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    Oodles of Doodles Creations

    As I am sure you know by now (if you have been following me for any time), I love to find artists in South Africa.  I have found some really talented men & women, & have some super special artwork displayed in our house because of that. I have had an idea for a new blog image for Flowercrowns & Treatment for some time, but have been looking for a style that really spoke to me & reflected who I really am in 2020.  I wanted something fun, colourful & happy!  And it was time for an update as I am no longer that sick little girl that I was…

  • DIY,  Local Businesses

    Mini Me

    Do you remember receiving Lego as a child & coming up with all sorts of exciting creations, as well as bringing your dreams to life?  I LOVE building Lego, & have always had a special interest in the different Lego people & how their individuality is displayed. I was so thrilled to discover Mini Me & see all the different options they have in order to create your very own unique figurine.  What a special gift & you can really go crazy with ideas & additions!  You choose everything from hair, face, accessories & animals; to torsos, legs & headgear.  You then choose if you want this on a plexiglass…


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