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I scour the internet daily for competitions that I can enter – and hopefully win something. I have been quite lucky, but husband is forever saying to me, “Can’t you enter a competition that I benefit from as well?” So around Valentine’s Day I entered a few competitions with goodies for HIM, & I won the best prize of all – a ring from VA-Tungsten.

Warren used to work in finance. So yes, he was that man that was smartly dressed in a suit, with his hair combed and perfectly polished shoes. Unfortunately he was retrenched, and searched for over a year for a job. He knew he didn’t want to go back into this industry, and I have to say that I was grateful for this too. I feel like he lost a bit of his soul whilst working as a financial advisor, and he often came home more stressed than is healthy. So when he told me he wanted to work with cars, I was super excited – not only for him, but also for us as a family as I could see his happiness returning in leaps and bounds.

So he joined with 2 mates and began their business of car restoration. He works hard every single day and comes home filthy dirty, and stinking like oil and grease. But boy oh boy is he happy! And that makes me happy.

Back to why I was so excited to win this ring for him though… His original wedding band has my dad’s wedding ring melted down into Warren’s ring he had – so it holds a lot of sentimental value. And working with his hands, as well as getting down and dirty in the engines and running of cars meant this was getting scratched and damaged during his daily activities. He started to remove his ring when he left in the mornings, and this is just made juju in my opinion! So having a hardy tungsten ring was the best option.

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Plus did I mention how flipping gorgeous his ring is? We were given the choice of any ring on their website, and we spent ages scouring through what they have available before settling on TUR750 as what he wanted, and then popped into our local jeweller to get the correct sizing before placing our order. Within 2 days the ring was delivered to my office and it was even better than I hoped.  It is heavy, bold & absolutely gorgeous.

Keep reading to learn a little more about them…

Your name: Jason Steyn

Business name: VA-Tungsten


Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram and Website

Tell me a bit more about what you do: We supply men’s Tungsten, Damascus and Silicone wedding bands.

What makes your jewellery different to others: Our service. (this I can definitely vouch for!)


Do you do custom pieces: We used to, and maybe if we have the time.

Who are your target audience: Ladies and Men who are getting married mostly, and also ladies buying gifts for their partner or spouse. Also guys who have lost their rings.

Where can people buy your products from: We supply retailers throughout the country, and from us through our website, Facebook or phoning us on 031 205 0319.


How did your business start: 15 Years ago from a “Tikkie Box” telephone on the road.

Is there anything else you want to add: We try and make our part in the wedding process as stress free, and joyful as possible for the bride and the groom.

Quote you live by: In the Bible it says “By the measure you measure, it will be measured unto you, pressed down, shaken and overflowing.”


Tungsten Wedding Rings
The Ancient Egyptians believed that the vein that runs through the third finger on the left hand flowed directly to the heart. The Romans called it the Vena Amoris, meaning ‘Vein of Love’. As a ring has no beginning or end, it symbolizes love and unity…

Tungsten carbide is the new, most popular metal today for men’s wedding ring. The heavy weight and luxurious finish of a tungsten carbide ring speak of commitment, strength and an everlasting bond. The metal will always maintain its beautiful, scratch-resistant finish, making them the perfect choice for your loved ones wedding ring.

At VA Tungsten, we identified the need within men’s jewellery for a hard wearing, affordable ring that offers durability and sophistication. Men’s wedding rings up to now have been limited to very simple designs, and with much of a selection. Most of the men’s rings available today that are made from expensive, precious metals are all prone to scratches and abrasion, and some of these metals are almost impossible to remove in an emergency.

Tungsten is one of the safest metals on the market and with its unique comfort-fit design, they are not only comfortable to wear, the comfort fit acts as a cushion which helps the ring grip onto your finger. Our hand-picked selection of rings includes black-plating, ceramic and carbon fiber inlays that are fused into the metal, giving you a unique variety of tungsten rings to choose from. Our exclusive range of tungsten rings are a fraction of the price when compared to other precious metal wedding rings, but offers the same feeling of elegance and class. They are modern, bold and above all, strong!

For information, please contact us on 031-205 0319 or email

Tungsten Carbide – ‘A tough metal for a tough guy’


Warren now wears his wedding band daily, and with pride. And we have got so many comments about how much other people like it too! I was also so impressed by the level of care I received during the whole decision of which one to choose, and the speed at which this was delivered to us.

If you are looking for a new wedding band, or even just a ring for a special occasion, I would really recommend you visit their website or pop Jason a message to find out more.



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Tuesday Jewellery

“Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late.” – Marie Beynon Ray

I follow an amazing local jeweller called Tuesday Jewellery (check out their Facebook page here & Instagram here) & am always blown away by her designs & the amount of effort & thought that goes into designing each individual piece.  After following her for a while, I looked back at some of her older posts & discovered something that drew me to her even more.  You see, the creator is also a spoonie.  She has Cystic Fibrosis, & has received a bi-lateral lung transplant.  And this is how her company received it’s name…


Given how very special Cathy is, her pieces are not simply jewellery, but have a lot of meaning behind each individual earring/necklace/charm/bracelet.

I had to include some examples below (these you can buy directly from their Etsy store, or contact them through Facebook for more info)


Transplant Butterfly Necklace

This is our BUTTERFLY pendant in solid 9ct rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. This simple pendant has been painstakingly designed for the symbolism it hopes to communicate.
The butterfly has always represented new beginnings, rebirth and new life. But here each delicate wing represents a life, donor and recipient, one gold and one silver, but forever physically fused together. The silver wing is made complete by the piece (read organ) taken from the gold wing.
And only because of the hole in the gold wing is the silver wing made whole. The two wings denote two sides of the same story, both with a real story to tell.
This butterfly also signifies the living donor and recipient scenario, where for example one kidney is donated; a lifegiving sacrifice that will always bind the two lives together.

We could go on and on about the symbolism of our little butterfly…. as you can also see the shape of the wings is a nod to my transplant; two beautiful new lungs. But this jewellery is for everyone touched by Transplant; organ donors, recipients, advocates, friends and family.

Wear the imagery and you can start a conversation, tell the story, become an organ donor, save lives. – TUESDAY Jewelry
And besides, its beautiful.

Beautifully packaged and branded, with printed cards explaining the symbolism behind each collection and the story behind TUESDAY Jewelry.


Forget-Me-Not Range

The Forget Me Not Collection:
‘the unexpected things that happen (on any ordinary Tuesday) that change us forever don’t need help being remembered, but what a fitting little flower to make your jewellery a little more meaningful.’ TUESDAY Jewelry.

There are so many beautiful collections – like the “silver lining”, “imperfect heart” & “heartbeat” – make sure you go check them out for yourself as I am sure there is something that will truly speak to you.


Cathy posted something on Instagram asking for ideas of what people would like to see, & I reached out to her to ask her to please make something with snowflakes.  Snowflakes have a very special meaning for me, as people with Myasthenia Gravis are often referred to as snowflakes as no 2 patients have the same symptoms or treatments – we are all unique.  I shared my story with her, & we just ‘clicked’.  She also wanted to do a giveaway with Rare Diseases South Africa to help create awareness – I mean, how amazing is that?

“Be As Unique As A Snowflake: Embrace All Your Dimensions” – Viola Shipman

She sent me pics along the way of how these were coming along – right from the original design to the finished product.  Can you believe that these are each hand made with love?  Again showing their uniqueness & the fact that they are one of a kind – just like an MG patient!

When these were available on their online store, she wrote the following beautiful piece:

Our Snowflake pendant and earring set were designed for someone who specifically asked us to design something, as snowflakes have such special meaning to her. In making and researching them we realised that snowflakes have so many symbolic attributes- besides being insanely beautiful and delicate and feminine…

‘Never perfect, snowflakes survive a long journey to earth in a disorderly, hostile environment. Fragile and fleeting. Each one beautiful. Each one unique.
Just like us – fragile and yet able to withstand so much. Each of us unique, but all still people.
– TUESDAY Jewelry

When I finally got to see what the finished product looked like, I was completely blown away – and even more so when Cathy sent me my very own snowflake necklace.

Snowflakes SET

I really feel you should be proud to wear what you are wearing, & if there is a story behind it – even better!  Often people have asked me where I got my gorgeous necklace from, & I have been able to tell them a bit more about MG, but also share just how special & unique this gift is to me.  Thank you Cathy for your kind heart & creativity.  I have loved getting to know you, & will treasure my necklace forever x


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