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Pink Cosmetics

I started following Pink Cosmetics way before I even started this blog.  I was drawn to their products, and very quickly knew that I had to place an order to try some of their products for myself.  I have seen how their name has grown and grown, and I constantly see them being recommended in beauty groups that I am part of – in fact their solid brush cleanser is probably the reason we have more clean brushes in South Africa as it is just so easy to use.

I had never had the opportunity to meet Janet face-to-face as she stays in the Western Cape and I am in Gauteng – that is until Beauty Revolution happened (just before lockdown!).  I couldn’t stop myself from skipping up to her and giddily introducing myself.  She is someone I admire so much, and I trust her products 100%.  They smell beautiful, look beautiful, and make you feel beautiful using them.

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Janet & me at her stand at Beauty Revolution

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Nomsa & Janet at Beauty Revolution

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Lanie (Lanie Soaps), Andrea (Maria Cosmetics), Janet (Pink Cosmetics) & me (fan-girling)

I have been wanting to interview Janet for the longest time, and am SO excited about being able to feature her today.  And if there is one item I can personally recommend, it’s the brush cleaner – did you know you should be washing your brushes and sponges every week to avoid makeup build up and residue of other colours mixing together?  Plus bacteria can build up in the brushes and cause acne and skin irritation – yuck!

Your name:  Janet Pink

Business name:  Pink Cosmetics

Social media handles:  Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube and Website.

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Tell me, what is PINK:  Pink is products that are beautiful both inside and out. They are vegan and cruelty free, created in small batches by me and my team with no sulphates and parabens and no petrochemicals. Pink is good for your skin and the environment, but they are also pretty and lovely to use. PINK stands for Perfectly Incorporating Natures Knowledge and we use the best from both the plant world and science.

Where did the idea for this business come from:  In 2010, while investigating the skincare products used by my family, I was horrified to discover the dangers of so many ingredients lurking in the vanity aisles of countless products. Many skincare items contained controversial preservatives like parabens, strong sulphates, and petrol derivatives (parafinium). I felt like someone needed to contend with the unfulfilled promises and unethical behavior of these countless products on the market. So, armed with passion and purpose, backed by my beauty therapist degree, I began to educate myself and develop my very own formulations & an ethical skincare range. My aim was to create a wholesome and beautiful range of products that were not only vegan and non-toxic, but also safe for use by the whole family.



What makes your products different to others:  Our products are not mass produced or imported and relabeled. I literally formulate & manufacture EVERY product myself from scratch. I am staring to outsource my formulas to various labs – as I can’t keep up with the demand anymore. We make small batches to keep ingredients as fresh as possible so they don’t sit on shelves for 2 years. Every product is made with love and passion and a sprinkle of PINK!.

What is your personal favourite product:  That’s hard!!! I love and use them all! I would die without my Superskin moisturizer – so that’s the ONE I would chose.

Pink Cosmetics

Tell me a bit more about your brush cleaner: I get DM’s every weekend from makeup artists, I am cleaning my brushes and thinking of you- that’s makes me so happy. It’s a quick and very effective way to clean your brushes thoroughly. Each one is poured by hand and made with lots of nourishing and cleansing oils in a magic ratio to clean and condition make up brushes.

What have been the most popular items:  Brush cleaners, bathbombs, cherry blossom scrub and our Plump up Hyaluronic serum.


How has lockdown affected your business:  We have been incredibly blessed to have been super busy during lockdown. I realized I needed to pivot Pink really quickly and started marketing our hand sanitizers and sourcing other PPE – like masks and shields. I have the most amazing and loyal customers and they all supported Pink incredibly. It also gave me the ability to help and support other small businesses who were struggling. I need a holiday – as it’s been just me working most of the time and struggling with out of stock and closed suppliers.

What have been some of your proudest moments during your PINK journey:  Definitely standing in Waterfront Truworths Context store taking a picture with my products on their shelf! Wearing my mask – of course- lol


How can people order from you:  Directly from our website.

If you had to recommend just 3 products for people to start with, what would they be:  Make up melt- our cleansing balm, a moisturizer suited to their skin type- we have 3, and Pink Clay – our facial scrub and mask in one.

Quote you live by:  Be kind

Anything else you want to add:  Hard work, passion and dedication can make anything happen. Believe in yourself and your dreams, with all your heart and work towards them everyday! No matter who you are, dream big and forge your own path. Who knows, your dream might change the world for good! Mine did.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Megan and for being one of my amazing and loyal clients.

Pink Cosmetics

Guys, if I can get behind a skincare and beauty brand, this would be it.  I have been blessed to try quite a few of their products (they also do sample packs of their facial range so you can see which ones you like the most and the improvement in your skin before you purchase the full-size products).  I would definitely say get a trial pack of products, the solid brush cleaner, facial mist, and one of their masks for your first order – from there you will be hooked and will definitely want to increase your range that you own.


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Calli And Co

With my whole focus on “going green” & living a life that doesn’t affect the environment as much, I have been putting a lot of research into this.  I am also preferring to support small local businesses & am really being drawn towards those that show their heart for what they are doing.  And that is why I am so thrilled to be writing a little more about this company called Calli & Co.

I have realised over the years that there are many people who have an aversion or allergy to certain cleaning products.  In fact, there are some that we just cannot use in our home as my husband has a very sensitive skin & I often had my symptoms exacerbated by strongly-scented products.  Whilst doing more research for this post, I also discovered that fumes given off by certain products can cause cancer & liver damage; & have even been known to cause dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, loss of appetite, & disorientation.  How flipping scary is that?  Researchers also say the chemicals in household cleaning products can damage your lungs as much as smoking cigarettes. Living in a clean house may be good for your health, but actually cleaning your home to get it to that condition may be bad for you.  This really hit home for me as I had a lung cancer scare last year & had to undergo an open lung biopsy which was extremely painful & the recovery was tough – never mind if it had come back positive for cancer!

All of this added to the fact that we need to be more aware of not only what we are putting into our bodies (i.e. food & drink); onto our bodies (i.e. creams, lotions, washes etc); but also what we are using around us – such as the cleaning products.  Another feature of Calli & Co that I adore is that they come in glass bottles, which means that they can be reused or even recycled.

Your names: Candice Larsson and Gillian Zietsman


Business name: Calli & Co

Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram

Tell me a little more about your business:  We are two friends that make non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe to use for kids as well. Our products come in reusable glass bottles and our stockists have either a bottle buy back system, or you can just simply refill your existing bottle in store.


What made you start this up:  We are really passionate about saving the environment and are anti-plastic, but we were also shocked by how many toxins are in our everyday products. All the eco-friendly, or non-toxic products on the market were either way too expensive, not readily available and we couldn’t find any that weren’t in plastic bottles. So we decided to make our own. We did lots of research on ingredients that were actually non-toxic, not just to use but also when they run down the drain, are treated and eventually enter the sea. And we wanted them to actually work and kill bacteria! 🙂

What is your current special offer on your cleaning range: You can get our whole range, the 500ml Super Cleaner, 500ml Everyday Cleaner and our 100ml Mould Buster for just R200 delivered to your door.


Why do you encourage people to use natural products: There are all kinds of scary research into how chemicals affect our bodies, how people are getting sick and not even realizing you could be potentially poisoning yourself and your children. With high allergy rates increasing all the time it’s so much safer to use natural products. Most cleaning and cosmetic industries aren’t required to disclose their ingredients. There are incredible natural ingredients that not only do the same thing than nasty chemicals, but actually perform better have no side effects!

Do you make these products yourself & how did you decide on the ingredients:  Yes we make them ourselves. One of main ingredients in our Super Cleaner that we use to kill bacteria is oxygen. Not only does it kill all kinds of bacteria but it also benefits the water as it runs down the drain. It makes your stainless steel extra sparkly, kills mould AND it’s at a dilution safe enough for kids to drink (although we don’t recommend it). Our other main ingredient in our Everyday Cleaner is clove oil, also with a safe food-grade acid. Clove oil has incredible anti-oxidant properties, can kill gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and actually helps boost your immune system.

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What are the different products that you make: Our Super Cleaner is just that, a super cleaner – safe for your septic tank, disinfecting sponges and cutting boards, drains and baths and showers even small cuts and scratches. Our Everyday Cleaner (with clove oil) is perfect for all your counter tops, for decreasing pots and pans, absorbing odors, and great for kids furniture. We have just launched our Mould Buster that you can actually watch the mould fizz and dissolve before your eyes. Use it on your grouting, in your shower, on walls, on bags or anything else that could be affected by mould.

Quote you live by: Make the Earth Green Again.

I have made use of these products since I received them last week & am so impressed with how well they clean, but also how ‘clean’ the scent is too.  I ensure that I am following them on social media, as they are constantly putting out more tips on how you can use their products, & their most recent one stated the following:  “Do you ever think about how often your scrubbing brushes get cleaned? Leftover food and waste in between bristles breed bacteria BUT our Super Cleaner sorts that all out for you! ✨Spray your brushes and leave them overnight, not only does it kill bacteria but actually prevents more from growing! Yay! Clean brushes for clean plates 😄🙌🏼”


This is a local business that we all need to get behind.  By making small changes to our lives right now, we are making a big difference to the world!  Calli & Co, you will definitely be seeing more of me…  Thank you for all you are doing, & for wanting to make a change whilst encouraging others to as well.


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