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I have been following the beautiful Megan for some time and am always completely blown away by the level of talent that she has.  She creates looks that are incomparable to others, and always stretches her imagination and design abilities to the extreme.

I met her at Beauty Revolution earlier this year, and felt like such a fan girl when I greeted her with a hug.  She was friendly and so sweet to me, so I knew this was someone I had to introduce to the rest of you.


Lockdown for me has meant many hours spent playing with makeup and experimenting with new looks – nothing like what this professional is capable of, but I am constantly inspired by her creations and spend hours looking at her social media.

Megan holds beauty both inside and out!

Your name:  Megan Marx

Business name:  PorcelainHeart

Social media handles:  Makeup Instagram; Beauty Salon Facebook and Instagram; Design Work Instagram



What is one word you would use to describe yourself:  I’m probably going to have to say passionate. I am a very passionate person in everything I do, think, say, and believe in.

How did you get into makeup:  I have have always had a huge passion for art. Growing up my Grandfather was an artist and I always really admired his ability to paint beautiful things on a canvas. So the fascination with the artistic side of it was always there. But I only really got into makeup when I was around 14. I was a very insecure girl and I used to use makeup to try and make myself feel better about the way that I looked. Soon, I simply fell in love, and the rest was history. I realised that I could use makeup in the same way my Grandfather used his paint, to create something interesting and beautiful for people to look at.


How long have you been doing makeup for:  I have been doing makeup for 7 years now.

Have you always been artistic:  I have always been very in touch with my creative side. At school, art was my best subject! I grew up around art, and I truly believe that it’s embedded in my nature.

What is the style of makeup that you are most known for:  I think that I am probably best known for my more creative makeup looks, although I’m not too sure!

What has been your favourite look that you have created:  I think that my favourite look I’ve ever done has got to be my Mona Lisa makeup transformation. That was very challenging but it turned out really well in the end. My first NYX Face Awards look also has a very special place in my heart.



What inspires you for your makeup looks:  Honestly, I’m inspired by something different everyday. However, I do get a lot of inspiration from editorial makeup looks that I find in magazines and online. I’m obsessed with anything avant-garde. I also tend to save a bunch of inspirational images, and then sometimes mash them together with a twist. Inspiration really does come from a different direction everyday.

Do you give makeup lessons:  I most certainly do! Anyone is welcome to contact me and request a one-on-one makeup lesson. I have also occasionally hosted group makeup master-classes in the past, and I’ll probably do another one again in the near future.

How can people contact you to book a make-up session & where are you based:  Anyone is welcome to send me an email at megmegmarx@gmail.com, call/text me at +27 76 145 0619 or contact me through my website. My studio is based in Mooikloof, Pretoria East.


What are your 5 essential makeup products:  That’s a really hard question! I have SO many products that I use everyday! If I had to narrow it down, I think I’d have to choose the J.One Red Jelly Pack as a primer, that stuff is amazing!!! I’m also a huge fan of the Catrice Made to Stay 24H Foundation. It lasts all day and doesn’t crack or move. The Benefit Brow Zings Palette in the shade 6 is my everyday brow saviour! I love a soft highlight with my Blushing Hearts: Goddess of Faith triple baked highlighter by I Heart Makeup. And of course, my go to mascara, #LashesOfTheDay Super Volume Mascara by Essence Cosmetics.

What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand:  My personal favourite drugstore makeup brand has got to be either Maybelline, or Makeup Revolution. I also adore Essence. I love almost all of the Essence products that I try.

What is one makeup trend you think every woman needs to know:  I think that one makeup trend every women should have in their arsenal is applying a clean, red-lip. Nothing says power and beauty quite like a bold red lip. My favourite red lip is definitely MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Feels so Grand”. It’s a perfect primary red that looks good on literally everyone.


Quote you live by:  I think that the quote I live by would actually have to be something my mother always told me as a kid: “Don’t think, just do.” And this had nothing to do with acting impulsively. She meant getting things that need to be done, done, without over thinking them. I apply this to every day of my life. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning with a mountain of work ahead of me, I tell myself, “don’t overthink it, just sit down and do it, you’ll thank yourself later”. Thinking too deeply about the task in front of you, makes the task seem far more daunting.


Can you see why I am so obsessed with everything Megan?  I know that I am going to be booking a lesson with her as soon as lockdown is over, and I am definitely going to practice my application of a bold red lip – I am also a huge MAC fan but don’t have the one she mentions, so I have added this to my birthday wishlist.

Do you have any make-up looks that you want some help with?  Or do you have any inspiration that you would like to see Megan recreate?


GypsyBird Makeup

As a typical girlie-girl I LOVE wearing make-up & being made to feel pretty.  I don’t wear make-up every day (I often just work from home), but when I go out I like to put in some extra effort.  And looking at social media influencers who are super talented & inspiring makes me want to try harder, experiment with new looks, & also support these beautiful ladies. GypsyBird Makeup is one of these influencers that constantly amazes me & her feed on Instagram is full of beautiful pics & awe-inspiring makeup that she does.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 21.55.41

Her prices for makeup for events & so on are only R650, & with lashes are R750.  With Rare Diamond Awards coming up soon I know who I will be contacting!

Your name: Charmaine Cooper
Business name: GypsyBird Makeup

Tell us more about what you do:  I am a self-taught makeup junkie, who’s recently joined a makeup academy because I would like to have the qualification as well. I do people’s makeup for special occasions & then I create crazy makeup looks on myself for peoples enjoyment.

How did you get into this:  Makeup has always been part of my life, but I never though I would want to make a career of it, I decided last year in 2017 that I want to be a full time MUA. I don’t really know how I got into it, it’s just always been there so I just went with it. If that makes sense.

When did you become interested in make up: When I turned 4 and I got gifted a Tinkerbell makeup set, my grandmother let me paint pink eyebrows on her, I walked around with this little bag everywhere and no one was allowed to touch it, so I guess you can say I’ve always had an interest in makeup.

Jeannie Mai used to give little tutorials in the ad breaks on the style network- when it still existed. I would watch her do it and then go apply it to my eyes. I was always hungry to learn about makeup.

I became very interested in makeup when I realized the power it has, not only does it boost your confidence and enhance your features, but it can completely transform your face. I wanted to know how to do these things. I was makeup information hungry.

What did you do before this:  I studied graphic design.

Where do you get your inspiration:  My main form of inspiration is artworks and music. I would listen to a song and imagine in my head what makeup would I do for a music video, haha it’s so weird but it’s what I do.
Then also I look to other makeup artist, plouise makeup academy is one of my all time favs. And then of course our local girly, Kandy Kane.

What do you recommend for every woman’s make up box:  Oh this is a hard one, I think there are so many amazing products and I’ve searched for the best of the best in my opinion so I’ll have to say
1. A good primer (Urban Decay optical illusion primer)
2. Foundation (LA girl HD pro coverage foundation)
3. Brow mascara (Maybelline brow precise fiber filler)
4. Mascara (Urban Decay trouble maker)
5. Skindinavia – you will thank me later.
6. And a killer nude lippie.

What is your favorite makeup brand:  100% Urban Decay Makeup Junkie

Any advice for other makeup artists:  Don’t pay attention to anyone around you, you are in your own lane – focus on where you are going. And girl you are good enough!

What is your favourite makeup look:  Super dramatic colorful makeup! Also fluffy brows with big lashes and a neutral lippie.

Social media handles:
Instagram @gypsybirdmakeup
Facebook @gypsybirdmakeup

How can people get hold of you:  By emailing me on gypsybird231295@icloud.com or my social networks.

Quote you live by:  Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.

Anything else you want to add:  I think it’s extremely important that makeup artists realize that their worth isn’t determined by the amount of Instagram followers they have, or if a brand shows interest in them. Remember that you are doing this for yourself, and your approval counts way more than anybody else’s.

Just stay true to who you are and what you stand for! Remember you started this for a reason, don’t lose sight of your end goal.

Charmaine is based in Pretoria, so if you are looking for someone to help you with your next event, you should definitely give her a call.  This girl has natural talent that is simply EXPLODING!  Make sure you follow her on Instagram & FB.  It will make your day seeing her posts.



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