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My Little Loves

Kirsty is a truly beautiful soul who embraces life & everything it throws at her, whilst truly wanting to make the world a better place.  She is a friend; wife; mum yoga instructor; & has recently added business owner to her CV!

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I went to school with Kirsty & did dancing with her during this time, so we have a little bit of history & I know how beautiful her heart is & that she truly just wants the best for everyone.  I may not have children of my own, but I know that if I did then I would want to support My Little Loves.  The clothing looks absolutely amazing & is proper little kids clothing, whilst still looking extremely comfortable & fashionable.34539378_941846655997905_4753535061498789888_o

When I was thinking about who I wanted to chat to next for my blog, Kirsty immediately popped to mind.  Her Facebook page is here, & Instagram here.  You can read on to find out a little more about this amazing woman:

Your name: Kirsty Von Fintel
Name of your business: My Little Loves
When did you start: I started up my business in about February this year , and we have just launched our first items this month!
Why did you start: I have had a passion for hemp for some time ,  it is the oldest domesticated crops known to man and has been used for textiles cordage and paper for thousands of years . I’m passionate about our environment and the state it is in , and what we can do to help!
Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be used for thousands of products . For clothing the fibers and stalks of the Hemp plant is used . Along with my passion for Hemp I have a passion for clothing and since recently having my son my interests turned to baby and kids wear . I found it so hard to find natural Fibre items for him in fun comfortable styles . A lot of clothing you find now is impractical and covered in cartoon characters . There are obviously exceptions but this sparked an idea for me and I rolled with it . It has been a really fun learning experience as this is not my expertise at all!

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What did you do before this: I am a yoga teacher and was teaching daily classes , along with studying to be a nutritionist.
Products you have: We have clothing for babes and older kids up to age 6 . Our focus right now is clothing but are we are looking at some other ideas, and possibly some items for mamas in the near future!
Mottos you live by: “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. – Brene Brown
Any other info you want to add: Do what makes your heart flutter , even if you don’t know what your doing , do it anyway . That is how we learn , how we grow . Take chances , take risks and put your heart out there . You don’t want to look back and wish you had tried that one thing you were to scared to do . Trust the process❤️

Kirst, I am so so proud of you for following your dreams & for encouraging us all to live a better life.  Your kids clothing looks absolutely adorable & I know that all of “Aunty Meg’s” children will be getting these going forward.

Please contact her directly via any of her social media channels to place your orders.  She delivers throughout South Africa & I can guarantee that your kids will be super comfy & cute in these designs.


The Hemp Cream

I will never recommend a product unless I have tried it myself, & have actually seen benefits of using it.  My skin used to be something I really took pride in, & skincare has always been vital to me.  Whilst studying Beauty Therapy I came to realise the importance of our decisions now & the effect that they will have on our skin for years to come.  A good product is so important, but so is finding the product that works best for YOUR skin.


A friend of mine has started this business, THC – The Hemp Cream & after stalking her page for a while, I knew I had to try it out for myself.  We were going to an event with Rare Diseases SA so I quickly contacted Melissa & asked for one of her sample kits to try for a week.


The foot repair gel has such a variety of uses – including for cold sores, cracked heels, insect bites & so much more.  I even used it to moisturise my lips & the tingle was wonderful!  This is a product that I personally feel should be in every first aid kit.

Both the day & night creams are MAGICAL for anti-ageing, inflammation, pigmentation, loose saggy skin, eczema and more.  The night cream is thicker (as it should be) & the fragrance of both of these is just divine.  My skin feels a whole lot softer & I also used these on my scars at the same time to find these have healed a whole lot quicker & I haven’t developed keloids.  The photos below show the difference in just 7 days – the only change I made to my skincare routine was adding these products from THC!

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I also had a growth burnt off my finger when I had my port inserted, & it was just not healing.  It is right on the tip of my finger (& extends under my nail) & every time I bumped it, it felt like a jolt of electricity went through my body.  So I thought I would try apply the foot repair balm & these are the results in a week:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at 15.31.34

Top image – Healing              Bottom image – 1 week later

Ultimately, I only have positive things to say about these products.  My skin looks & feels so much better; it has healed a lot quicker than normal; & I love the idea that there are more natural ingredients!  I had a quick little chat to Melissa to find out more…

THC - Melissa & Aidan

Your name: Melissa Botha

Your business name: The Hemp Cream

When did you start: December 2017

What did you do before this: Running Raising Aidan where I manufacture and distribute a microwave cupcake mix. (Still running that)

How/why did it start: I needed a change mostly… I run it to support myself obviously, but mainly to support my special needs son Aidan who has Costello Syndrome. His medical and related costs each month average R35 000.

What do you love most about having your own business: The freedom it offers me to be a mom to a special needs child. I can take time off when I choose to, I can be there for all of Aidan’s challenges.

What have been some of your biggest battles with running your own business: Running your business is not an overnight study. I’ve been learning since 1998 how to run a business and gained most of my knowledge during the early 2000’s when I successfully hit leadership within Herbalife. Back then it was learning how to attract customers and keep them. Now my biggest challenges are being able to attract customers and keep them with ever changing technology. Also… upscaling a business is what I’m currently working on so I can have more reach and more growth.

What is your main objective for your business: To give me the ultimate freedom – financial freedom to pay bills… AND then to be able to travel at the drop of a hat as often as I’d like to without the worry of losing income if I’m away, and having enough money to do so.

Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances in our nation.” – Thomas Jefferson


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