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How has it been a month since my last blog?  Time seems to be flying by, & I have recently added another job to my daily tasks – I have started doing work for Genetic Alliance South Africa & absolutely love every moment of my time there.  I always want to make a difference in the world, even if it is in a small way, & I feel like this really provides me with a great platform in which I can do that.

Another way I am consciously making an effort to be the change is by not making use of single-use plastic bags.  If I end up doing more shopping than I planned for, then I put it straight into the trolley & carry it into my house handful by handful.  Because really, what is our excuse for making use of plastic that is polluting our beautiful earth & oceans?  Especially when we have products like MyBaguse.

These bags are not only gorgeous, but functional & are helping to recycle the waste that is polluting our beautiful South Africa.


Your name: Jade Du Toit

Business name: My Baguse

Social media handles:  Facebook, Instagram & Website


Tell me a bit more about your business:

MyBaguse makes high-quality and stylish reusable foldable bags

The mission at MyBaguse is to make bags that full many needs, are well-designed, as affordable as possible and produced in a way that’s mindful of the environment.

MyBaguse Bags are made from 40% recycled nylon sourced from pre-consumer waste. They hold 2 to 3 plastic bags worth of goods and are great for many activities and outings. Whether its a trip to your local grocer, the beach or even an overnight stay, a MyBaguse bag is your versatile, sustainable companion for any of your daily activities. Do good while you look good.

MyBaguse bags are machine washable, line dry and fold into a small pouch for easy storage and access. ‘They fit perfectly into the side of a handbag and are easy to access when out and about shopping, visiting the pool or browsing at the market.’

Where did the idea for this come from:  MyBaguse concept was created by Jade Du Toit on a family holiday up the West Coast of South Africa. After walking the beach with her young son and daughter and seeing the amount of plastic built up, she went on a search to find a reusable tote bag that was aesthetically pleasing, durable and compact. With no luck finding what she was looking for, she decided to make the bag she envisioned herself.


Why do you think it is so important to reduce waste: I think it is hugely important to reduce waste to help save our oceans, environment and animals. This planet is our home and we need to look after. It.

Where can people purchase your bags from: my website.


Why are you so passionate about what you do: I love the feeling that I am giving back and trying to make a change (one bag at a time)

Quote you live by: Every cloud has a silver lining


Driving to work on a daily basis, & going out to the township for my RareBear Project reminds me how vital it is that we cut down on our waste.  We need to be aware of what we are doing & stop destroying this beautiful place we live in.

Be the change!


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Silicone Straws SA

When I attended the event organised by Fit Farm Girl recently, I met the wonderful ladies from Silicone Depot.  When I saw their stand, I immediately went over as their name is one that has been on the lips of many!  They have the most gorgeous silicone straws in convenient carry cases (believe me, this is something we all need to think of as you don’t want them simply rolling around in your handbag & collecting all those goggas!); as well as silicone containers for food & liquid (these are able to go in the freezer & microwave without releasing harmful chemicals & will not leak all over the place).  I even got a silicone cleaning brush & gloves for washing my dishes & so on – when you read up more about what those green scourer sponges have & the germs they hold on to; you will want to chuck yours far away immediately!

What struck me most was the passion that they have for their business.  They know the importance of zero waste, & the effect that our lifestyles are having on our health & the health of our planet.  We need to be making a change.  We need to be conscious about what we are doing & not simply stand back & accept the way things are going.

Your name: Evanza Meintjes

Business name: Silicone Depot
Sub divisions: Silicone Straws SA & What Babies Want & Eco Choice


Social media handles:  Instagram & Website

Tell me a bit more about what you do:
I have operated my own beauty salon for 12 years now. 6 Months after my son was born, I started What Babies Want. Now just over 3 years old, What Babies Want offers silicone bead dummy clips and other silicone baby items.
Nov 1st 2018, I started Silicone Straws SA. After research I realized the urgency and need to go further in trying to eliminate single use plastics from our lives, and that’s when Silicone Depot was born. Offering a much wider range of Silicone goods.


You are well known for your silicone straws, but I see you have expanded your range. What else do you sell now:
BPA free, Food grade Silicone items for;
Daily use like water bottles; and coffee cups.

Where can people purchase your products from:

What products do you think every household should own?
Food storage containers made from food grade silicone; since plastic, styrofoam, and cling wrap negatively impacts our hormone levels and therefore in the long term affects our quality of life.

Why do you think it is so important that people try to live a waste-free life?
Not just about waste-free living and protecting our oceans and eco systems, but also to benefit human health and living by cutting down and eliminating plastic from your lives.
We also have a responsibility towards our children’s future as well as the future of their health.

What are some of the scary facts you have discovered about plastic?
Through my exposure and research of Silicone I have found that there are many “fake” silicone/silicon in our market.
Also that BPA containing plastics is one of the leading causes of endochronic illnesses that leads to chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and also infertility.


Why do you have such a passion for what you do:
It is in my core to learn everyday and educate and spread info as far as I possibly can. Since I’m also a polycystic ovarian sufferer, which there is currently still no cure for. I feel it is my duty to inform others of the estrogen mimicking effects that BPA has on our bodies – creating turmoil and getting stuck on endless meds to try and correct.
Starting with a straw, affecting users of all ages, questions arise and awareness begins. This is how we are going to help shape our younger generation to more Eco-Friendly humans.

Quote you live by:
It started with a straw…
Work smarter, not harder.


Anything else you want to add:
If it doesn’t say BPA free or Food-Grade Silicone, then chances are good, it’s not.

I absolutely adore this company, & have really enjoyed my time of getting to know them & their products better.  They have such big hearts, & I would definitely recommend them to everyone that I possibly can.

Plus, for all you wonderful readers that have supported me throughout this journey, you can get 20% discount off any of your orders – simply use the coupon code “nomorebpa” when placing your order!  This will be valid until the end of June 2019, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

If you would like to see these products for yourself, they will be exhibiting at the Momee  & Babee Expo happening 5 – 7 July at Gallagher Estate.

We are slowly making the switch of everything possible from plastic to silicone & glass, & I couldn’t be happier!  Let me know what changes you are making in this regard too.

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