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21 Folds

When Carmen from 21 Folds reached out to me with regard to doing a collab, I spent some time looking through her posts and creations, and couldn’t actually believe that these detailed, tiny earrings were handmade with so much love and talent.  She has a process to get here, and every piece is unique.  Owning a pair of 21 Folds earrings is literally like owning a piece of art!

Yesterday we met up as she had created a pair just for me, and I had to hold myself back from giving her a great big squeeze (#socialdistancing), so we settled for elbow taps and squeals.  I immediately came home, threw on the earrings and put together a crazy makeup look to match the magic of my unicorn origami earrings.

Photo 2020-08-09, 14 56 24

Photo 2020-08-09, 16 42 45

Photo 2020-08-09, 16 45 30

The earrings also reminded me why I am so obsessed with unicorns…

“When you hear hoofbeats look for horses not zebras.”

This is a saying that is common in the medical fraternity, and means that doctors should always look for the most common reason for the specific symptoms the patient is experiencing – so rather than assuming the person has a rare disease, assume it is something “normal”.  It is for this reason that rare patients are often referred to as zebras.  However, I think we should be known as unicorns as we are so rare, magical, and often a little crazy!  We shouldn’t exist, but we do, and we often try spread love and positivity wherever we are.

However, I digress, let’s get back to Carmen and her beyond-your-wildest-dreams talent!

Your name:  Carmen Esterhuizen

Business name:  21Folds

Social media handles:  Facebook, Instagram, and Website

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 56 16

3 funs facts about you:

  1. I am a complete fantasy, scifi and DnD geek. I helped launch sci-fi and fantasy indie publisher Stubborn Raven and edited my husband’s short story for publishing.
  2. I for sure have ADHD, watermelon and mash potatoes are some of my favourite foods, but not together…never together.
  3. My husband & I are obsessed with travel and I have been to over 30 countries, on many a shoestring-budget but it is always an adventure.

Not so fun facts but facts nonetheless:
I have a Post grad in business from Wits business school, this has allowed me to consult in various fields and allows for a lot of insight in my own practice and businesses. #canrecommend
I’m a practicing audiologist and speech therapist, my practice is at Milpark hospital, I love my work in the medical field.

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 56 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 02

Tell me a bit more about your business:  21Folds is still brand spanking new and currently we offer paper origami earrings as our main product! I can’t say it better than our about page so here it is:

A celebration of the intricacies of paper folding and the joy of wearing a piece of art. Each piece is designed with thought and made with passion. Welcome to 21Folds, where I blend art and adornment!

I create origami masterpieces that you can wear. But to me it’s more than jewelry – these origami pieces are the manifestation of what makes creating so amazing and fulfilling: An unavoidable wonderlust, forgetting about perfection and celebrating the wonderful, and the willingness to collaborate with my fellow human.

The variety of collections, which is the paper type and pattern, and the folds, are chosen and created in such a way that you will be able to find the collection style that speaks to you.

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 52 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 52

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 55

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 56

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 57 (1)

Why origami: A friend actually left her origami book with some paper behind when she immigrated and I decided to pick it up one day in November last year, it frustrated the hell out of me so I just kept forging ahead until one day the technique clicked. Once it clicked I was really hooked on it and just kept escalating to more complex folds! (I always had some sort of folding gene where every school newsletter was folded up into a tiny square to get lost in the bottom of my backpack until the end of the term.)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 55 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 54

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 53 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 58 (1)

Have you always been interested in creative things: Yeah, I’ve always dabbled in something or the other, be it painting large murals on our house walls, editing books, building a desk (a circular-saw is for sure one of the best birthday gifts I have received recently) or just doodling. I was one of those kids that did every single extra-mural activity be it sports, arts or culture. Everything interested me (just not accounting). I think I enjoy learning a new skill and problem solving the most of all and it leads me into various creative spaces. Origami just seems to keep my interest more than most things., possibly a true passion has been born.

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 57

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 58

Why did you start this business:  I received origami earrings as a gift over Christmas while traveling in Chille and Argentina, it was at the time where origami really became a pass-time for me, and I was like – ‘I could fold that’ and just started experimenting and creating more and more different folds and designs, pushing to get them smaller and smaller. I initially planned to start in selected store fronts and markets first and get a feel for what works before launching online but then covid hit so I had to pivot and push all my resources into developing a website and solidify my concept, and here we are!

So to sum it up, basically I started more out of pure joy of creating and the need to share that love and passion.

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 59 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 59

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 00 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 00

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 01 (1)

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 01

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 52 02 (1)

What makes your earrings so unique:  Well even if I try the chances of me making two pieces exactly the same is very slim. Each paper pattern unfolds in its own way, I have an idea of where to place certain colours on certain folds to try and place a pattern in a specific spot, but in general I just let the folds go where they want. I also strive to collaborate with other artists, and humans are at the core of my inspiration for my art.

Do you do custom orders:  Not yet but soon! At the moment my focus is on solidifying my brand and growing a following, there will however be some limited edition (one of a kind type) ranges coming out!

What has been your favourite pair of earrings that you have created:  Oh gosh it’s like picking your favorite child! The Mori & Mukai collections are possibly my own personal favourites, not just because of the earring designs but because of the amazing women they were inspired by, it feels like the two women are polar opposites – one creative, artsy and a fashion designer and the other a doctor, astronaut and scientist. Both of these resonate with me, I love that I can be a medical professional and an origami artist, a DnD geek and a netball jock, I like that different things can occupy the same space. I think that’s true creativity.

Photo 2020-07-27, 18 53 01

Photo 2020-07-27, 18 05 03

Photo 2020-07-27, 18 53 41

How can people order from you:  Online from my store www.21folds.com. Soon in some selected stores, and hopefully international shipping will be available in the near future.

Who do you think would enjoy your creations: Anybody that loves origami, art and design and appreciates the intricacies of the technique and how it blends with the art. I try to design something for everyone.

Quote you live by:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein

“Fake it till you make it”

Anything else you want to add:  It takes 21 folds for me to fold the iconic crane, my first origami animal I folded, thus 21folds was born!

I have two adorable spaniels, you can check out their shenanigans on @a_bork_able!

Photo 2020-07-28, 09 51 53

We are launching a giveaway today on my social media platforms, where you can win a pair of the gorgeous unicorn earrings for yourself.  These are not available for sale on Carmen’s website, and simply can’t hold a value due to the uniqueness and love!

Thank you so much Carmen for all that you are doing, and for sharing your talent with us.  You truly are one in a million, and I can’t wait to see more people wearing these beautiful creations.

Have you ever tried origami?  And what have you created?


Her Lief

I recently posted a request for local businesses to contact me if they would like me to do a feature on them.  I didn’t expect many messages to be honest, but the first I got was from Her Lief.

I immediately went over to her page, & began looking at her images as well as all the comments from her followers.  And I have to say, I am super impressed. Nicole was so friendly & I love what she is doing with using pre-loved goodies to make absolutely gorgeous jewellery.  So hold onto your seats – this is a fab business!

Sprinkle earrings1

Your name: Nicole

Business name: Her-Lief

Polka earrings1

Social media handles: Instagram Facebook

Tell me a bit more about your business: I make Re-loved jewellery. Jewellery that gives junk a new life.

What makes your jewellery so unique: I bridge the fine line between costume (non-precious fashion jewellery,) and fine handmade jewellery, usually reserved for diamonds and gold. It’s no-mans-land, which makes it both nerve-wrecking and oh-so exciting!

Do you do custom orders: Most definitely, they’re the most challenging, and also my favourite!

Polka pendant2

Where can people order from: Direct message on Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively my website which has a small standard range.

Have you always been a crafty person: Yes, I used to make jewellery from washers.

What has been your favourite creation so far: A sacred heart pendant made from melted bottle caps. It has been one of those memorable pieces that has inspired more designs, and gives me new breath from which to create!

Melted heart pendant

Quote you live by:Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” – Rumi

Anything else you want to add: In short, my pieces are about the curiosity of the possibility of things. When is the cycle of things truly closed?

Easter polka earrings

Don’t you adore these?  They are so unique & beautiful, & would make such a statement.  They are the perfect gift for Christmas, or even a Secret Santa that you are looking for something special.

PLUS – keep an eye on our pages, as there is going to be a giveaway coming up shortly!  Yay!


Tuesday Jewellery

“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.” – Marie Beynon Ray

I follow an amazing local jeweller called Tuesday Jewellery (check out their Facebook page here & Instagram here) & am always blown away by her designs & the amount of effort & thought that goes into designing each individual piece.  After following her for a while, I looked back at some of her older posts & discovered something that drew me to her even more.  You see, the creator is also a spoonie.  She has Cystic Fibrosis, & has received a bi-lateral lung transplant.  And this is how her company received it’s name…


Given how very special Cathy is, her pieces are not simply jewellery, but have a lot of meaning behind each individual earring/necklace/charm/bracelet.

I had to include some examples below (these you can buy directly from their Etsy store, or contact them through Facebook for more info)


Transplant Butterfly Necklace

This is our BUTTERFLY pendant in solid 9ct rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. This simple pendant has been painstakingly designed for the symbolism it hopes to communicate.
The butterfly has always represented new beginnings, rebirth and new life. But here each delicate wing represents a life, donor and recipient, one gold and one silver, but forever physically fused together. The silver wing is made complete by the piece (read organ) taken from the gold wing.
And only because of the hole in the gold wing is the silver wing made whole. The two wings denote two sides of the same story, both with a real story to tell.
This butterfly also signifies the living donor and recipient scenario, where for example one kidney is donated; a lifegiving sacrifice that will always bind the two lives together.

We could go on and on about the symbolism of our little butterfly…. as you can also see the shape of the wings is a nod to my transplant; two beautiful new lungs. But this jewellery is for everyone touched by Transplant; organ donors, recipients, advocates, friends and family.

Wear the imagery and you can start a conversation, tell the story, become an organ donor, save lives. – TUESDAY Jewelry
And besides, its beautiful.

Beautifully packaged and branded, with printed cards explaining the symbolism behind each collection and the story behind TUESDAY Jewelry.


Forget-Me-Not Range

The Forget Me Not Collection:
‘the unexpected things that happen (on any ordinary Tuesday) that change us forever don’t need help being remembered, but what a fitting little flower to make your jewellery a little more meaningful.’ TUESDAY Jewelry.

There are so many beautiful collections – like the “silver lining”, “imperfect heart” & “heartbeat” – make sure you go check them out for yourself as I am sure there is something that will truly speak to you.


Cathy posted something on Instagram asking for ideas of what people would like to see, & I reached out to her to ask her to please make something with snowflakes.  Snowflakes have a very special meaning for me, as people with Myasthenia Gravis are often referred to as snowflakes as no 2 patients have the same symptoms or treatments – we are all unique.  I shared my story with her, & we just ‘clicked’.  She also wanted to do a giveaway with Rare Diseases South Africa to help create awareness – I mean, how amazing is that?

“Be As Unique As A Snowflake: Embrace All Your Dimensions” – Viola Shipman

She sent me pics along the way of how these were coming along – right from the original design to the finished product.  Can you believe that these are each hand made with love?  Again showing their uniqueness & the fact that they are one of a kind – just like an MG patient!

When these were available on their online store, she wrote the following beautiful piece:

Our Snowflake pendant and earring set were designed for someone who specifically asked us to design something, as snowflakes have such special meaning to her. In making and researching them we realised that snowflakes have so many symbolic attributes- besides being insanely beautiful and delicate and feminine…

‘Never perfect, snowflakes survive a long journey to earth in a disorderly, hostile environment. Fragile and fleeting. Each one beautiful. Each one unique.
Just like us – fragile and yet able to withstand so much. Each of us unique, but all still people.
– TUESDAY Jewelry

When I finally got to see what the finished product looked like, I was completely blown away – and even more so when Cathy sent me my very own snowflake necklace.

Snowflakes SET

I really feel you should be proud to wear what you are wearing, & if there is a story behind it – even better!  Often people have asked me where I got my gorgeous necklace from, & I have been able to tell them a bit more about MG, but also share just how special & unique this gift is to me.  Thank you Cathy for your kind heart & creativity.  I have loved getting to know you, & will treasure my necklace forever x



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