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During lockdown I was sent a whole bundle of Footy’s treats to try out.  I was so excited, as the lockdown diet has been real and I know that I have been piling on the weight.  Footy’s is sugar-free, banting-friendly and has all natural ingredients.  How good could it really taste right?


I immediately opened one of the sachets and added it to my water bottle filled with water.  YUM!  Guys, these flavours are unreal and don’t leave an artificial aftertaste in your mouth.  I was hooked.  I dilute it slightly more than their recommended dosage, but I have always added more water to my cooldrinks.

And then I decided to give the Grape flavour a go with some sparkling water, and it tasted just like Fanta Grape, but not as sweet.  I asked husband to try some with his eyes closed and he was super impressed as he had no idea I had made this at home.

I was also excited to discover their free recipe book available online and we have tried the chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, as well as the frozen yoghurt.  The different flavours are Grape, Naartjie, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry – my favourites are the Passion Fruit and Grape, with husband obsessed over the Strawberry one.

Guys, these fantastic products are available in ready-mixed juices, as well as a variety pack (individual sachets of the different flavours allow you to discover your favourite without having to buy a large container), as well as 170g and 450g jars.

I have shared mine with my co-workers, as well as with one of the guys who works on our property and is a diabetic – he said he absolutely loves it and has already gone to buy his second jar!

These are available from their online store, Dischem, Food Lover’s Market, Spar, Fresh Stop, Pick n Pay, as well as a few independent distributors.  They are a healthier alternative to so many cooldrinks currently available, and I love the versatility of them – with the colder weather I have been adding it to boiling water and enjoying being warmed from the inside too.  You could even add it to milk for a fruity milkshake, or some plan yoghurt to flavour it as you please.

The Footy’s Mission and Vision
Our father founded Footy’s in his search for a healthier and wealthier future for our family and a better footprint for humanity.

We believe that true change is a daily decision where your actions will determine the legacy of your footprint. Making healthier lifestyle choices, by following healthier eating habits with proper nutrition. At the same time, we feel that we can still be able to enjoy the sweet part of life, especially for our kids. Bearing in mind that children live by example, the range was also developed to include mom and dad, which makes it ideal for both young and old.

The Footy’s Future Food range products are the brainchild of Dr. Tersia Muller, founder of Wellness Made Simple For Kids. Combining forces with her husband, Christiaan Muller and sister-in-law, Annchen Bester (Chef and new product development consultant), the Footy’s Future Food range saw the light in October 2015.

All our products are made with natural colourants, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar and no preservatives, which makes it diabetic friendly. Our powder cooldrink are ADHD friendly, tooth-friendly and high in vitamin C and contains no artificial ingredients. This makes our products ideal for slimmers, the health conscious and individuals prone to allergies.

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

Let me know if you try any of their recipes, and keep an eye out for their special offers and competitions – they are unreal and the competitions are definitely worth entering…

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Grumpy Snacks

My health journey has introduced me to many new businesses that really get me excited.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, & definitely eat my emotions.  ie if I’m feeling happy/sad/excited/depressed/nervous/stressed/any other emotion, I will reach for food.  And preferably something sweet, laden with sugar & filled with empty calories.  I have been consciously trying to make a change, & one thing I am focused on is only having healthy snacks at home & at the office.  It doesn’t always work, but every small step is still a step forward in the right direction.

Grumpy Snacks is a small business that make me laugh out loud when I spotted their social media posts, & I really loved their whole vibe.  The owners are easy to talk to, willing to chat & passionate about what they are offering.  I am sure you will be as obsessed as I am once you learn more about them!

Artboard 1@3x-100

Your name: Cait Black and Tim King

Business name: Grumpy Snacks

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram

Tell me a bit more about your business: I am hungry. ALWAYS hungry. In the blink of an eye hungry becomes grumpy. And then no one is safe, especially Tim (my partner). Snacks are the reason our relationship has survived (and why I still have any friends). But the ready-to-eat healthier alternatives are hard to find. This is why Grumpy Snacks was born and why we’ve dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of chickpea roasting. This little legume packs a nutritional punch, and we spent months in our kitchen perfecting the crunch. Our chickpeas are dry roasted. Afterwards they are coated in ethically sourced milk chocolate from Cocoafair OR a small fraction of coconut oil and spices are added to them. We use only natural ingredients and each step has been developed to ensure maximum nutrition is available for absorption. This one’s for the snackers of South Africa. We hope it makes you a little less grumpy too.


What are the health benefits of chickpeas: Healthy source of plant protein and they are high in fibre

Where did your business name come from: We know many people out there who become pretty grumpy when they’re hungry (much like me)! We started Grumpy Snacks cause we wanted to offer a better-for-you snack option to stop the grump!

When will they be launching: Our sea salt dry-roasted chickpeas are currently available in packaging-free form in Nude Foods in Zonnebloem and Nude Foods in Newlands (both Cape Town). Our packaged sea salt and milk chocolate dry-roasted chickpeas are due to be available in select Wellness Warehouse stores countrywide in Feb 2020.

Tim Grumpy Snacks 2@3x-100

What makes your snacks different to others available in supermarkets: We have strived to seek a balance between achieving delicious taste and preserving nutritional value. In doing so, we have created a better-for-you snack that is really enjoyable, yet doesn’t leave you with that regretful feeling junk food so often does!

Do you have a secret ingredient: Not a secret ingredient per se (we are very transparent about all the ingredients we use cause we believe people should understand exactly what is going into their bodies). But we certainly a secret process that helps arrive at the perfect crunch while preserving as many of the nutrients as possible.

Quote you live by: Bring snacks. Always!

OMG it's Justin Peaber lighter-100

Oh my word you guys – how delicious do these sound?  My tummy is literally grumbling just reading through their responses…  I adore roasted chickpeas & these just sound like they have created the perfect product.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried them yet!  I want your feedback please.


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Kiki Beauty

Near the end of last year I got sent some products from Kiki Beauty to try out.  I had no idea what to expect – their social presence had caught my eye, & I was definitely interested in finding out more about them, but I hadn’t yet tried their actual products.

I was sent their Pink Velvet Hydration Cream/Mask; 2-in-1 Makeup Remover & Toner; Rose Wax Lip Balm; & samples of a few of their products to try.  They also included an Emerald Green Eyeliner Precision Pen from Bionic Babe.  Well, let me be completely honest with you…

I cannot fault them in the slightest!  In fact I have recommended them to many of my friends who have been looking for a new facial range.  My skin looks & feels softer & smoother, & removing my makeup is an absolute breeze.  I keep the lip balm in my handbag & it lasts for ages whilst hydrating & smoothing my lips.

I have been using them for over 2 months now, & the compliments I have been receiving have definitely proved that these products are working magic on my skin.  I love how the cream/mask is so hydrating without feeling thick & oily on my skin; & the makeup remover/toner is easy to use & doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry.  AND I even managed a winged liner look with their precision pen which is nothing short of a miracle.


I reached out to Holly & asked if I could learn a bit more about the history of Kiki Beauty & Bionic Babe as I had to share this with all of you.  Read on for more…

Your name: Holly Thomas

Business name: Kiki Beauty and Bionic Babe

Social media handles: KB: Facebook, Instagram & Website.  BB: Facebook, Instagram & Website.


Tell me a bit more about your business: Our business is a family run business which started with my mom, Maryke. She noticed that there was a gap in the South African market for quality, South African made, skincare and make-up preparation products, specifically a primer. I was still finishing my degree in Chemical Engineering when we started to come up with some ideas for products and packaging. We then approached one of the top South African formulators who formulated our ideas for us. We managed to launch 10 brand new products and the rest is history 🙂

How long have you been running for: We officially launched our brand in September 2016.


What makes your products different to other brands: Our skincare products are formulated, designed and manufactured in South Africa. We do our own designs for our packaging and labels. We choose only the best natural ingredients to go into our products, specifically for South African skin.


What is your personal favourite product: That is a tough one ;). I love all our products in a different way. The Face Primer and Rose Dew Setting Spray are my go to products. I can’t go a day without them, even if I am not wearing any make-up. They are so nourishing and gentle and just love the packaging. I also can’t go a day without using our Bionic Babe Palettes. Love the strong pigments and exciting colours.

What have been the most popular products with your clients: The Rose Dew Setting Spray is our most popular product with the Primer following close behind. Our Rose Wax Lip Balm is also very popular!


If someone wants to try your products, what would you recommend they start with: If they are looking for make-up ready products I would recommend our Primer and Rose Setting Spray. If they are looking for skincare our Jelly Cleanser/ Radiance Powder Wash are great products to add radiance to the skin. Our toner is also an affordable product that really smooths and cleans the skin. Otherwise we love to hear from people to recommend specific products for their skin types.

I see you have 3 different ranges – tell me a bit more about them: Our Make-Up Ready Range is all make-up preparation products. This range is designed to nourish the skin while ensuring make-up looks great and lasts as long as possible.
Our Skincare Range has all our skincare products including cleansers, toner/make-up removers and moisturisers/masks.
Our Hand and Bodycare Range is just basic hand and body care products. We are hoping to add to these soon. We have just launched a body protection mist-aerosol sunscreen which is great 🙂
We also have a branch of Kiki that has colour cosmetics, called Bionic Babe. We have tried to create funky packaging and colours for something artistic and different.


Quote you live by:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”– Mark Twain – Really feel like we need to grasp each and every opportunity and make full use of it. Success will follow.


My skin is usually super sensitive  & I am always fearful of starting a new product range, but I had no reaction from anything that I have tried.  They all smell beautiful too, without being over-fragranced, which is a huge bonus!

Holly is so welcoming & willing to assist you with your specific needs, so you know that you will get recommendations as to what will suit your skin concerns, as well as your makeup needs.  Plus their pricing is really reasonable, which makes it even more appealing.

Pop over to their website today & have a squiz through what is on offer.  Please let me know what you think of them & what your favourite is!


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