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Veg Out

Recently my husband & I began a healthy eating & lifestyle plan, & when I realised just how expensive this was going to be, I literally shuddered.  I am having to go to the shops every second or third day to buy fresh fruit & veggies, & these often go vrot before we get a chance to finish them all.  I knew there had to be an easier way of doing this.  I feel like the big supermarkets often mark up their fresh produce excessively, & these often seem to be at the end of their shelf life too – which means they have a very short life span.

And then, I heard about this amazing company called Veg Out through one of my Facebook groups.  Casey will fill a crate with fresh fruit & veggies, & deliver this right to your door!  I immediately contacted her, & placed an order with her for the 2 of us.  She makes her deliveries every Monday for the week, & I waited in anticipation for our crate of happiness.

I was not disappointed.  It was jam-packed with fruit & veggies that we enjoy, as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers to brighten my home.  I had also ordered some of her homemade bread which went down an absolute treat!  Casey asks if there is anything that you don’t eat/enjoy (no brussel sprouts for me thanks!) & thus you are guaranteed to be able to whip up a healthy, tasty meal with everything she provides.  This beautiful lady deserves all the support possible & I can’t wait for you to learn more about her & her business.


Your name: Casey Kotzenmacher

Business name: Veg Out

Social media handles: InstagramBlog & Facebook

How can people get hold of you: donoteatdonutsever@gmail.com or on 0826813436

Tell me a bit more about what you do: I started this fruit and veg delivery service to supply great quality produce at prices far below the grocery store price point. I’m passionate about experiencing new foods. trying new recipes and living outside the classic meat & potato meal. Produce gets delivered in crates and is plastic free; with berries and such rather in brown paper bags. I want to be locally responsible, sustainably sourced and reduce my customers overall footprint by minimising their travel and plastic consumption.


Where did the passion for healthy eating come from: having kids; wanting to live longer to know them longer; and give them that better start and relationship with food.

Where do you deliver these crates to: JHB North area; within 5km of Lonehill is free and R25 per 5 km further afield. So R75 for 20km from my house etc.

What are the additional things you do: Peanut butter in glass jars made by a good friend, homemade rusks by my friends mom, homemade bread and natural health bars, so far.

What is the cost of your crates of goodies: 1-2 people is R225 for 7 veg and 4 fruit (x enough for 2 people) and 3-4 is R350. Coming soon I have braai, brunch, juicing and introducing-baby-to-solids boxes.


What is your personal favourite fruit & veg: I love spinach; I have since I used to eat it out the garden as a kid. And strawberries for the win.

Please share your favourite healthy recipe with us: Definitely this one but I add in patty pans and marrows for maximum veg goodness. Even my kids polish it off.

Quote you live by: “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted” – Christine Caine


Isn’t this a divine business?  And such a brilliant idea?

I am all for less strain on our environment, & sourcing local fruit & veggies – & Casey is really helping to make a big difference with this.  She is a beautiful soul, with the kindest heart & I cannot WAIT to see her business go to the next level with your support.


Mimi & Munch

In case you don’t already know, my animals are like my children & are treated accordingly.  From sleeping in our bed, to eating the best food we can get them, to us not going away as we don’t like leaving them alone…  I would do anything for my fur-kids & can’t imagine my life without them in it.

They have been my biggest supporters throughout my health drama, & can always lift me out of a slump when I feel completely bogged down.  This means I am always on the hunt for another treat for them, & when I discovered Mimi & Munch I was super excited.

Besides the most divine treats, they also make doggy birthday cakes & all sorts!  This is a business that deserves our support, & I am sure that you will agree once you have learnt a little more about this amazing project.

Your name: Jade Factor

Business name: Mimi & Munch

Social media handles: Instagram and Facebook

23cm Cake

Tell me a little more about your business:  Mimi & Munch is an all-natural, premium dog treat business which is also inclusive of a dog ‘pawtisserie’. The all-natural dog treats are handmade in small batches using only the best quality ingredients thoroughly researched for their dog health properties. All of the treats are wheat-free, additive-free, sugar-free and salt-free and infused with so much love. The barkery side of the business aims at celebrating man’s best friend. Pets are part of the family so why not spoil them like you would your own child. On the bakery side our clientele is more diverse and we have families ordering cakes, pupcakes, pawty platters and personalised treats (doggie donuts, pooch pretzels, pupcorn, pawty packs) for their dog’s birthdays, adoption dates or as a gift for a friend’s dog.

Two Tier Unicorn Cake

Where did this idea come from:  Mimi and Munch was born out of pure love for man’s best friend. My beautiful family dogs; Mia, Bambi and Munchie are the love of our lives and watching them grow up, we began to notice their reactions to certain pet foods. Mia has always had very itchy skin, Bambi continuously licks her paws and Munchie struggles with his weight. After much research, I came to find that certain preservatives, additives, wheat flours and meat by product ingredients in dog treats cause sensitivity and allergies. Struggling to find a suitable treat, the opportunity arose to research the best human-grade food sources that are the most nourishing for dogs in their purest forms. I began baking with ingredients that provide beneficial factors such as shiny coats, fresher breath, and healthy eyes, tummies and joints. Only premium brown rice flour and rolled oats are used, so that all the treats are wheat-free. The best part was that our dogs loved them and responded well to them and when giving to friends and families as gifts to their dogs, they loved them too! This is when Mimi and Munch was born!

Number Cake

Have you always had such a love for animals:  Absolutely my heart is filled with dogs! I wish that I could rescue every dog in the world. Animals give such unconditional love and they make the world a better place. I believe they were put on earth to teach humans the true meaning of unconditional love.

What makes your treats so special:  Each and every treat is pressed out by hand, made with so much love and the ingredients are selected for their absolute freshness and uniqueness in terms of dog health properties. Having unique flavours with functional benefits like a Carrot Cupcake for example which contains coconut oil (powerful benefits for dog joint health) puts Mimi & Munch in a unique and functional space when it comes to the market.

Personalised Pupcakes

What have been your most popular flavours:  Liver Lover is definitely a favourite (absolutely yummy)! The bedtime treats are soothing with chamomile and red apple whilst the carrot cupcake gets the doggies bright-eyed and ready to take on the day! We have also recently launched Bambi’s Butter which is all-natural peanut butter for dogs made with 100% roasted peanuts and coconut oil for nourishment- no xylitol, no sugar and no salt. I also customise treats if doggies have a specific allergy (like grain for example) and can bake specialised treats accordingly so that no dog gets left out!

Bambis Butter Jar

Where can people order from:  Currently, all orders are taken via social media whereby dog moms and dads can send their email address to me and I will send them the treat and menu and information. We are looking to launch a website in the new year! 🙂

Mimi & Munch Treat Menu (11) (click this to see their current menu!)

23cm Giant Treat

Do you do custom treats/cakes for dogs parties etc:  Absolutely! I believe that pets are family and should be celebrated just as we celebrate our human family. On the dog pawtisserie side we have created luxury homemade, hand-decorated and personalised cakes, pupcakes, pawty platters (inclusive of doggie donuts, pooch pretzels, pupcorn, puparoons. pawty packs) for birthdays, adoption dates and gifts for dog friends. All of the bakery goodies follow the same health principles as the dog treats.

Heart Shape Cake

Quote you live by:  “It’s the small things in life that mean the most.” “Everyone smiles in the same language”

Anything else you want to add:  Giving back is at the heart of what we do and every bag contains heart-shaped treats to remind the dog mom and dad that they are giving their dog the best- a treat that will not only nourish them but a treat that will also give back to other dogs in need. Paw it forward: An animal shelter is chosen each month and a percentage of proceeds from every bag purchased is donated to the shelter of the month. Vegetables and fruits used in the treats are sourced from local farmers to support and sustain local businesses. Treats are all-natural, wheat-free and made with quality ingredients. Handmade. Infused with Love. This is my promise to you!

Bambis Butter

You guys, honestly, how amazing does Jade sound?  I feel like I have a new BFF & can’t WAIT to spoil my hounds with some treats soon – I think I should order a cake for them just because…  And those sleepy time biscuits are top of my shopping list!

If you love your dogs as much as I do, then this is a business you will WANT to support.  Please let me know what flavours you buy & how much your dogs love them.  And spread the word amongst your friends.  Let’s show our fur-kids just how much they mean to us.


Nut Butter Mafia

Our family has always had a slight obsession with nut butters – on apples or bananas; in a smoothie; on toast with sugar/syrup/bacon; mixed together with ice cream & milo; or even just out the jar as a little pick me up (yes, by the spoonful!).  In fact there are probably at least 10 other ways that I would recommend eating it – but all this talk of food is making my tummy grumble.

Recently I scanning the ‘Gram (as one does when wasting time or needing to see whats going on), & I saw this page.  I immediately commented on the pic & Keagan reached out to me within 10 minutes.  I loved his passion for his trade, his business & all things nuts!


Keagan drove through to my house so we could chat about what he has on offer (there are 10 different nut butters that he currently makes – TEN!!!!) & I could sample these.  He has started this business all on his own & I love the fact that they don’t have preservatives or any added nonsense – I am really trying to eat food as natural as possible so my poor body doesn’t have to try process more crap than necessary.  Keagan has a true passion for his business, for people, & for wanting to bring the best product possible.  Here is a bit more about him & his business.


Your name:  Keagan St John Blaauw
Your business name:  Nut Butter Mafia
How did you get started:  One night about 3 months ago I was lying in bed thinking about what I spend a lot of my money on each month. And peanut butter was the first thing that came to mind! As I used to go through an 800gram jar with 2 to 3 days!
So the next morning I googled how you make peanut butter from home, I read over a couple recipes and then headed to the shops. I bought a cheap food processor, some peanut oil, and some peanuts. I then came home and started messing around with different flavours and ingredients. I started out just making it for personal use until a few of my friends had a taste and said it was really good!
With this small motivation I decided to start making to sell, I found a wholesale supplier of nuts, upgraded my food processor and started to look for markets to sell my Nut Butters. In the beginning I just had 2 flavours – Peanut Butter and Peanut & Raisin Butter (Which was an absolute hit from the start)
I then ordered an Industrial Peanut Butter Machine (Which arrived about a month ago) and started to put 100% of my energy into the business, and I started to try different nuts with different flavours. And I now have 10 different flavours of Nut Butters in stock!
What are the different flavours you have: I have 10 different flavours:
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut & Raisin Butter
  • Peanut & Cranberry Butter
  • Almond Butter
  • Almond & Cranberry Butter
  • Macadamia Butter
  • Macadamia & Cranberry Butter
  • Cashew Butter
  • Cashew & Cranberry Butter
  • Hazelnut ButterIMG_6230
Which is the most popular one so far: The Peanut & Raisin Butter has been a hit from the start, because it is very unique and different, giving you what tastes like an expensive Nut Butter at the same price as Peanut Butter. My new creation ‘Cashew & Cranberry Butter’ has been a hit with lots of people loving this flavour  … But to be honest they are all really yummy if I must so myself! lol

What is different about your nut butters to others: I feel that my nut butters are different because I only use the best ingredients, I do not cut corners to make extra profit. The honey I use is natural blue gum honey from a farmer who I met at one of the farmers markets I attend. If I add oils, I use Macadamia oil which is really tasty and adds a really delicious flavour! And I only use the best grade of nuts from my supplier.

I do not add any preservatives or stabilisers – All my nut butters are 100% natural, healthy, packed full of protein and fats for a guilt free treat. This was the reason behind all my butters, because I am a health freak and I have always wanted a guilt free treat without feeling guilty. And that’s what I have created with Nut Butter Mafia – giving my clients the ability to still enjoy some yummy flavours that are healthy & guilt free and curb those sweet tooth cravings!!

I also put a lot of effort, care, dedication and love into each jar! And no matter how big my company gets this will always be the principle I will work by! The customer always comes first and they deserve to have the best product possible.

What did you do before this: So I was originally an aircraft mechanic working on helicopters (I did this for about 2 years) until I had an accident at work which left me in ICU with a severe head injury. I felt like this was a sign that I needed to make changes in my life and I started to build a new life for myself one step at a time, and I literally became a new person. This was definitely a life changing event for me!
I then had an opportunity to start a social media company, so I resigned and went full in on the social media company, which I still run at the moment. I work on my social media clients in the mornings and then in the afternoons and weekends I work on Nut Butter Mafia.
I am also a manager at a nightclub in Illovo which I do on Saturday Nights to help fund Nut Butter Mafia!
Is there anything else you want to add for the public to know?  Hmmmmm…. My goal is to really take the market by storm , but I do know that this is not a quick process so every sale counts in Nut Butter Mafia moving forward and making progress.
So I am starting to do deliveries to homes and to offices. So if anyone is interested and can’t make a market that I do attend, I will gladly make deliveries  (you can see on my Facebook page which markets I am at for the weekend)

This is definitely going to be a staple in our grocery cupboard going forward – currently we have Peanut & Raisin; Cashew & Cranberry; & Macadamia.  But it was tricky trying to choose which ones were my favourite so I know that I will have to order the other ones soon.  Keagan, I wish you all the very best with your business & I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

Ok, now I’m off to snack on some Macadamia Butter on toast – too much talking about this yumminess & not enough eating it!

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