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De Crocky

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you will know that I really battle with tummy issues and trying to improve my gut health. There is a lot of research that has been done into the relationship between gut health and autoimmune conditions, and I can definitely feel a flare coming on when I eat badly or eat foods that don’t agree with me.

Kombucha has been something that I have always enjoyed, and I am thrilled that there are now more craft kombuchas available that have different flavours, and it is a natural way to help your digestion, rid your body of toxins, and boost your energy.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea — it’s also rich in beneficial probiotics. Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases.


When I heard about De Crocky Kombucha I was immediately interested (keep reading to find out more about all the good they are doing), and when I heard that they are dog people too and this business was actually named after their Cocker Spaniel, I was even more determined to try some for myself and tell all of you about them! So get ready – this is a divine product that I give 5 stars to.

Get to know De Crocky

Your name: Jason De Freitas

Business Name: De Crocky (Pty) Ltd

Social Media Handles: Instagram, Facebook and Website

3 fun facts about yourself:
1) I love Cocker Spaniels
2) I enjoy fitness & health
3) I am a huge fan of Britney Spears (lol)

Please can you tell me about your beautiful dog that this was named after: Daphne was our beautiful Cocker Spaniel who sadly passed away nearly 3 years ago. My husband Ruaan & I got her shortly after we got married. It was a very magical time and she instantly bonded with our little family. Daphne was such a energy and we called her crocodile (the amount of times we came home to a destroyed house…). After she passed, Ruaan & I began developing our business idea that eventually became De Crocky. De Crocky is in honour of Daphne and keeps her spirit alive.

Why Kombucha: Kombucha can be such a versatile beverage. It can be tangy, sweet, sour or salty. It can be all of the above. Besides Taste, Kombucha has great health benefits from its consumption.

High in Glucuronic acid & living probiotics, Kombucha can boost your Immune system, lower your blood pressure & boost Cardiovascular Health.

When I go to a restaurant, there is not much selection for non-alcoholics. Kombucha is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want a sugary fizzy drink or feels for something more adventurous than water.

What makes your product so unique: Our product is unique because of the way we make it. We want to ensure that every batch of kombucha that we produce is perfect or as close to as perfect as can be. On the pursuit of perfection, we know we will never achieve this, but with every batch we get closer and closer.

De Crocky only ferments in pharmaceutical grade 316 stainless steel. This allows for a more balanced kombucha. We are fully organic, juice our produce in house and have no added nasties. We have a proprietary mix of natural elements that we add to every batch of our kombucha which really harmonizes the flavours and tones of the beverage.

What are some of the benefits of kombucha: Kombucha can detoxify your liver, lowers your blood sugar & aids your gut health. Gut health is immensely important as a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, improved moods, healthy sleep & effective digestion.

What are your different flavours:

  • African Red (Rooibos, Ginger & Lemon)
  • Blood-Orange Bliss (Orange, Grapefruit & Kalahari Salts)
  • Cheeky Pineapple (Natal Pineapple)
  • Pink-Lady Mint ( Pink Lady Apple with Crushed Mint)
  • Winter Berry ( Winter Berries & Cape Grape)
  • Yellow-Vibes (Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon)

Please tell me more about De Crocky GREEN: De Crocky Green is our initiative to be more sustainable. With this initiative, we buy back our 500ml bottles for R3 per bottle. Simply visit www.decrocky.com and place a order. On checkout, in the promo field, simply type return12 and it will automatically deduct R36 from your total.

When we deliver to your residence, we simply trade the empty bottles with your new order. This allows our customers to save money on their kombucha supply as well as being more green.

Where can people purchase your products from: We have a few retailers in the Johannesburg are namely The Landing (Dunvegan), Gourmet Grocer (Birdhaven) & Oaklands Farm Supply (Athol).

We mostly focus on direct to customer sales. Orders can be placed on www.decrocky.com. We aim for 24 hour delivery as we know the booch cravings are real.

Which is your personal favourite flavour and why: Cheeky Pineapple. Pineapple is my favourite fruit and I believe it makes a unbelievable kombucha.

Why do you think natural health is so important: A few years ago, I was on high doses of antibiotics and my intestinal flora was so diminished. I remember how weird my body felt and it affected my moods. It is only with a good diet and exercise that I started feeling human again. We must remember that how we feed our bodies plays a essential role in our health. Instead of feeding our bodies pills and hyper sterilized foods, we need to feed it more organic vegetables and fruits, fermented foods, less meat, water, exercise & sunlight.

Quote you live by:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

mae west

Jason hand-delivered my kombucha yesterday – with all COVID protocols and sanitisation in place – in brown paper bags, and recommends that these are best enjoyed chilled. There was even a hand-written note included in my parcel and some information reminding me of their great recycling/re-using idea.

I completely agree with what Jason says about the choice of drinks when we go out – if you are wanting something non-alcoholic, you can either get water or something full of sugar. Wouldn’t it be amazing if De Crocky kombucha was more readily available at restaurants and shops so we could make healthier choices?

{PS: Use code FLOWERCROWNS to save 15% off your next order!}

Catch Me!

You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.
– Ted Turner

Life post-transplant has certainly been interesting!

I have learnt a lot about myself, as well as others.  I have seen where my priorities truly lie, as well as those that would give everything to see me healthy once again.

I have seen family rally, & friends disappear (as well as the other way around…)

But mostly, this year has been about LIVING.  It has been about trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people & constantly living the best life I possibly can.

This past weekend was a perfect example of such an activity – along with questioning my stupidity & capabilites…

The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.
– Michelangelo

I signed up for my first ever trail run through Catch Me If You Can.  I had heard of them through some of my fitness pals I have made, & thought it was a good excuse to try them out whilst improving my fitness & getting out in nature.

Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC) is South Africa’s largest all women running community that connects ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. They’ve helped thousands of women connect and build lasting friendships whilst improving their health, fitness levels and lifestyles.

The CMIYC Leaders are phenomenal women with a common goal to encourage women of all fitness levels to join a community where they will feel comfortable and celebrated for who they are! They run all over South Africa, giving you the opportunity to discover the most beautiful routes and races in your area. They offer safety in numbers and a chance to get out and have some fun!

From beginner to Comrades Marathon – start your journey with them. Their diverse team of CMIYC Leaders will support you all the way! Their weekly activities include running, walking, hiking, and trail running.

They believe that running is about so much more than putting one foot in front of the other – they know that running will change your life.

They’ve put their everything into building the 1st Women Running App just for us and know we will love it!

I arrived at Rietvlei Zoo Farm nervous for what I was about to do.  They had 5km, 10km & 15km options – & of course I had gone for the biggest challenge.  I was filled with trepidation & all the comments from the nay-sayers were playing through my mind.

“You will never manage.”

“Do you know how far 15km is?”

“I’m fit & I wouldn’t even manage that distance.”

“You’re being stupid.”

“You’ll never make it.”


And then I remembered all the encouragement I received too…

“Your mind is strong Megs.”

“You make me so proud.”

“Do what you can.”

“Just enjoy it.”

“Think of how far you have come!”

“You can do it.”

With renewed passion I went to register & received my pink band that I put around my wrist. I saw some ladies I had met previously, went over to say hi & then prepared for the adventure ahead…

(note to self…  Serious trail runners do not carry water bottles.  They have those fancy-pants backpacks with water, or nothing.  Do not be that kippy that takes your own & then has to hide it somewhere at the start to collect once the race is finished.  You’re welcome.)

When the race started, I felt butterflies in my tummy & an excitement that I have not felt in years.  I was actually doing this.  Last year I was walking with a cane & now I was taking on a literal mountain.  I took a deep breath & started putting one foot in front of another…  Every step for the Rare Disease patients who can’t.  Every step squashing the negativity & hurt that I have been carrying for way too long.

Yes, there was pain.

Yes, there were moments of wanting to give up.

But, there was also so much laughter.  So much fun.  So many friendships.


Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.
– Rabindranath Tagore

I did it.




I freaking DID IT!

So this post is dedicated to you…

YOU that has supported other women.

YOU that has doubts about themselves.

YOU that is too scared to try something new.

YOU that needs to find your happiness.

I am so proud of you!  And yes, you can do it…


My perfect Match(a)!

About 2 weeks ago I received a parcel from Just Matcha that contained a tin of matcha & the sweetest handwritten note.


Matcha has so many amazing benefits, & I have been contemplating buying some for quite a while now.  I have really been battling with a lack of energy, & because I often battle to swallow I know that I am not getting my nutrition in that I need to gain some strength.

When I came across Just Matcha, something just spoke to me.  I loved the layout of their social media; their interaction with their customers & there were only positive reviews about them.  They are based in Harrismith in the Free State, but courier their product all over South Africa.  Plus they are currently running a special on their Matcha Essentials Kit at the moment (you can see the correct way to make Matcha here).  Tea for me is always my escape, & I have always said that a good cup of tea can fix any bad mood or any situation really.


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Just one cup of Matcha green tea a day and you could be enjoying these awesome benefits:

• Fight cancer cells

• Lower cholesterol

• Increase weight loss

• Kill free radicals

• Ward off bacterial infection and illness

• Prevent viral infections

• Moderate allergies

• Oral deodorant and sterilizer

• Prevent dental cavities

• Improve memory and concentration

• Enhance cognitive function

• Boost immune function

• Reduce blemishes, wrinkles and sun-damage

• Raise energy levels and alertness

• Alkalize the blood

• Regulate the heartbeat

• Build strong teeth and bones.

In fact, you’d have to be crazy not to drink it!

Matcha tea is unique because with any other tea, the leaves are steeped and some of the nutrients are drawn out, but the remaining good stuff is thrown out when you dispose of the leaves. The meaning of the word ‘matcha’ is literally ‘powdered tea’, because the rich, green leaves are ground to a fine powder and dissolved in to each little cuppa. So, when you drink a cup of Matcha tea, you are getting every bit of good stuff you can. Not a smidgen is wasted!  (this was taken directly from their website – but I agree with it 100%)

When I received my Matcha, I was so excited to try some.  My husband & I usually have a cup of tea/coffee in the morning when we wake up to just chat through the day & have a little bit of quality-time together.  It is so important to start your day off on the right foot to make sure that your day is a good one!

You add half a teaspoon into a mug, then add a little water & mix it to make a paste, before filling up the mug with boiling water.  Initially I added a little bit of honey with it as I didn’t want to feel like I was drinking grass!  But, I am now drinking it without adding anything & it is absolutely delicious.WhatsApp Image 2018-07-01 at 18.32.18

The change in energy is definitely something I noticed first.  I was no longer as sleepy throughout the day, & I just felt “clean” drinking something natural more than putting  chemicals in.  I had a fresh taste in my mouth & my skin is already looking softer & healthier.

I have been in hospital the past 3 days & forgot to take my tin of Matcha with me – & let me tell you that I can feel a huge difference.  I definitely don’t have as much energy & my body just feels pap.  I can’t wait to have a fresh cup of it first thing tomorrow!

If you haven’t tried this yet, I would really recommend it.  Matcha has changed my life & I won’t be without it ever again!  Special thanks to Jonathan & Courtney for spoiling me with my very first tin.  You guys rock.  Next time I am definitely ordering the full kit as I want the full experience!


Have you tried Matcha before?  What are your thoughts?  Comment below xx

P.S. Cover image found on Etsy.com


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