

The shirts in this range are all ethically sourced and made locally.

(Taken from the Jislaaik! website)

Jis Logo Round Transparant

Their range of tees is launching in about 2 weeks, but they are doing a giveaway on Monday 01/04/2019, so make sure you are following them on social media & don’t miss out.

The sponsors for the prize include:

Jislaaik Logo - Word - Transparant

Jislaaik Online StoreFacebook, Instagram & Website

Making a difference in the world has always been a passion for Jislaaik and to bring out the Jislaain SOS Tees range is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just so heartbreaking to think that we as human beings are responsible for all this waste  that is everywhere and killing so many animals (and possibly humans too) just because we can’t responsibly dispose of this. But if each person just makes one right decision in this matter – just imagine the huge change and the good things that will take place.


Olive & Arrow Creative Logo-4.png

Olive & Arrow CreativeFacebook & Instagram



Raw Co.Facebook & Instagram

My intention for RAW Co.
~ Not just a brand but a lifestyle ~
💚One that focuses on providing you with excellent quality, real, authentic wares made from natural, recycled and sustainable products that are source and manufactured following best labour and environmental practices.
💚A brand that does good for our people, community and environment.
💚A business that I’ll be proud to leave to my son one day.
💚I hope for it to make a BIG positive impact for our future generations and that it will assist us to live a more sustainable and responsible approach to life.
~ I find fulfillment and gratitude in doing this for the good of our environment and future. ~

The Bamboo Project PNG.png

The Bamboo ProjectFacebook & Instagram


The RefilleryFacebook & Instagram


BiddykinsFacebook & Instagram


MinimalwastesaFacebook & Instagram

Our aim is to provide South Africans with quality, earth friendly, stationery. Looking around it has become apparent that reusable straws, coffee cups and bags are the new thing (and rightly so!). We realized that there is a plastic-free alternative to everything, except stationery! So we decided to embark on the journey to make this possible to South Africans. Our founder, Christie, is a marine biologist and has been an active volunteer at the Two Oceans Aquarium for years. So therefore, she decided that our profits go towards rehabilitating stranded turtles, (a lot that arrive with stomachs full of plastic!) at the TOA.


BundubeardFacebook & Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 08.52.39.png

Silistraw – Facebook & Instagram

With a world population of over 7,6 billion people, if every person uses 1 plastic straw per day, that would result in over 7,6 billion plastic straws per day being added to the plastic waste that will take over 200 years to decompose, whilst permeating its way into our food chain and harming sea and bird life across the world. It is a fact that in our lifetime, our oceans will be home to more plastic than fish … a shocking statistic.

Silistraw is a reusable silicone straw that can be easily cleaned, folded and stored in a convenient small capsule resulting in no mess.

Why silicone?

Reusable, Non-Toxic, BPA Free
Environmentally conscious
Durable, Foldable, Easy to clean, Dishwasher friendly
No metallic after taste

Bert Logo.PNG

Bert 3000 – Facebook & Instagram

There are also 3 of us bloggers that have got involved, & I ADORE the other ladies so please show them some love by liking & following them 🙂


My Spreadsheet BrainFacebook & Instagram



Gathered by ClaireFacebook & Instagram

Flowercrowns & Treatments.png

Flowercrowns & TreatmentFacebook & Instagram

You can enter the competition on Facebook by clicking here, or go through to the Instagram one here.

Good luck!


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Cade Culture

If you know anything about my husband, you know that he is a big gamer & loves nothing better than having some down time in front of his PS4 playing Call of Duty with his online buddies, or even a little FIFA.  It allows him to escape the stress of reality & he has made some amazing friends through this.  When we had a family portrait drawn by Christine Bernard, he even had the little controller in his hand & the logo on his shirt!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-17 at 11.39.47.jpeg

Whilst having a look through the feed of Jislaaik! Online Store, I saw that they were running a new competition together with a company called Cade Culture.  I immediately popped over to their page & asked if I could do a feature about them.  I can think of at least 10 friends that would absolutely LOVE one of these goodies under the tree on Christmas Day with their name on!

Your name:  Carlos Carrajola


Business name:  Cade Culture

Are you a gamer:  Yes I am (although I don’t get to play as often as I would like!)

What are your favourite games:  Currently I am playing Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy the portability of it!

On PC I am Currently addicted to the open beta of Magic the Gathering. (takes me right back to school and playing the physical card game!)

Some of my all-time favourites that I always enjoy playing are Contra on the NES. Black on PS2. The GTA series is awesome and DOTA 2 on PC.

In the Analog games area I currently enjoy playing Ticket to Ride (such a great game to get new people introduced to board games!) and the wife and I enjoy a game of Sushi Go every now and again.

What inspired you to start up:  I have always wanted to have something to call my own and it wasn’t until I started playing board games again that the inspiration hit to start a store that encompasses all that I enjoy.

How can people order from you:  All you need to do is visit us at have a look around and make the order 😊 we also try and do markets and festivals wherever possible, so following us on social media will let you know where we physically are from time to time.


What are your most popular items:  Um tough one, I would say right now some of our most popular items are the 5 Second Game (South African Edition) and Spot It! Both awesome games to have when having friends over. But our top seller without a doubt is the Keep Calm and Level Up T-shirts!


Social media handles:  WebsiteTwitterInstagam; & Facebook

Please give me a bit more info about the competition you are currently running with Jislaaik Shop:  I was so excited when Jislaaik wanted to collaborate with Cade Culture. Its really simple, all you need to do is comment on the Jislaaik Facebook post with which shirt you would like to win before the 14th of November and voila! You are in the running to win!!

Quote you live by:  If it’s meant to be its up to me!


Cade Culture started out of their love to play games in any format. Growing up they spent many hours in front of the television playing the classics like Super Mario Bros, Contra and Tetris. Spending time with the family conquering the world with Risk or trying to take all the money with Monopoly!  I’m sure we can all relate to this, as well as the many relationships that were ruined thanks to the competitiveness!

With today’s fast pace and the constant distraction of technology they decided to kick off Cade Culture in the hope of reintroducing Table Top Gaming back into mainstream. There is nothing better than having a get together with friends and trying to mess up their routes in Ticket to Ride or putting that robber in the strategic positions in Catan.

But they aren’t stopping there! As the company evolves and grows their Cult(ure), they will be bringing more and more electronic gaming that they enjoy too, from the portability of the Nintendo Switch (coming soon to the site!) to all other formats of gaming!

Remember to Keep Calm and Level Up.

I am so excited about this company, & love the idea that boardgames are making a comeback!  This is one of my favourite things to do, & I can’t wait to make some purchases off their website for our own “Games Nights”.


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