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    Pimville Gin

    You know me by now.  I am a definite G & T type of girl, & I love trying out new gins – especially those that are produced & bottled in South Africa.  I think we often have the most unique, delicious flavours that give you a little taste of home with every sip. Pimville Gin is one such gin, & I am sure you are going to want to rush out to get your own once you have read more about this small business. Your name: Francois Bezuidenhout Business name: Pimville Drinks Co. Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website & Thundafund Tell me a bit more about Pimville Gin: …

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    Vriendinne + gin = Vrienginne When I saw this name, I immediately had a huge goofy grin on my face!  You guys, how cute is it? I haven’t yet sampled them myself (it’s on my to-do list though I promise, but jeepers this Janu-WORRY has been real!) but there are only positive reviews on their page & the whole idea around this just makes me excited.  Plus I am sure you know by now just how much I love a good gin 🙂 Your name: Marike Smit Business name: Vrienginne Social media handles: Instagram, Facebook & Website Tell me a bit more about your brand: The name encapsulates the purpose…

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    Sugarbird Gin

    I am a HUGE gin fan.  I don’t usually enjoy too much alcohol, but when it comes to gin I feel there is nothing better on a hot evening.  Husband & I sit outside, enjoy a cold drink together & chat over our day.  My body doesn’t feel bloated or gross after I have indulged a little, & I haven’t woken up with any kind of headache. And then I discovered Sugarbird Gin & I was even more excited.  Read on to see why… Your name: Nzeka Biyela Business name: Sugarbird Gin Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram What makes your gin different to other brands: A proudly South African gin…


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