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Lola Lifestyle

Some time back I noticed a business on my feed called Lola Lifestyle.  I was immediately drawn to their one shirt that had gorgeous eyelashes printed across the chest & I knew it was a shirt I had to own!

And then I was helping my sister at FIBO with her Metafit, & who was a couple of stalls down from us, but the lovely ladies from Lola Lifestyle.  I saw for myself how popular they are, & got to feel the quality of their products, & then I immediately had a chat to this mother & daughter team about doing a feature on them.

Plus they gave me some inside info on a sale they will be having soon, so keep an eye on their page for more…

World map Lola Lifestyle-page-001

Your names: Adele Olevano and Lene Johnson

Business name: Lola Lifestyle

Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram & Website


I see you’re a mum/daughter team – tell me more about how this business idea came about & what you both do within the business:  My mother has been manufacturing for the last 35 years. She started out with evening-wear and eventually progressed to manufacturing for local designers. I was in the film industry for 8 years as a clothing stylist. We saw there was a need for versatile clothing that looks good and feels comfortable. My mom is a sucker for amazing natural fabrics and this was the reason we started exploring our options with the bamboo. We both oversee all creative aspects of the brand. The team work is critical to make the dream work because we both still work 9 to 5 jobs in between running Lola.

Where are you based: We manufacture in Bezuidenhout valley in Johannesburg.


Where can people order/buy from: We have an online store and we have a few stockists, those change from time to time but the details are in our Instagram bio

What makes your clothing different to others: We take great pride in the quality, fabrics and fit of our garments. We want our consumers to put on that Lola item and feel like they can rule the world.

What is your personal favourite item: For Adele it will have to be the bamboo run jacket. This is her masterpiece. For Lene it’s definitely the lounge pants. Comfort is key.


What have been your most popular items: Our oversized shirt has exceeded our expectations. It’s such an amazing piece and looks good on everyone. Out tshirts have also done very well.

Why do you encourage people to support local: Supporting Lola Lifestyle is not only about supporting our dream. The manufacturing is done by local South Africans which means every piece of clothing you buy goes to supporting their families. That is the South African dream. That is also the only way we are going to grow our economy and create a better future

Quote you live by: #itsuptoyou to create the life you love


Isn’t this gorgeous?!  And don’t you want to own some of their stunning clothing for yourself?

If you do buy anything, please tag me in your look – I would love to see how you style it!  I have put a few things on my Christmas Wish List (yes, the lash shirt is one), so I hope Santa sees I have been a good girl this year.



When I was told about Koosh-uhn by a friend of mine & I spotted their new fabric unicorn I was overly excited & immediately popped over to their website to get lost in their products & beauty.


Isn’t she absolutely stunning?  These handmade toys are all so special & can be made in a variety of different fabrics to suit your specific needs/wants/decor.  So of course the one I am getting is pink floral…  I feel like it has such a cute little personality & is a definite much-needed addition to my collection!

Business name: Koosh-uhn

Social Media Handles: Facebook & Instagram

What do you do: Koosh-uhn is an online store that designs and creates products for little ones, homes and special occasions.

What are some of the different products you sell: Braided cot bumpers, Knotted ball cushions, Keepsake soft toys, Playmats, cut out milestone words…

Why do you think homemade is so important: SO much love goes into homemade products. When you buy homemade products you are buying into someones dream of having their own business. We have amazing talent in South Africa and it’s awesome to support them.

What is your most popular product: Braided Cot bumpers

Do you do custom pieces: Definitely!

How can people order from you: We have an online store where you can place orders or you are more than welcome to mail me at hello@koosh-uhn.co.za

Quote you live by: Be the person you want to have in your life

Don’t these products make you all giddy inside?  I know that this will definitely be someone that I will be in contact with for all my friends’ babyshowers & kids birthday parties.

Please remember to support local where possible & truly treasure handmade goodies that will last for a lifetime!IMG_4839


Scrolling through Facebook one day I cam across a page called Lulupie.  They do paperless patterns which means that they print the actual pattern on the fabric so all you have to do is cut out the design & sew it together.  Plus they can even make your own fabric with a design of your choice, so pretty much you can get exactly what you want, & it can be a one-of-a-kind clothing.


I contacted the page & gave them an idea that I have for Rare Diseases SA, & was absolutely blown away by her love as well as her excitement for this project.  I think you can tell a lot by how a person comes across in their messages, & by their wanting to help a charity, so although I have never actually met Lurinda I feel like I have made a friend for life.  We have been chatting almost on a daily basis & I knew that she was someone that I wanted to find out more about & feature on my blog.


Your names: Paul Prinsloo (Graphic Designer and artist); Lurinda Prinsloo (Occupational Therapist by day, admin and personal liaison for Lulupie at night)32470997_10155134215442134_2400886520895504384_n

Name of your business:  Lulupie

How did you come up with the name:  We tried to find an interesting combination of our names and the name of our daughter, Lucia.  So, Lu(rinda)Lu(cia)P(aul)ie was born!

What do you do?  We specialise in hand drawn custom designs for print on a number of different bases.  We are mainly focused on fabric printing at the moment, but we are looking at expanding to other mediums in the near future!  Watch this space…

How did you come up with this concept?  I (Lurinda) taught myself to sew while pregnant with our daughter, and I came across the world of custom printed fabric.  I was amazed!  Paul then came up with the brilliant idea of combining our individual loves of sewing and design into a business venture – and here we are!

What did you do before this?  Paul was (and still is) a work-at-home dad!  He mostly did freelance design work before we started with Lulupie.  Lurinda works full time as an Occupational Therapist at the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape).

How can people order from you, & what are your prices (roughly)?  People can contact us via our Facebook page, or email us at info@lulupie.co.za.  Our design fees range from R120 to R400, depending on the design and if you want it for exclusive use or not.  Printing costs then depend on what you want your design printed on, and is added onto the design fee.

Anything else that you would like to add?  We recently launched a new product that we are very excited about – Paperless Patterns!  We teamed up with a digital pattern designer from SA, and we are working with her to print her patterns directly onto fabric, in the design and size that the client wants.  So you just cut and sew!  We currently have the Ladies Leggings pattern available in this format. final layout-mermaid1.indd

This concept literally makes me so happy, & I will post an update once I get my custom-designed tights!  Thank you Lulupie for all your love & creativity.  You are absolutely amazing.



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