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Sunkissed Handmade

As you can tell my the title of my blog, I ADORE flowercrowns!  I have a few from chain stores, but my favourite are definitely handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that I will treasure forever.

Recently I got in touch with Samantha from Sunkissed Handmade as she is SUPER talented, & her social media pics completely blow me away every time.  She makes truly unique headpieces ranging from flowercrowns to mermaid crowns & beyond.  She can even put together DIY kits so you can personalise your crown exactly the way you want one.

With festival themes being the “in” thing right now, you may want to place your order with her soon & get your very own!Mermaid

Your name: Samantha Hanlon

Your business name: Sunkissed Handmade

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram

What exactly do you do: I custom make Flower crowns and Accessories

How did you get into this: I have always been creative and have been fortunate enough to follow my creative passions through my career path. I started out as a graphic artist and fashion designer, moving to photography ten years ago. I love doing styled photo shoots and with my background it made sense to do the styling myself. Nothing makes an editorial shoot look more unique than the perfect headdress, so I started making headpieces for my shoots. Soon other photographers started ordering custom pieces from me and so did my portrait clients, I set up a Facebook page and the rest is history. I sell off Facebook and Instagram, I also have an online store on Hello Pretty. I don’t keep a lot of stock, I prefer custom orders but I sometimes make up items to sell as I am inspired to do so.

What are your most popular items: The Festival Floral Headbands are currently my most popular seller, a lot of clients order custom pieces for themed parties. “Havannah nights” has been a huge theme trend this winter season. In summer my jewelled mermaid crowns are definitely my biggest seller.
I also make DIY flowercrown packs for parties and gifts and those are very popular too.

What are your favourite items: I love making custom orders, especially when a client simply sends me a photo of their outfit or a colour palette/theme and asks me to use my imagination to create something beautiful to compliment their outfit.
I have always loved the whole D&G, Baroque, Rococo vibe and recently launched a jewelled headband and haircomb range that is quite popular with brides.Baroque_sparkle

How can people place their orders: Email is best, send me a message on crowns@sunkissedstudio.co.za and I will be happy to quote you.

Can they order custom pieces: Absolutely.

What is your price range: My price range varies between R50 for basic headbands and up to R500 for over the top custom head dresses.

What quote do you live by: My tagline is “Free your inner Flower Child”Sunkissed_fllowercrownSunkissed_goldflowersSunkissed_mermaid

Any other info you want to add: You are welcome to follow my photography on Facebook & Instagram All photos shown in this article are by Sunkissedstudio Photography

I am based in Cape Town, but deliver orders across South Africa.

Samantha very kindly even made me my own flowercrown & had this delivered to me (what a way to start my week!), & I can promise you that her work is of the highest quality & truly remarkable.  I know I will be ordering more from her – any excuse to rock my flowercrown.  She pays attention to every detail – including the packaging of her products & her client care is out of this world.

Thank you for starting my week off on such a high note, & I can’t wait to chat to you again x



Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy seven and sixty nine, revolution was in the air
I was born too late, into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

–I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) – Sandi Thom

Last week I turned 30, & it was a huge milestone for me.  Never mind the fact that 30 officially means that I have joined the dark side, but it was also a hugely enlightening experience for me as I have finally completely accepted who I am.


For so long we are forced into boxes that society sets out, & all I ever wanted was to be accepted by “the cool kids”.  Last week, whilst undergoing yet another treatment, I took a good hard look at my life & realised that I need to be happy within myself & stop trying to fit in with what others expect of me.  I don’t need to dress a certain way to fit in, or be “normal” to be accepted.

I am a “hippie”, I enjoy comfort over fashion & I don’t mind being a little different – in fact I embrace it now!  I will always be a little girl at heart, & love being able to do all the girlie things.  Aren’t we lucky that as women we have so many beautiful things to choose from & reflect our individuality?  Why do we try so hard to look like everyone else then?

Whilst searching for my perfect flowercrown for my party, I came across the most amazing page called Opgedollie (you can follow her on Instagram as well here).  She custom makes flower crowns for kids & adults; blooming bellies; mermaid crowns; unicorn crowns & recently even made flower wreaths for dogs! Yes, I need to get one of these for my chihuahua, Lola…


I had spent days scouring the internet & Facebook, asking for recommendations & when I saw her page I stopped immediately.  Lené answered my queries with enthusiasm & was so willing to help & I just knew I had to have one of her creations!  Every girl wants to feel like a queen & these crowns do just that.  I wanted to be a “fairy princess” on my birthday…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I sent her the colour scheme I was wanting & she sent me some images of what she had put together – which was way beyond what I even had in my mind.  It was delivered safely within a week & I couldn’t wait to rip open the package & try on my handmade crown!

I will definitely be ordering more from her in the future – I will find any excuse to wear one & there are just so many that appeal to me that I think I need to start building up my own collection.  They are each unique, special & I think every woman deserves one – & deserves to feel beautiful.  I ended up in hospital on my birthday & rocked my crown in ICU; & it made everything so much better.


And this was at my “Coachella” themed party – the top was a gift from Odette Gomes herself & is something I will treasure forever!


Please support local – you won’t find the quality or love in any of the store bought flowercrowns (believe me, I looked!).

Opgedollie, you have got yourself a client for life & I can’t wait to order my next one (& for Lola!) for our family photoshoot.14021601_945840075562373_8101088686251808076_n.jpg

I asked her a few questions to get to know her a bit better:
Name: Lené (Nytjie) Heck
Business Name: Opgedollie.
Fun facts *I don’t go to the mall (ever)
* I am a sucker for art
* I am a mother of 2 (boy and girl) gorgeous kids.
*I get excited when people are passionate about something.
*I am a laid back kinda old soul. When someone skydives Ill be the one watching. Lol
About Me: I started doing makeup in 2010 in Polokwane.  I was working under my own name. I was also working part-time at my Dad’s Practice, Boabab Medical Orthotic and Prosthetic Services. I then became very busy over the years and decided to rebrand my business to Opgedollie in 2015. During the rebrand I was searching for someone to make me a flowercrown and no one could, so I did it myself, and I haven’t had a day off since then! I absolutely love flowercrowns. Just such an amazing way to stand out be bold and be seen. It boosts my confidence. And I hope that is what happens to my clients.

Thank you so much for sharing with us & for continually showing your beautiful products & ideas.



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