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T. Knots

In case you haven’t already seen, I am currently running the most amazing competition alongside T.Knots, O Nutricia Collagen and Charlie Loves Studio.  These small businesses really fill my life with such joy, and the idea for the giveaway came after spending some time chatting to Taryn and completely falling in love with what she has doing, her beautiful creations, and just her entire being.

Yesterday I received my very own T.Knots creation and I immediately knew where I was going to hang it.  This has a place of pride at our front door, in our little patio area.  It looks stunning, and even husband agrees!  I cannot wait to tell you more about this wonderful woman and show you more of her work.

Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting (rather than weaving or knitting) techniques.

The primary knots of macramé are the square (or reef knot) and forms of “hitching”: various combinations of half hitches. It was long crafted by sailors, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms, to cover anything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships.

Cavandoli macramé is one variety that is used to form geometric and free-form patterns like weaving. The Cavandoli style is done mainly in a single knot, the double half-hitch knot. Reverse half hitches are sometimes used to maintain balance when working left and right halves of a balanced piece.

Your name:  Taryn Wessels

Business name:  T. Knots


Social media pages:  Facebook and Instagram

Tell me a few fun facts about yourself:  I didn’t think I have a hobby or a talent and lockdown showed me I have both of those by making people happy with my Macramé magic.

What inspired you to start this business:  I unfortunately lost my job in the Hospitality Industry and I needed to look for something funky and modern but different to do and therefore I made a few knots one day and Viola!!



Please explain Macramé to us:  Macramé started in the 1970. This means that you are using creativity and your passion for making something unique by using different knots. Macramé is all about UNIQUE!

Have you always been a creative:  I haven’t been creative, and a month ago I started using my hands and creating this beautiful products. I do come out of a incredibly creative family!


What is your personal favourite piece that you have created so far: My personal favorite so far is Macramé Hibiscus! DEFINITELY!

Do you do custom pieces:  I do any custom picture that you send me! (Off course it will be unique)

Why do you encourage people to support local:  Because there is a ton of fantastic talents out there and so many people lost jobs during this pandemic and by showing their talent they are making money!



How can people order from you:  By popping me a email, or by popping me a DM on my Facebook Page or Instagram.  And of course I am always available on my phone (0836569919)

Quote you live by:  “Everything happens for a reason”


In my previous blog about the Tiny Dollhouse, I said that my ideal room would have a macrame wall hanging, and now I actually have one of my own in my home!  I know that I will definitely be getting more of these stunning pieces, and definitely have my eye on some of the plant hangers as I have been wanting more greenery inside for ages – especially with the theme of our bedroom and the generosity of space that we are blessed with.

When I showed my mum my new acquisition last night, she said they used to have similar items hanging in their home and I think it is so amazing that trends seem to do a full circle and always return.

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway on both Instagram and Facebook if you would like to own some very special pieces from South African businesses – or place your order for a unique piece.


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Reverie Beauty Studio

When I first started this blog, I reached out to small businesses that I was really interested in, & one of them was Bella Boneca.  Megan was so kind to me & we have stayed in contact ever since.

Recently she took over the salon Reverie Beauty  Studio in Illovo, JHB & she invited me to go there to have a pamper afternoon.  I was so excited as there is nothing better than being made to feel beautiful, having some time just for myself, & simply being spoilt rotten.  I finally got some time last week to go through to the salon in Post Office Centre & sat back ready to be pampered.

I walked into the exquisite salon, & was immediately attracted to the classy decor & feel-good vibes that were being extended my way.  With stunning black & white wallpaper, & silver accents throughout, you could tell that this salon is all about high class & exclusivity.  The therapists are friendly, & I was greeted with a great big smile by Pearl, the salon manager.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.21.01

Pearl has been doing beauty therapy for over 20 years, & boy does she know her stuff!  Her clients are of the utmost importance to her, & she really cares about you.  She pours love & attention over you from the moment you walk through the doors & makes you feel like her number one priority.  Pearl is a MACHINE when it comes to waxing – I had a half leg, underarm & Hollywood wax done by her in only 20 minutes.  I had to check my watch about 4 times to see if that was real as I have never ever had such a quick wax!  She told me a little about her life, & you can tell how much she loves her family & how she does everything to ensure that her children have the best life possible.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.21.02(1)

From here I went on to Joyce, who told me she would be doing a manicure on me.  My toenails still haven’t grown back from the chemo, & so I keep my feet hidden for now!  Joyce told me her favourite treatment is a pedicure, so I will definitely go back when my feet are not so sensitive & I actually have some nails to paint!

She started off by exfoliating my hands, & then shaped my nails & pushed back my cuticles.  I wasn’t having tips put on this time, so luckily my natural nails weren’t too bad!

They have a wide variety of colours & brands to choose from, & I think that’s what took me the longest!  Joyce helped me choose complementary colours & got to work with making me feel like a new woman.  She told me about her husband, & how he recently fought through his second cancer diagnosis & still recently graduated – despite being so sick & having to take time off for chemo.  Talking to her you could tell how much she loves what she does, & her heart is so pure.  I felt like I was spending the afternoon with a friend, & loved having proper girly time!  Plus having soft hands, & the most fantastic hand massage was just what I needed to actually relax & take my mind off everything else that has been going on.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.21.03

Thank you so much Megan, Pearl & Joyce for spoiling me so much & helping me feel like a new person.  I had such a great time & loved the whole vibe of the salon.  I think you can always tell a lot about a salon by how happy the therapists are, & these ladies had only positive things to say about their place of work & their passion for their job.  Their clients are all treated with respect & love; which is really the way all humans should be treated.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.40.13WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.40.14

If you are in the area, I would really recommend you giving them a go!

Meet these special ladies, pamper yourself & allow true relaxation to set in.

Believe me, you will love your time here…


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Von Fluff

Do you remember going to a market as a young child & being completely captivated by the young man spinning the candy floss in a great big red metal drum, & handing you this piece of magic wrapped around a stick?  I was always enthralled by the sugar spinning & how this just melted in my mouth as soon as I popped it in.  It still blows my mind that sugar makes that soft, gentle magic!  And can I just add, the Afrikaans word for candyfloss has to be one of the most descriptive ones ever – SPOOKASEM (a direct translation is ghost breath).

I attended an event here in JHB & Von Fluff was part of creating the signature welcome drink.  They had topped a gin cocktail with one of their unique flavoured candy flosses, & from that very first morsel, it was love…


Your names: Lanah-Lee & Nicolene

Business name: VON FLUFF

Social media handles:  Facebook & Instagram

Why candy floss:  Nostalgic, Fun, whimsical and fluffy!! Need we say more!!

What are some of your different flavors:  Our fan favourites include Salted Caramel, Piña Colada and Fireball.
We are always working on new flavours and toppings. Currently we have a Cucumber, Green Tea & Mandarine, Chai tea and Jasmine & Nectarine as firm favourites. We draw inspiration from childhood flavours, seasons and trends.

What are your day jobs:  Lanah – Social Media & Marketing for a SA Pharmaceutical company & a small wedding venue in Blairgowrie.
Nicolene: Administration manager for a company called Timeless Tents, supplier of luxury canvas marquees and tents.

Tell me more about your cocktails with Tonic:  About a year ago Tonic asked us if we would supply them with candyfloss for their Mother Fluffer Cocktail on a weekly basis. Since then we have changed the flavours of the topper a few times and done special orders for events and parties at Tonic. They now have a signature Von Fluff range that is only available at Tonic. We love the collaboration!

Do you supply corporates/events:  Yes we do! Our petit black cart with matching bespoke umbrella loves to travel and will make a happy edition to any event. Fun, enticing and nostalgic. Guests (of all ages) will love it! We also do pre-packed bags that make great gifts or treats.

How can people get hold of you to place their order:  Pop us an email at or head to our website for more info.

What markets do you sell at:  At the moment we are just at THE LINDEN MARKET but hoping in 2019 we can start looking at other markets in Jozi. There are so many cool markets in JHB lately.
You’ve recently rebranded, tell me more about this & how you chose your logo:  To celebrate our 1st birthday we wanted to update our look a bit. So Nicolene designed our new logo and we just LOVE it!!

Von fluff logo vector 2018 FINAL
Quote you live by:  Our favourite life quote is: “Be groovy or leave, man.” Bob Dylan
Our candyfloss is rather huge, so when we spin at a market or event, we always tell the kids (and some grown-ups) “It needs to be at least twice the size of your head!” That is our candyfloss moto!

Anything else you want to add:  If you are looking for that special something to brighten up your next event, party, wedding or launch then give us a shout! We can customize a package for any event.


Von Fluff as a whole have been so supportive & kind to me since I first messaged them, & I will always recommend them wherever possible.  I feel so honoured to have got to know these ladies a little more, as well as getting chosen to sample some of their new flavours.  The Spiced Chai is definitely up there in my favourite taste of all time!

Thank you ladies for your time, your passion for what you do, & for bringing candyfloss back at a whole new level.


Please contact Von Fluff to help you take your event to the next level, & make sure you pop past their store at the next market & make sure you buy at LEAST one bag.  It may be difficult to choose your fave though!


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Pink Dust

When was the last time you had a night out with just the girls?  When last did you get to visit a new restaurant, leave your stresses at the door, & drink a delicious cocktail?  When last did you eat a delicious meal, receive a goodie bag with all sorts of lovely things, & get to spend quality time with your besties?

Photo 2018-10-24, 18 12 53

If you had asked me this a week ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer you.  Life gets so hectic & it is easier to come home & blob than to plan an evening out with friends.  But it is SO IMPORTANT to have that quality time & giggle with other beautiful ladies.


Pink Dust Events is a monthly invitation to give yourself a night off – your R200 Pink Ticket includes a welcome drink, a bite to eat and a special time with your girls.  Every month features a different location, theme & evening out.


These lovely ladies pictured above are the beauty (and brains!) behind Pink Dust.  Sam & Tam met whilst doing a baby massage course on maternity leave. Sam is mom to Paige, & Tam to Mia who are both three. Mia and Paige are in the same class and are best friends. It was a no-brainer that Sam and Tam got talking and realized the need for women to be a little easier on themselves. And this is where this brilliant idea was born!

Last week I attended the event at La Rosa at Montecasino.  I had never been to the restaurant before, & was very excited to try something new.  We were greeted by make-up artists; hairdressers; a face painter; & nail tech who were all offering treatments to us ladies as we walked in.  I (of course) went for the face paint & I found it truly helped me get into the mood behind the whole evening!

Photo 2018-10-29, 12 18 15

There were Margarita cocktails set out at the entrance, & a great goodie bag filled with vouchers, samples & all sorts of treats that we were very excited to see.  The atmosphere as the ladies streamed in was electric, & there was an instant buzz of laughter & catching up.  The DJ helped set the mood with great uplifting music that everyone was singing along to & busting out their dance moves, & immediately I felt my stress & exhaustion simply melt away.

I will always treasure these evenings out, & can’t wait for the next one!  You can book tickets through their website, & make sure that you follow them on both Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with their latest events & future plans.

This is what we all need, & I truly hope that more provinces will launch an idea like this.  As ladies we so often wear too many hats & don’t allow ourselves to have any down time.  We constantly push & strive to give of our best, whilst ensuring that everyone around us is happy – this isn’t fair & you deserve so much more. Spoil yourself, spend time with friends & allow yourself the break that you so desire!

If you would like your products to be added to the goodie bags, or get involved in these stunning events, then please get hold of Sam or Tam!  You won’t regret this.

PS I hope to see you at the next one!  It’s going to be FABULOUS!


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Nut Butter Mafia

Our family has always had a slight obsession with nut butters – on apples or bananas; in a smoothie; on toast with sugar/syrup/bacon; mixed together with ice cream & milo; or even just out the jar as a little pick me up (yes, by the spoonful!).  In fact there are probably at least 10 other ways that I would recommend eating it – but all this talk of food is making my tummy grumble.

Recently I scanning the ‘Gram (as one does when wasting time or needing to see whats going on), & I saw this page.  I immediately commented on the pic & Keagan reached out to me within 10 minutes.  I loved his passion for his trade, his business & all things nuts!


Keagan drove through to my house so we could chat about what he has on offer (there are 10 different nut butters that he currently makes – TEN!!!!) & I could sample these.  He has started this business all on his own & I love the fact that they don’t have preservatives or any added nonsense – I am really trying to eat food as natural as possible so my poor body doesn’t have to try process more crap than necessary.  Keagan has a true passion for his business, for people, & for wanting to bring the best product possible.  Here is a bit more about him & his business.


Your name:  Keagan St John Blaauw
Your business name:  Nut Butter Mafia
How did you get started:  One night about 3 months ago I was lying in bed thinking about what I spend a lot of my money on each month. And peanut butter was the first thing that came to mind! As I used to go through an 800gram jar with 2 to 3 days!
So the next morning I googled how you make peanut butter from home, I read over a couple recipes and then headed to the shops. I bought a cheap food processor, some peanut oil, and some peanuts. I then came home and started messing around with different flavours and ingredients. I started out just making it for personal use until a few of my friends had a taste and said it was really good!
With this small motivation I decided to start making to sell, I found a wholesale supplier of nuts, upgraded my food processor and started to look for markets to sell my Nut Butters. In the beginning I just had 2 flavours – Peanut Butter and Peanut & Raisin Butter (Which was an absolute hit from the start)
I then ordered an Industrial Peanut Butter Machine (Which arrived about a month ago) and started to put 100% of my energy into the business, and I started to try different nuts with different flavours. And I now have 10 different flavours of Nut Butters in stock!
What are the different flavours you have: I have 10 different flavours:
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut & Raisin Butter
  • Peanut & Cranberry Butter
  • Almond Butter
  • Almond & Cranberry Butter
  • Macadamia Butter
  • Macadamia & Cranberry Butter
  • Cashew Butter
  • Cashew & Cranberry Butter
  • Hazelnut ButterIMG_6230
Which is the most popular one so far: The Peanut & Raisin Butter has been a hit from the start, because it is very unique and different, giving you what tastes like an expensive Nut Butter at the same price as Peanut Butter. My new creation ‘Cashew & Cranberry Butter’ has been a hit with lots of people loving this flavour  … But to be honest they are all really yummy if I must so myself! lol

What is different about your nut butters to others: I feel that my nut butters are different because I only use the best ingredients, I do not cut corners to make extra profit. The honey I use is natural blue gum honey from a farmer who I met at one of the farmers markets I attend. If I add oils, I use Macadamia oil which is really tasty and adds a really delicious flavour! And I only use the best grade of nuts from my supplier.

I do not add any preservatives or stabilisers – All my nut butters are 100% natural, healthy, packed full of protein and fats for a guilt free treat. This was the reason behind all my butters, because I am a health freak and I have always wanted a guilt free treat without feeling guilty. And that’s what I have created with Nut Butter Mafia – giving my clients the ability to still enjoy some yummy flavours that are healthy & guilt free and curb those sweet tooth cravings!!

I also put a lot of effort, care, dedication and love into each jar! And no matter how big my company gets this will always be the principle I will work by! The customer always comes first and they deserve to have the best product possible.

What did you do before this: So I was originally an aircraft mechanic working on helicopters (I did this for about 2 years) until I had an accident at work which left me in ICU with a severe head injury. I felt like this was a sign that I needed to make changes in my life and I started to build a new life for myself one step at a time, and I literally became a new person. This was definitely a life changing event for me!
I then had an opportunity to start a social media company, so I resigned and went full in on the social media company, which I still run at the moment. I work on my social media clients in the mornings and then in the afternoons and weekends I work on Nut Butter Mafia.
I am also a manager at a nightclub in Illovo which I do on Saturday Nights to help fund Nut Butter Mafia!
Is there anything else you want to add for the public to know?  Hmmmmm…. My goal is to really take the market by storm , but I do know that this is not a quick process so every sale counts in Nut Butter Mafia moving forward and making progress.
So I am starting to do deliveries to homes and to offices. So if anyone is interested and can’t make a market that I do attend, I will gladly make deliveries  (you can see on my Facebook page which markets I am at for the weekend)

This is definitely going to be a staple in our grocery cupboard going forward – currently we have Peanut & Raisin; Cashew & Cranberry; & Macadamia.  But it was tricky trying to choose which ones were my favourite so I know that I will have to order the other ones soon.  Keagan, I wish you all the very best with your business & I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

Ok, now I’m off to snack on some Macadamia Butter on toast – too much talking about this yumminess & not enough eating it!
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Nib and Bristle

Put on your crown; let us conquer the world.”

For my birthday, I decided I wanted something a little bit special as my “guest book”, & not something that would simply be put away at the bottom of the drawer & forgotten about.  I started googling ideas for this along with ideas for decor, & came across this stunning image.


I loved the fact that there was still an air of mystery to it, but it captured something that is most important to me – the person’s eyes.

People say that the eyes are a “window to the soul” – that they can tell us much about a person just by gazing into them. Given that we cannot, for example, control the size of our pupils, body language experts can deduce much of a person’s state by factors relating to the eyes.

Now I had to try find someone that would be able to work with this, but still make me something special just for my birthday.  Where would I even start?  Who could I ask?

I had been following an amazing artist at Nib and Bristle for some time & decided I would contact her to get her opinion, as well as see what she could come up with to commemorate such a big event in my life,  Tarran was so helpful from the very moment I contacted her & came back to me with some ideas, as well as asking for photos of me so she could personalise the image to look more like me.  The week before my birthday she came to drop off my canvas with her drawing, & this is what it looked like…


I immediately teared up when I saw it & was blown away by what she had done.  This really was amazing & something that nobody else owned.  I couldn’t have described it better myself if I had tried!  She captured everything perfectly, & you could tell straight away that this pic was of me.  She is so so talented!

I decided I wanted to get to know her a little better & show off her abilities to more people.  She is such a wonderful person & she truly deserves to do well.


Tarran’s Self-Portrait

Your name: Tarran Samantha Sanders
Some interesting/fun facts about you: I have a prosthetic bone in my ear haha, I learnt to roller skate when I was about 3 and still love roller blading, I sold my first drawing when I was 10. I love comic books shhhhhh!
Your business name: Nib and Bristle
When did you start: March 2016
What did you do before this: I was a graphic designs and manager of a small signage and branding company
How/why did you start: I decided to go on my own after getting a really awful bacteria in my stomach which has led to many other complications.  This also made me realise I wasn’t doing what I loved doing (being creative and creating artwork)
What do you love most about having your own business: I can be in control of my time and quality of my work.
What have been some of your biggest battles with running your own business: Same old story money, trying to make things work on a shoe string budget.
What is your main objective for your businesses: To combine commercial and fine arts worlds and supply visual works for across the board whether it be a family portraits or a company branding on a vehicle.

Another example of her work

Please contact her on if you would like your own special artwork commissioned, or any company branding done.  Tarran is based in JHB & has such a wide range of skills that truly deserves to be appreciated.  You can visit her FB page or website to get an example!
Thank you Tarran for spoiling me with the most gorgeous picture that I will treasure forever, & for your beautiful heart.  You are one in a million!
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