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Moo Cachoo

As I am sure you know by now, finding hidden gems of South African greatness is something that makes me very happy!  Somehow many of these seem to be baby/kids goods, even though I am not a mother myself.  I don’t know if it is the Facebook & Instagram algorithms that are seeing how much I love unicorns or the interest I have shown in similar businesses, but I am not complaining.  Many of my friends are parents, or soon-to-be-parents, & there is nothing I love more than being that “aunty” that can spoil them rotten with special gifts that nobody else has.

When Moo Cachoo came up on my recommended pages, I was immediately drawn into their whole vibe & the products that they have available.  They are just so unique, beautiful & trendy – whilst still serving a definite purpose & use.

Your name: Megan Pretto
Business name – Moo Cachoo
What do you do – I am the director/owner of Moo Cachoo. (I also do pretty much all the behind the scenes running of the business too!)
How long have you been doing this for – 4 and a half years ( since the birth of my first daughter – she was the inspiration behind it)
Why do you love what you do – it’s such a wonderful industry, and I love being able to be creative as well as balance my time to be flexible to be with my daughters too.
What makes you stand out – the products we make have been tested out by me during my motherhood journey and are both practical and beautiful
Why do you encourage people to support local – you are helping support a mom, a family and a dream. I have employed 2 female mothers who are my seamstresses so it goes much further than just me!
Where are you based – we are based in Honeydew, JHB. (But we can courier nationwide)
How can people get hold of you – email megan@moocachoo.co.za or 0827677473
Do you take special orders for unique items – YES we love custom orders!
What are your most popular items – we are well know for our car chair covers and definitely our Hanging tent canopies!
Social media handlesFacebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Website
Quote you live by – Love the life you live and live the life you love!
Anything else you want to add – We are launching Moo Cachoo’s sister company Smoochee soon – watch out for it!!!

Don’t these products make you so excited?  Aren’t they just stunning?

Please remember to support local wherever possible.  We have such beautiful talent here, & the quality is always something that makes me even more passionate about supporting small businesses.  We can all do our bit!


When I was told about Koosh-uhn by a friend of mine & I spotted their new fabric unicorn I was overly excited & immediately popped over to their website to get lost in their products & beauty.


Isn’t she absolutely stunning?  These handmade toys are all so special & can be made in a variety of different fabrics to suit your specific needs/wants/decor.  So of course the one I am getting is pink floral…  I feel like it has such a cute little personality & is a definite much-needed addition to my collection!

Business name: Koosh-uhn

Social Media Handles: Facebook & Instagram

What do you do: Koosh-uhn is an online store that designs and creates products for little ones, homes and special occasions.

What are some of the different products you sell: Braided cot bumpers, Knotted ball cushions, Keepsake soft toys, Playmats, cut out milestone words…

Why do you think homemade is so important: SO much love goes into homemade products. When you buy homemade products you are buying into someones dream of having their own business. We have amazing talent in South Africa and it’s awesome to support them.

What is your most popular product: Braided Cot bumpers

Do you do custom pieces: Definitely!

How can people order from you: We have an online store where you can place orders or you are more than welcome to mail me at hello@koosh-uhn.co.za

Quote you live by: Be the person you want to have in your life

Don’t these products make you all giddy inside?  I know that this will definitely be someone that I will be in contact with for all my friends’ babyshowers & kids birthday parties.

Please remember to support local where possible & truly treasure handmade goodies that will last for a lifetime!IMG_4839

Fox & Moon

Whilst on my hunt for more unicorns made in South Africa, I knew I had found an absolute gem when I came across Fox & Moon!  They have the most gorgeous decor items, & these are all locally produced.  Their company is based in Cape Town, but they deliver throughout South Africa.


Your names: Amanda and Cindy

Business name: Fox and Moon18881827_779077298935379_6410379644162047235_n

When did you start: 2010

How did this business start: Amanda started the company shortly after the birth of her firstborn, having studied fashion design and having a passion for interior design, Fox and Moon was started. Cindy shortly joined forces bringing her Business Analyst qualifications on board making Fox and Moon a success it is.

How did you come up with your name: We originally were called “The Tickled Pink Fox” giving tribute to Amanda’s two daughters and her love for pink. We decided in 2013 for a name change to be more unisex and Fox and Moon came to life. Keeping the Fox from the original name and then adding moon to still give a nod to Amanda’s daughters who always said: I love you to the moon and back!IMG_4548

What products do you make: We make everything from cot duvets to chairs and general kids decor items

Why do you love what you do: Design is in our blood. Both Cindy and Amanda have a design background and designing for children has been by far the most rewarding job in the world… and fun too!

What are your most popular items: Our Unicorn designs and our cactus range are by far the top sellers.DSC_7229

Social media handles: Instagram & Facebook

How can people order from you: From our online store

Tell me a bit more about the show you are going to: We are going to Kamers which is a show that is done twice a year all over the country. The reason why we choose this show above any other show is that only local designers (made in SA) are allowed to exhibit, allowing us to showcase our gorgeous products at a fair price without having to compete with the diluted Chinese products many other stalls sell.DSC_7310-Edit

Can people order customized items: At this point in time we don’t allow customize items.

Quote you live by: Live with passion and be fearless!

Don’t you just love this company & what these ladies stand for?  I know when I chatted to them a bit more I fell even more in love with them, & Fox & Moon.  I will definitely be purchasing from them going forward – & such great gift ideas for baby showers & birthday parties!

My unicorn goodies should be arriving soon so keep an eye on my social media to see these beauties – poor husband has no idea that the unicorns have taken over our lives…



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