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By KatyJane

If you don’t know this about me by now, I LOVE finding South African artists and discovering new styles of art.  There is nothing more special to me than receiving personalised gifts, and really seeing the time, effort, and love in the choice of spoiling.

Katy-Jane has such a unique style of art that is full of soft colours, happy memories, and absolute inner beauty.  Her art evokes such joy whenever I see a new piece, and I often see that these are used to capture very special moments.  I am thrilled to bring you an interview with this talented #GirlBoss below.

Your name: Katy-Jane Huemer

Business name: by Kate

Social media handles: Facebook and Instagram.  Personal Instagram.

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Tell me a bit more about yourself: Currently I’m in the process of building my own sustainable Fashion Label. Sustainability within the fashion industry sits extremely close to my heart and if I can make a slight difference to our ever so growing world; why not? Local is lekker.
I have two years experience working as a Freelance Fashion Designer/Creator in Cape Town. I’ve done work for brands such as Woolworths and Markhams, creating CAD’s, Techpacks and Prints. I’ve also done my fair share of Internships… Truworths, Crystal Birch and Aisha Baker.
At present, I am a short course Digital Design Lecturer at Design Academy of Fashion. Teaching to both part-time students and industry workers. I help people fall in love with the digital fashion world. Before venturing into the design world I spent four years of my life in the hospitality industry, owning and managing my own coffee shop, Blonde&Beard.
I have a love for people, I have a love for serving people and a huge soft spot for coffee.


Have you always been artistic: YES – I grew up in a very creative and artistic household. My Mom and Sister inspire me daily – I actually send through every illustration to Mom to get her approval before sending off to it’s new home (she’s my bestie and biggest inspiration).

How would you describe your style of art: Quirky and unique? I guess I find describing my art very difficult, I’m not someone to boast 😉

What makes your art different to others: The amount of love that I pour into each illustration, this is my magical remedy 💛


How can people place an order with you: Placing an order is super easy and user friendly; one could just hop onto my Facebook or Instagram page and pop me a message OR they can also mail me at katyjanehuemer@gmail.com

What emotion do you hope people feel when they see your creations: HAPPINESS | I strive to portray happiness and emotion throughout all my illustrations.

Which is your personal favourite piece of art that you have done: A personal favourite of mine is pretty much anything animal / pet related. I LOVE drawing up Pet Portraits – who doesn’t love staring at a cheerful doggy or beautiful kitty all day? There’s an innocence about them that tends to bring me peace & calmness.


How did lockdown affect your business: Lockdown actually enabled me to start my illustration business so I’d 100% give lockdown a thumbs up from my side.

Why do you encourage people to support local: I think by supporting local you are supporting your country or better yet even your home town; there’s just something so special about this. To me it brings a community together, makes us stronger as a ‘whole’ and allows small businesses to grow and get the recognition they deserve!

Quote you live by: “So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring your flowers.”

Anything else you want to add: I’m a HUGE coffee Lover!


Are you not completely and utterly obsessed over this art?  I am crushing hard on her artwork, and absolutely loved chatting to Katy-Jane.  You can feel her positivity and happiness bubbling out of every pore, and she was an absolute joy to get to know.

I’m definitely going to be placing an order for a piece of work for our home soon.  An anniversary gift, wedding present, birthday surprise, or something to celebrate a special occasion – it would suit any of these.  Please tag me in your pic if you get one done!  I would love to see how they turn out.



After my blog on Jislaaik Online Store, I decided to delve a bit deeper into some of their products that they feature as I was super interested in what they have on offer, as well as the different art & talent that was being shown off.  The one page that really stood out to me is Kaatjie Produkte (Facebook & Instagram) & she recently posted that she was running a special on custom drawings & I have placed my order with her!  I love seeing creativity & interpretation, & have decided that I am going to do a feature wall of our different “family portraits” I am having done & show off the different aspects of our family.


Malani also does does paintings & prints on shopping bags & cushions, & you can get gorgeous south african goodies added to these.  Read on to find out more!

Kaatjie Produkte is still young in the business market and started in 2017 by me, Malani Venter, a journalist of an Afrikaans newspaper in Cape Town. So, by day I create with the written word and by night with ink, paint and a brush!

My love to create has always been there – after a Christmas gift from my mom to go to a screen printing course, the idea was mooted for a business. I work after hours and on weekends just outside Stellenbosch from my garage (great businesses started out in garages!) that is equipped for making the products.

The name comes from my cat, Kaatjie (“kat” is the Afrikaans word for “cat”, so when you pronounce it, just stretch the “a” out… Kaaaaaatjie!). This little fat black cat of mine sits very curious in the evenings with me in the garage and watches me work.Kaatjie_Groceries

I’ve started out with screen printing designs on material, making tea towels, tote, coin and stationary bags. In April 2018 I started with an acrylic painting range called #HowzitRosie (Rosie is the name of the Kaatjie’s little one). These paintings are mainly acrylic, mixed with print, watercolour and soft pastel. For a touch of South African nostalgic and having a sweet tooth, I’ve decided to draw groceries – think Royal Baking Powder, SteriStumpie flavoured milk, KitKat chocolate and Nutella chocolate spread.

I also draw custom illustrations of South African families. All you have to do is Whatsapp me the photo you want me to draw and I’ll courier it back to you as soon as I’m finished. The drawing is not a replica of the person/pet on the photo, but you’ll immediately recognise the quirky character with the big eyes! It is wonderful to be part of this creative outlet – although I don’t know the families I draw, for a brief moment it feels like we are friends and it is a privilege to be part of that.


I’ve been working for 14 years at Media24, and (almost!) see myself as a Stellenboscher, but at heart I’ll always be a girl from a small town in the Free State. My love for the written word keeps me busy through out the day, but at night I want to draw and create. I also have a deep love for South Africa and hope that my business will one day create jobs.

In the meanwhile, I hope that my products and paintings will make those buying it, smile!

What makes you different?  I’ve got a unique style regarding my custom drawings. The very big eyes of the characters I love – they come to life when I draw those eyes and you just instantly fall in love with them.

My mix of print and acrylic paint of the groceries range is also something I haven’t seen before – when you draw something people can relate to (nostalgic, something they love to eat, etc.) you create something that it timeless.

Quote I live by:  “Think left and think right and think low and thing high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” – Dr. SeussKaatjie_Custom2

You can contact Malani through her social media platforms, or kaatjieprodukte@gmail.com, or 083 532 5483.  I will be updating this with our family portrait when it arrives!



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