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Timeless Inc

Being involved in the Rare Disease community, I love hearing stories of hope, of passion, and of overcoming. They inspire me to live a better life, and to never take things for granted.

Recently I attended one of the hikes organised by Fit Like Mummy (such fun! You really need to join one) and at our meal afterwards she brought out some sweet chilli jam. Now, I love trying new things and this was no exception. I reached out for a Fry’s mini chipolota and dunked it into the sauce in front of me. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything quite so delicious – my tastebuds were exploding, and I knew that I had to keep trying it!

Natasha told me about how it was made by a mother and her 2 daughters – in fact the daughters both have a condition known as SMA aka Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a group of inherited disorders characterized by a loss of certain nerve cells in the spinal cord called motor neurons or anterior horn cells. Motor neurons receive the nerve impulses transmitted from the brain to the spinal cord (brainstem) and, in turn, transmit the impulses to the muscle via the peripheral nerves. The loss of motor neurons leads to progressive muscle weakness and muscle wasting (atrophy) in muscles closest to the trunk of the body (proximal muscles) such as the shoulders, hips and back. These muscles are necessary for crawling, walking, sitting up and head control. The more severe types of SMA can affect muscles involved in feeding, swallowing and breathing. SMA is divided into subtypes based on age of onset and maximum function achieved. SMA types 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 are inherited as autosomal recessive genetic disorders and are associated with abnormalities (mutations) in the SMN1 and SMA2 genes which are located on chromosome 5.

National organisation for rare disorders

I knew this business was one that I wanted to share on my blog, and also support personally. And I am thrilled to introduce them to you below!

Your name: Kayrashni(Pixie) and Jayrashni(Molly) Sewnarain

Business name: Pimoas trading as Timeless Inc

Social media handles: Facebook and Instagram

3 fun facts about you: Something we can never give up is finding humor in literally everything. If we could pick a time period we could live in, we would pick the 1920’s Prohibition America, it would be exciting or maybe we’ve just watch The Great Gatsby too much 🙂 and lastly we actually watch a lot of food shows and then conjure up our own recipes from there.

Tell me a little more about your business: Our business is an online store selling a range of different products, however we specialize in making our own Hotshotz sauce inspired by a traditional indian taste and a sweet chilli jam. We are experimenting with chilli chocolate and hope to launch that soon.

Tell me about the products you have available: Our two main products at the moment is the Hotshotz sauce and the Hotshotz sweet chilli jam. The sauce can be used as a marinade as well as a dip with samoosas, chilli bites and almost anything. The sweet chilli jam can be used as is or as a glaze on roast chicken, it pairs well with brie cheese and phyllo pastry and on crackers. We even made a chocolate cake with it and it is absolutely divine!

What inspired you to start this business: Inspiration came from our outlook in life and with the encouragement of friends and family to give us independence. Covid 19 has unfortunately hit a lot of industries and we feel we need to make income to support ourselves as our sister is currently not working to be able to support us.

What make your products so unique: Our products are unique because it is so versatile and can be used in almost anything. Also this is our own recipes. Each recipe has been tried and tested and perfected to how we want it.

Tell me a little more about the conditions you have: Our mom is legally blind and does not work. Our sister is in the tourism industry but unfortunately there is still no work. We have a condition called Spinal Muscular Dystrophy. We are at the advanced stages of the disease which is called atrophy. It is the degeneration of muscles over time. We have surpassed all the time lines given to us.

How can people place an order with you: At the moment, orders are placed telephonically (0827864184) or through Facebook and Instagram.

What product is your absolute favourite: Pixie: Absolute favourite is the sauce as it acts as a marinade for meats and is stunning on roast leg of lamb. Molly: Sweet chilli jam as I love the sweetness and the heat combined.

Quote you live by:

“The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away.”

disability awareness

Anything else you want to add: We would like to add that for years we were led to believe that we were not capable of achieving much, yet we knew there is so much we could do. It was only with a little support and encouragement that we found the drive to follow our dreams and make it a reality. This was possible only by surrounding ourselves with positivity and people that uplift us.

I absolutely love these products, and learning more about their journey has made me love them even more. What a brilliant way to turn COVID-19 on it’s head, and also ensure that they are still able to support themselves no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. These sauces and jams are the perfect accompaniment to nearly any meal – even for people like me that can’t usually handle any heat.

Enjoy! Your tastebuds (and family) will thank you x

Sugar & Paper

This time last year I had my fundraiser, The Snow Ball, to raise funds for my life-saving stem cell transplant.  I was blown away at the generosity of everyone that I knew, as well as those that I had never met.  Liezl was one of those very special people that didn’t even know me, yet sponsored the most gorgeous (& delicious) snowflake biscuits for everyone that attended my event.  The biscuits didn’t even make it home as they were all gobbled up at the event!


Then, my friend Jenny spoilt us all at Rare with a box of Christmas-themed cookies, & as soon as I saw them I knew that I had to reach out to Liezl & feature her on my blog.  Besides looking absolutely amazing, they are the most yummy biscuits you will ever taste.  Read on to find out more about this beautiful lady & her biccy business.


Your name: Liezl Veiga

Business name: Sugar & Paper

Social media handles: Instagram and Facebook


Tell me a bit more about your business: I have been a freelance Graphic Designer since 2013, but having always loved parties and baking and after being encouraged by friends (and my first cookie “order”) I decided to start my party planning business, Sugar & Paper. I call myself “a celebration enthusiast” – I can conceptualise, design, coordinate and style your event, and even bake the tasty treats. A one-stop-shop of good taste!


Where did your passion for baking come from: I have always loved baking and the rule in our house growing up was “you make the mess, you clean it”. So my sister and I baked often! Baking is a productive form of self-expression and communication. It’s also a form of mindfulness and altruism – at the heart of baking for others is the very act of giving. And, although, people pay me for my cookies, it will never cover the amount of time and love I pour into every baked creation.


How did you learn all the amazing royal icing techniques: I have actually never taken a cookie class – I learned through trial and error. Lots of error! Also, YouTube and social media are great places to watch tutorials etc.

What makes your cookies different to those you can get in the shops: My cookies are made with quality ingredients, real butter, free range eggs and lots of love! I think my attention to detail sets me apart.


What are some of the events you make cookies for: I make cookies for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, corporate events – anything really! Even just to fill your cookie jar at home.

Whereabouts are you based: I am in Linmeyer, Johannebsurg South.

How can people place an order with you: They can email me or visit my site.


How far in advance should people place an order with you: The sooner the better, as I book up fast! Ideally, I need confirmation and full payment 2 weeks before collection.

Do you sell Christmas cookies, & do you have extra in stock: I haven’t taken Christmas pre-orders as yet this year but have just posted some!

What have been your favourite cookies that you have made so far: It’s so difficult to choose! I love just about every set I send out as it’s a part of my creativity 🙂


Why do you encourage people to support small businesses: I encourage people to support small business because you are helping someone live their dream! Handmade items are always more expensive than store bought, but that’s because they are bespoke – that item that’s handmade, has been created from precious time that was spent designing, searching for materials, creating the product, finishing, packaging, cleaning! It’s also hours of failures, experimentation, frustrations, and moments of pure joy. It’s a piece of their soul, their heart and a moment of someone’s life!

Quote you live by: Don’t sweat the small stuff 😉


Anything else you want to add:
I hope to build Sugar & Paper into a brand that people will immediately think of when it comes to parties. Right now, I seemed to have slid more into the cookie side of my talents, but hope that I will be able to become ever more involved in the design side too.


Aren’t her creations absolutely stunning?

I could spend hours getting lost in Liezl’s images on her social media pages, & can definitely vouch that these cookies taste just as good as they look.

Ok I need to go now, my mouth is watering & I my tummy is grumbling.  Liezl I’m coming for you!


Snuggle Bugs

Have you seen the story/image on Facebook that has been doing the rounds about having a toy made from Grandpa’s shirt so that the grandchildren can remember him?  When I saw this it really touched me, as I know I would have loved one of these from both my dad & my grandpa.  When I came across a company called Snuggle Bug Goodies, tears immediately came to my eyes & I was so touched by what Elaine is doing & that she has brought this idea to life!

Your name: Elaine Geldenhuys
Your business name: Snuggle Bug Goodies (Instagram can be found here)

When did you start: Wow very long ago in 2011 when we were planning our first baby, and I saw a need for baby bedding and room accessories. The business evolved and I ended up making alot of bears for nursery decor. Then one day someone asked me to make a keepsake and this venture was born.

What does your business do: I mainly make keepsake/Memory bears from old baby clothing and also for someone that has passed and you want to keep a momento.
But then I also make rag dolls, ballerinas, unicorns, cats, and bunnies.


Why did you start this: I love seeing the face of the person receiving one of my bears and them having that nostalgia of where the items came from or when they were worn.

What did you do before: I studied fashion design and was working in retail when I met my husband, and like most things in life plans change.

What is your favourite & why: The bears I make are each one different in their own way. So it is very exciting every time I get clothing to see how this one is going to turn out.

What are your average prices: the keepsakes are R230 and the rag dolls range between R150-R200

What quote do you live by: Having worked in retail I know what customer service is and should be, and I just believe that honesty is king.

Anything else you want to add: It’s difficult in today’s age having your own small business, trying to make a name for yourself and money. I’m a stay at home mom now with 2 busy boys making soft toys but i am loving every minute of it.


I wish I had known about these sooner as I really think they are something that will be treasured forever.  Please contact Elaine via either of her social media channels, or via email ( to place your order.  Remember that special person forever x

Rogue’s Pawsome Bakery

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-03 at 20.49.07

If you know anything about me, you know that my animals are my children & our number one priority!  They sleep in the bed with us; come on holiday when we go away (when possible); & I have cried nearly every time I have had to take them to the vet.  There are times that my husband & I have joked that they eat better than us!

I met Ilze through the Myasthenia Gravis support group, & we instantly just clicked.  We bonded over our love for fur-kids & zest for life.  Her kindness drew me to her instantly & we have just grown in our friendship since then.

When I had to go to Cape Town for an appointment with a specialist, Ilze offered to pick me up from the airport & took me to another friend’s house where I would be spending the night.  She took me past Frits Dog Hotel (a must-visit for everyone in Cape Town!) & we chatted like we had known each other for years!  She then gave me some treats to bring back for Stella & Lola, as well as for a fundraiser that I was doing for one of the local animal shelters.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-03 at 20.49.06

Now let me warn you, my dogs are flipping fussy!  They won’t even touch dog food bought from a supermarket, & oftentimes will just bury their treats rather than eat them.  I warned you, they are spoilt…  But these they gobbled down & sat as close as possible to us hoping to get another one.  What truly blows me away is that Ilze bakes these all by hand after hours – she works a full-time job, yet Rogue’s Pawsome Bakery is her true passion.  She lives beyond her diagnosis & this is her version of her “flowercrown”.  That’s when I KNEW I had to do a feature on her!

I asked her a few questions to get to know a bit more about this amazing business:

Your business name: Rogue’s Pawsome Bakery

When did you start: 2015

What did you do before this:  I’m fully employed at one of the biggest cellphone companies where I’m involved in knowledge management.

How/why did you start: I started this since I was going through some challenges at work, and health-wise.  One of my biggest passions is my dogs so I started baking for my dogs, & some friends started encouraging me to start a business.

What do you love most about having your own business: It gives me a chance to be creative and do something totally unique.  I love testing out new flavours (and so do my dogs!). Baking for the fur babies is my happy place.

What have been some of your biggest battles with running your own business: Getting my business name out there; exposure and building a stable client base…. Not creating debt but doing the most I can with what I could.

What is your main objective for your businesses: I want to grow my artisan bakery to be household name and go to turn when people are looking for something unique for their dogs.

You can visit their Facebook page here to find out more!

Ilze also makes birthday cakes for your furry-friends & currently has 11 different flavours of biscuits – make sure you keep an eye on her page to stay up to date with any new & exciting products she brings out.

I know I will be placing my orders soon for my spoilt brats!


Tuesday Jewellery

“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.” – Marie Beynon Ray

I follow an amazing local jeweller called Tuesday Jewellery (check out their Facebook page here & Instagram here) & am always blown away by her designs & the amount of effort & thought that goes into designing each individual piece.  After following her for a while, I looked back at some of her older posts & discovered something that drew me to her even more.  You see, the creator is also a spoonie.  She has Cystic Fibrosis, & has received a bi-lateral lung transplant.  And this is how her company received it’s name…


Given how very special Cathy is, her pieces are not simply jewellery, but have a lot of meaning behind each individual earring/necklace/charm/bracelet.

I had to include some examples below (these you can buy directly from their Etsy store, or contact them through Facebook for more info)


Transplant Butterfly Necklace

This is our BUTTERFLY pendant in solid 9ct rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. This simple pendant has been painstakingly designed for the symbolism it hopes to communicate.
The butterfly has always represented new beginnings, rebirth and new life. But here each delicate wing represents a life, donor and recipient, one gold and one silver, but forever physically fused together. The silver wing is made complete by the piece (read organ) taken from the gold wing.
And only because of the hole in the gold wing is the silver wing made whole. The two wings denote two sides of the same story, both with a real story to tell.
This butterfly also signifies the living donor and recipient scenario, where for example one kidney is donated; a lifegiving sacrifice that will always bind the two lives together.

We could go on and on about the symbolism of our little butterfly…. as you can also see the shape of the wings is a nod to my transplant; two beautiful new lungs. But this jewellery is for everyone touched by Transplant; organ donors, recipients, advocates, friends and family.

Wear the imagery and you can start a conversation, tell the story, become an organ donor, save lives. – TUESDAY Jewelry
And besides, its beautiful.

Beautifully packaged and branded, with printed cards explaining the symbolism behind each collection and the story behind TUESDAY Jewelry.


Forget-Me-Not Range

The Forget Me Not Collection:
‘the unexpected things that happen (on any ordinary Tuesday) that change us forever don’t need help being remembered, but what a fitting little flower to make your jewellery a little more meaningful.’ TUESDAY Jewelry.

There are so many beautiful collections – like the “silver lining”, “imperfect heart” & “heartbeat” – make sure you go check them out for yourself as I am sure there is something that will truly speak to you.


Cathy posted something on Instagram asking for ideas of what people would like to see, & I reached out to her to ask her to please make something with snowflakes.  Snowflakes have a very special meaning for me, as people with Myasthenia Gravis are often referred to as snowflakes as no 2 patients have the same symptoms or treatments – we are all unique.  I shared my story with her, & we just ‘clicked’.  She also wanted to do a giveaway with Rare Diseases South Africa to help create awareness – I mean, how amazing is that?

“Be As Unique As A Snowflake: Embrace All Your Dimensions” – Viola Shipman

She sent me pics along the way of how these were coming along – right from the original design to the finished product.  Can you believe that these are each hand made with love?  Again showing their uniqueness & the fact that they are one of a kind – just like an MG patient!

When these were available on their online store, she wrote the following beautiful piece:

Our Snowflake pendant and earring set were designed for someone who specifically asked us to design something, as snowflakes have such special meaning to her. In making and researching them we realised that snowflakes have so many symbolic attributes- besides being insanely beautiful and delicate and feminine…

‘Never perfect, snowflakes survive a long journey to earth in a disorderly, hostile environment. Fragile and fleeting. Each one beautiful. Each one unique.
Just like us – fragile and yet able to withstand so much. Each of us unique, but all still people.
– TUESDAY Jewelry

When I finally got to see what the finished product looked like, I was completely blown away – and even more so when Cathy sent me my very own snowflake necklace.

Snowflakes SET

I really feel you should be proud to wear what you are wearing, & if there is a story behind it – even better!  Often people have asked me where I got my gorgeous necklace from, & I have been able to tell them a bit more about MG, but also share just how special & unique this gift is to me.  Thank you Cathy for your kind heart & creativity.  I have loved getting to know you, & will treasure my necklace forever x



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