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Last night I had the honour of attending the launch of Tell in Joburg.  I was really excited for this as I met one of the founders at RareX earlier this year, & have been following her on social media for some time.  I have been a registered organ donor for a couple of years through the Organ Donor Foundation of SA, & have always made my decision known to my family & doctors.

Tell stands for Transplant Education for Living Legacies & is educating South African’s about organ & tissue transplantation.  They brought to our attention the fact that the most important part of donation is conversation – meaning that we need to TELL others about organ donation; let others know when we are an organ donor; & share any posts on social media when we see that someone is needing a transplant.  Who knows if that could be a friend or family member of ours that we are needing to save, or if it could even be us?

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Tell is encouraging us to #tellyourtribe in order for them to provide consent for when you are unable to; #tellyourteam i.e. hospitals & donation teams for referrals or to help a potential patient; work together in collaboration to get positive statistics; & educate others to create awareness.

Did you know that even if you have registered as an organ donor it doesn’t necessarily mean that your organs will be donated if you pass away?  Ultimately the decision is left up to your loved ones who have to say “yes” or “no” to the transplant team – they are already trying to process the loss, & if they do not know if you are wanting to donate your organs it is difficult to try make this decision in such a time.

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The ultimate dream is to make organ donation mandatory in both the public & private sector – this means that people would have to OPT OUT of donating their organs, rather than having to necessarily opt in.  This is an absolute ‘head in the clouds’ dream, but if you don’t dream it you can’t achieve it!

During the event I also discovered that Tell has arranged closed support groups on Facebook for both donor families & recipients so that they can travel this journey together with others who can offer advice & support; & they can work together to process this big change in their lives.

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Dr Williams (Critical Care Specialist from Milpark) & Dr Wadee (nephrologist from Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre) were speakers at this event.  It was so interesting hearing about this topic from a healthcare professional’s point of view.


They reminded us about the real heroes in life.  The donors give a gift of a second chance, or in many cases, the chance of the recipients first real life.  This gift is given freely, & is possibly the greatest gift of all time.  However we also need to remember the recipients & the fact that they are heroes too.  Having a transplant is not as simple as getting a tooth pulled at the dentist.  It takes extreme bravery, trust & faith to undergo something like this; & they are the true heroes amongst heroes!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a living donor?  You can donate your kidney or lung, or part of a liver whilst you are still alive.  Why wait until you die to make a difference?  Who knows if you could save the life of a child, a mother, a friend, a brother…  There are also brain dead donors – however this takes enormous effort from the ICU side, & unfortunately we often suffer from ICU rationing in SA.  The body is given artificial respiration. This allows the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney & small intestines to remain suitable for transplantation.  Lastly there are non-heart beating donors which is as a result of cardiac arrest.  The organ retrieval needs to happen quickly after this type of death otherwise they will not be transplantable.

Please follow this amazing charity on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  Get involved, create awareness, & spread the word.  Who knows if you or your loved one may need a transplant to save your life some time in the future!

We, as run-of-the-mill human beings, need to live better & healthier lifestyles.  Who know who we could save because of this.

Life is the best gift you can give. It’s why Tell helps educate South Africans about organ and tissue donation. Tell (Transplant Education for Living Legacies) was created with heart, for hearts (and other organs).
Two of the three founders are speaking from first hand experience, having received life-saving lung transplants. This not only gives them a second chance at life, but it places them in the unique position to make a difference in the transplant community. Their experience allows them to identify various barriers to organ transplantation and it is our mission to solve as many of these obstacles as possible.
One of the biggest problems we face in South Africa lies in the process of identifying and referring potential donors. South Africa already has a shortage of organ donors, and the lack of education around the situation is only making matters more difficult. It is also important to note that in South Africa, the donor’s family has the final say in whether or not organs are permitted to be donated.
Tell’s goal is firstly to help educate both potential donors as well as medical healthcare professionals, and break the stigmas and misinformation around organ and tissue donation.
Secondly, we want to encourage anyone who wants to donate their organs to TELL THEIR TRIBE of their wishes to be an organ and tissue donor. Awareness is key, and we firmly believe that the most important part of improving organ donation environment is conversation.
Our mission is to end the waiting list by changing and leading the conversation around organ and tissue donation in South Africa.

Bella Boneca

When you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their face & their skin.  After suffering from teenage acne, & also having very pale skin that scars easily I have always put some research into what I am using on my skin.  Thanks to FB & Instagram’s algorithms they now suggest different skincare products & houses that they think I may like, & Bella Boneca popped up on both – so this was definitely a sign from the universe that I needed to look into them a bit more & start following them!

But as it happens, life gets hectic & I was in ICU for a week & then unfortunately time just got away from me.  I then saw an invite to an event that they are hosting in JHB next month (Beautiful Because Breakfast) & knew that this time I needed to do something about it.  Plus the MD’s name is also Megan (as is mine, in case you didn’t know) which did make me chuckle a bit.  She very graciously took time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions!

Your name:  Megan Clunnie
Business name:  BellaBoneca
Social media handles:  Facebook here, & Instagram here
What do you do: I am the founder and CEO of BellaBoneca and I have recently purchased a company called Lifestyle on location which is a mobile spa and events company. I am also a wife, a ”dog mom to 4 🐶” and a proud auntie and a “running” enthusiast.36555246_859078387611514_1736920787803176960_n

Why are you different to other beauty products:
1. Our products don’t contain any ingredients that may be harmful to your body. Our skin is the largest organ and is able to absorb the ingredients used in everyday products. Some of these ingredients may be harmful and its best to try and avoid products that use them.
2. Our products contain oils and vitamins that rejuvenate and restore the skins natural balance resulting in healthy glowing skin.
3. Our products don’t harm the environment-the body wash etc is not a pollutant when it reaches our water system.
4. Our products are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

Where can people buy products from:
You can shop online  or at any of our corporate salons operated by Lifestyle on Location.

Tell me more about your event happening:  The event is taking place on the 29th September at Olives and Plates in Sandton. The event is a ‘ time out’ for woman of all ages who would like a little ‘me time’. The name #beautifulbecause for me represents that we are all beautiful because we were created woman and that we need to celebrate that. We often think we will only be beautiful when we have lots 5kgs or if we could get rid of these wrinkles and that is not true. Yes it’s important to take care of our bodies (and our minds) but our true beauty is really from within. The event will have 2 guest speakers, stunning gift bags and great food. Guests will also be treated to hand massage or neck and shoulder massages. It will be a nice relaxed morning.13692648_533506943501995_8609477751860301643_n.jpg

Why are you passionate about what you do:  I love developing beautiful products that work and people get great results from but that don’t harm. It’s giving people a safer option. I love all the interesting and wonderful people I get to meet and I love the creativity that is able to flow when you are an entrepreneur.
Quote you live by: live a life you will remember

Don’t these sound absolutely beautiful?!  Let me know your thoughts once you have tried them out for yourself



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