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One thing that I have learnt about myself recently is that I am completely overwhelmed by lockdown emotionally, and I often feel like I need to just word vomit my feelings down onto paper so they no longer creep around my mind’s dark corners and reappear at the worst possible times.  I have been feeling so bogged down with the stress of trying to keep our family surviving on one salary, and just life in general that I have felt my little depression gremlin rearing his ugly head as he perches on my shoulder reaching his long finger deep into my thoughts.  And I know that I am not the only one going through this!


And then, I met the most beautiful Sammy after a post on our local community Facebook group!  My health coach had been telling me for some time that I needed to take the time to journal, but I often feel like I need more guidance and don’t know where to start – so it’s been easier to just “forget” than to push through this block.

But with my new favourite journal from KwirkNation I feel like I can laugh as I get down my “crap” and honestly record my emotions for the day – with a special mood thermometer that is unique to KwirkNation.  I couldn’t WAIT to interview Sammy, and knew that she was the ideal start for Women’s Month.  This #GirlBoss is powerful, fun, and so kind – truly one in a million.  Plus she has offered all my readers a discount when you purchase one of your own and use code FLOWERCROWNS.

Keep scrolling to see why you need one of these journals in your life!

Your name: Sammy Nyoni

Business name: KwirkNation

Social media handles: Instagram, Facebook and Website.

What are 3 fun facts about you: I’m really good at memorising numbers, my favourite colour is black, I have to end every meal with something sweet no matter how full I am.


Tell me a little more about your business: KwirkNation is a brand created for women, by women. What sets us apart from the crowd is our use of profanity to create lots of haha moments for all the quirky ladies in the country. There is this stigma that makes it seem as though using profanity as a woman is frowned upon or ‘unlady’ like which is something we would like to change through our content and merchandise.

Where did the idea for this come from: Last year I lost my hearing and a couple of other things were topsy turvy at the same time. I found myself just going through the motions, sinking deeper and deeper into a depression hole. This was until I took to writing my thoughts down more often, really focusing on not only the negative but also the positive that I had to be thankful for each day. I would make use of the regular journals with never ending blank pages that didn’t guide me down the path to gratitude or fill me with positivity to take on the day. This is why “Fuck this Kak” was created.



Have you always enjoyed journaling: I have. I consider myself a creative writer with lots of ideas and lots of things to say so I journal to keep track of all these thoughts and ideas.

Who do you think would enjoy your journal: Our journal is definitely for quirky women who love a good laugh and aren’t opposed to using cuss words. Women who are fighters, some fighting battles that everyone else may not see. Women who fall but get back up with optimism and a kick-ass attitude . Women who live, eat and breathe sarcasm and profanity.

How can people place an order from you: At the moment our journal is available on our store and all of your loyal followers can use the promo code FLOWERCROWNS to get 10% off.


I know you have another idea in the pipeline – can you tell me a bit more: We have an awesome new vent journal launching very very soon which will be our second edition in our series of quirky journals. Stay tuned to our Instagram page for the deets!

Quote you live by: “FUCK IT!!! Just do it!”

Anything else you want to add: We also have a “FORK” range launching soon with some exciting merchandise!




I’m also a sucker for amazing branding and packaging, and Sammy truly exceeded all my expectations with hers (that’s why I had to include all of the images above).

And honestly, if you haven’t yet, try journaling.  You will be amazed at what it does to you emotionally, and this great journal for gatvol South African women is the perfect way to guide you on this journey whilst providing a guaranteed giggle!

Thank you Sammy for your love, passion and kind heart.  I have never met anyone like you, and can’t wait for this lockdown to be over so I can finally give you a hug and not our regular elbow/foot tap.  I wish you only success and happiness with everything KwirkNation, and can’t wait to see your Fork range.



I am super excited about this business – especially coz a special friend is expecting her rainbow baby, & I have been on the hunt for special gift ideas.  When I saw all of these creations, I was drawn into a deep, dark rabbit hole & went back to the very beginning of their social media posts – & there was nothing that I didn’t like!

I always prefer to buy baby shower gifts from small businesses & find that which you can’t get from any store at the mall – I have been surprised too often with gifting exactly the same outfit/item as someone else…

Your name: Michelle Goosen

Business name: Mayalief


Social media handles: InstagramFacebookWebsiteemail & Pinterest

Tell me a bit more about your business:  Mayalief started about 3 years ago. I just had my firstborn Maya and another startup function venue has come to a halt after I had already quit my job as a chef. I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom, but while doing so using some crafts to bring in a income. We (then my sis was still here, she helped me a bunch with design work and moral/physical support, she is now in NZ but she is still a very important part when it comes to the paperstock and the completion of design work) started at markets and on Facebook with fabric decor/dolls, within the first year we connected with larger markets eg: Flair and Tierlantynkies. We where also asked to collab with bloggers and other makers and soon things just started moving very fast. There was a large gap in our local market for scripture pieces and more importantly Modern Afrikaans goodies, and once word got out we just grew and grew. Ideas kept on rolling in- some we have let go of eg. our speel-leer goodies and other we are now known for eg. journals and scripture blankets. We have probably been online for just over two years now. I would never imagined this little ‘craft’ to become such a absolute dream project.


Where did the idea to start this business come from:  My sister in-law dragged me to a baby market in-search for some inspiration. Most of the morning all she told me was ‘you can totally make this stuff’ and I guess that stuck. I started instagramming and came across some amazing handmade dolls that I had a go at. Monochrome nurseries just started getting all the hype and I used and old hobby – screenprinting to start making scatters, duvet sets etc. Throughout the journey I was inspired by international makers, beautiful minimalistic products that our market needed and also Afrikaans people wanted in their mother tongue.

What makes your baby/pregnancy journals stand out:  Our journals are very different from the universal books you can buy in store. They are minimalistic with a black and white design. They also do not have and pictures of other random babies in and also no drawing of little bunnies or animals. Obvs they also come in English and Afrikaans.
After bringing out a classic journal we have received numerous requests for journals suitable for a variety of family structures and dynamics. In response, we have designed our Minimalistic Square Baby Journal. With no references to pregnancy, baby’s birth story, titles such as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, pronouns such as ‘us’ or ‘we’, or religious holidays – this baby journal is suitable for most, if not all, modern day families.
Our pregnancy journal is very dear to me. My sister and I put a lot of work and planning into this one. This journal is almost like a 40 week diary touching a bunch of subjects that an expecting mother might find intimidating but needs to think and work through.


Why do you encourage people to support local:
There is a lot of love and talent in SA, other makers that also strive to bring you the best. When we support (this can be anything- a sale, a like, a comment, an idea, a collab) local you encourage a maker to become more and do more and be better. Keeping local means you build their business, you add to their families needs, you find shortcoming in the local market to build on or bring to attention, share ideas and suppliers with fellow makers you get to meet at markets and through sharing you build more small businesses and local families up.

It’s not just about a sale, its about being a part of a small sustainable community. I really do believe that we rise by lifting others. Giving meaning and purpose to someone else’s creation can make you feel good and whole. Knowing that, I as maker and you as a client, contributed to the small act of making someone else’s day should be the essence of community. Isn’t it so fulfilling to find another person with the same leather sandals as you that you both bought at this small weird looking shop by the same person who made them with his hands. Already you feel connected with each other only because you know the same person who told you the same detailed story about how he makes them, you both met his great dane and was offered coffee from the same cup and you contributed with your own sale to his big dream in that weird looking shop. This is life, small connections that can only be obtained through intertwined communities, small businesses and supporting local.


Why do you think your creations would make special baby shower/birthday gifts:  The journals speak for themselves and I often get mails with mamas having them very high on their wishlist.
The other goodies are very unique like the blankets, some pieces are not just a scriptures but poetic words that often bring people to swallow away a ‘knop in die keel’ at markets. Other items are hand embroidered making each one unique.
Another part that of Mayalief that makes us stand out is that just about everything can be personalised, making a blanket or a baby cover not just a tool but also a keepsake.

What are your favorite products:  Gosh… probably the bunnies, cause I hand embroider them I leave that special touch on them, but that really goes for anything, cause I also screen print everything by hand and there is no feeling like lifting a frame to a perfect print. Then again the personalised drawing are very unique to me too, and I love getting photos and working towards the final simple posters… Sorry there really isn’t just one answer, if you give me enough time I’ll tell you a special detail of every product hence the reason it is still part of Mayalief.


Do you do custom products:  I personalise a bunch of goodies. Custom orders I can do, but it is not something I advertise as people do not always understand the financial impact something like this makes one a product and a business. Then often people decide to rather opt for an existing product of scripture piece.

Quote you live by:  I’m inspired by a bunch of quotes and saying. But I suppose this can sum up life for me : LIVE LOVE


What do you guys think of these gorgeous products?

And to the mums out there, do you wish something like this had been around when you were pregnant or your kids were little?

I can’t decide what I should get my friend, so would really appreciate your input & advice!

Thank you so much Michelle for your love, passion, & absolute zest for life!  It was a joy getting to know you better & I can’t wait to spoil my friends with goodies from Mayalief.


Mind Your Hero

When I attended Hoko‘s Birthday Event, I was just getting into my whole “fitness” lifestyle.  I was (and still am!) slowly discovering who I am now that I am no longer the “sick Megan”.  I was slowly pushing boundaries & seeing what I am now capable of.  I am trying to maintain a positive outlook on life, & I am always scouting around for new techniques or products that can help me with this.  I don’t want to focus on how much weight I need to lose, or how I CAN’T do certain movements in my gym class.  I want to focus on the good around me – because there is so much there.  There are kind people; there are good people; I am alive & I am ABLE to do so much more than I ever dreamed of.  This time last year I was walking with a cane, choking on food, unable to speak & we didn’t know how much longer I had on this earth.  How can I not be grateful for the second chance I have been given?


And then…  I came across Mind Your Hero & I felt like I had found a soul-sister & our hearts were connected through some invisible pull!  I took one of her cards & knew that I wanted to find out more about how this all came about as well as help more people to discover their inner hero.  I have realised the importance of journaling & working through emotions rather than allowing them to overwhelm you.

Your name:  Kylie-Anne Bowers
Business name: Mind Your Hero


Social media handles:  FacebookInstagram; Pinterest & Website

Tell me a bit more about what you do:  Mind Your Hero is a brand aimed at helping people transform their mindsets to understand and know their worth in order to accomplish more than what they thought they were capable of. We do this by giving people the tools they need to become the Hero of their life.

The tools that we believe in have worked for millions of people, and we deliver them in a simple and practical way. We have the beautiful Find Your Inner Hero Journal that has daily guides and monthly challenges. This journal is a self-mastery tool that if used consistently will help you improve by 1% every day. Mind Your Hero also has online courses and 1:1 coaching available to help transform your life even further from being ordinary to that of an extraordinary one. Every one has an inner hero that resides with in them. We just have to learn how to tap into our own power to become the Hero we always thought we needed to save us. Turns out we can save ourselves by unleashing and becoming our own Hero.


mn   For years I have been fascinated by neuroscience, manifestation, meditation, the mind and how you can rewire it, the power of positive thinking and many other topics of a similar nature. In 2018 I embarked on the life changing journey of being one of 36 of the MAD2Run runners, running from Johannesburg to Cape Town to raise funds for the MAD Leadership foundation. This experience put into practice all that I had learnt about having a strong mindset and I truly got to witness the power that we all have at our disposal if we know how to tap into it. I came back from that experience and decided to launch a journal. I wanted more than anything to help others learn about the power of their minds and above all else know the power of self-love and worth. I have invested so much in my own personal development. I have undergone both psychology and coaching and know the profound effects that both have had on my life. I wanted to give back the knowledge I had gained in a way that people would not find overwhelming or intimidating. I often come across people who are on the edge of a breakthrough, but they crave guidance in how to achieve their desires. I have also come across people who subconsciously know they would thrive from receiving help but are too afraid to ask for it as they view that as a sign of weakness. I want to encourage people that working on themselves is one of the most admirable and courageous things you can do for yourself. This is why I love the Find Your Inner Hero journal so much! It is something that you can do in your own time, it’s simple to use but the exercises are though provoking and life changing if used consistently. There is also of course the element of fun added to the journals which I believe helps to make for a Magical experience.

This all started out as a passion project and has since grown into something much bigger than I could have imagined to which I am eternally grateful for. This journey has led me into becoming a manifestation coach and a guided meditation facilitator. I am currently working toward becoming an internationally accredited NLP (Neuro-Lingustics Programming), Time based technique and hypnosis practitioner. The best is yet to come!

Why do you think this is so vital in today’s stressful world:  In today’s world, there are so many societal pressures. The rise in social media has consequently seen a rise in anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. We are constantly comparing ourselves to people’s highlight reels on social media and have ultimately lost our identities. Because we have lost our identities, we have started living lives that are not in alignment to our own highest values. This leaves people feeling unfulfilled and as though their life has no purpose. People don’t know what they truly want because they don’t know who they are. The greatest human condition I believe that we are all suffering to some degree is the feeling of “I am not Enough”. I hope to inspire people to find themselves again through journaling and by asking themselves better questions. I truly believe that if you retrain your mind to believe that you are enough then everything else will fall into place. The Find Your Inner Hero journal is the start to that journey of self discovery and acceptance. There are of course many other levels that you can go to and we are working extremely hard behind the scenes to launch some very exciting things in the months to come. The Mind Your Hero brand is expanding and will hopefully have a tool for everyone who is battling with any area in their life.

Where can people buy them from:  Online from our website.

Who would you recommend them for:  Anyone who is struggle with accepting themselves. Anyone who is looking to find a new goal and achieve living a dream life of their choosing. Anyone who knows about the power of journaling but has no idea where to start. People who have past hurts they want to heal and let go of. People who are looking for a little spark of Magic to help them through life.


Why is self-love so important:  When you reach a place of loving and accepting yourself fully, things fall into place in your life. People start to treat and love you with the same respect you have for yourself, finances, career opportunity, spiritual growth, your health and fitness journey, absolutely everything becomes easier. Self-love is the catalyst to all your desires. What people often don’t see is that life is made up of mirrors reflecting back to us the lessons we still need to learn within ourselves. Self-love helps us asses the lessons we still need to learn from a place of non judgement and mindfulness.

Quote you live by:  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho

Anything else you want to add:  To anyone who has read this I want you to know that you are enough, you are resourceful and there are many other people facing the exact same problems as you. You are not alone! You can achieve absolutely ANYTHING you put your mind to. If you need help with your mindset, then please please please reach out to us, or other life coaches that you resonate with and learn to invest in yourself. I promise the Universe will return the investment tenfold.


Writing this blog has inspired me already.  I now know that this journal has moved to the top of my wishlist & I am going to be buying one at month end!

Sometimes all we need is a little push to see more good, & this seems like the perfect way to do it…



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