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I am THAT pale girl.  I get asked if I am a vampire, if I am wearing stockings when my white legs show, & if I spend any amount of time in the sun I simply come out looking like a lobster.


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At school I remember being so envious of all the “cool kids”  for their tans from their overseas island holidays, & their healthy glow that just radiated from them.  Perhaps if I had a tan I could tap into that level of cool & garner some of their confidence?

So I invested in some self tan.

I SLATHERED that stuff on daily & you could smell the coconutty scent from a mile away (if you have ever been a self-tanner you know exactly what I am talking about!).  I was ORANGE.  Yes, there may have been a subtle edge of tan, but mainly I was orange.  And my hands, feet, elbows & knees were a darker shade so gave away the fact it wasn’t natural – just in case people weren’t convinced by the unnatural pumpkin-tinge.


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And then, I went to buy foundation & they didn’t have a colour to match my skin tone.  Yip, I was too pale.  The Ivory was too yellow, & the Porcelain too dark.  I looked ridiculous.  The lady at the shop looked at me in horror as she stuttered through telling me she didn’t know what I could do – perhaps I could add some white to a foundation & pray to the make-up gods that it would suit me?


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The mocking & laughter at my expense got to me, & I gave up on attempting to fix this myself.  I could no longer be a walking carrot, & perhaps I should just embrace my pale-ness.  I told myself: “pale is the new tan”, but deep down the years of not fitting in & feeling like an outcast was heavy on my heart.

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And then, I discovered the joy of spray tanning!  How had I missed out on this for so long?  No more dark brown hands from applying it, no more of that giveaway scent of the self-tanner, & it gave an even glow to my entire body!  I felt like I had found my very own happy place & would no longer inspire people around me to wear their sunglasses when they look at me.

Adrienne from TanFabulous Spray Tanning (Facebook & Instagram) invited me into her home & I instantly felt relaxed & welcomed.  I felt comfortable, & she explained the procedure from pre- to post-care so well that I knew that I had found my happy place.

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People often complain that their spray tan doesn’t last as long, or that they aren’t happy with how patchy it turns out.  I have had over 6 spray tans with Adrienne, & have never once left disappointed or unhappy with how it has turned out.  This really showed me the importance of exfoliating often before my tan, as well as wearing loose clothing immediately after the event.  She now stocks the most gorgeous kaftans as well as too many people were arriving in clothing that would have rubbed off half of the tan before they got home!

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Adrienne & me in our gorgeous kaftans

Adrienne uses a product called Norvell, which is the tanning product that is rated number one Sunless Tanning Brand in the world.  If you take care of it, it should last at least 8-10 days.  It is natural-looking (NOT orange!), has a beautiful gentle Summery scent, & is used worldwide.  Adrienne also offers both the Venetian Solution (Designed to match skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. Best-selling, proprietary sunless formula created with VIO-7™, a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone for a natural-looking tan. Offered as instant cosmetic bronzers with extended or rapid tans), or the Rapid Tan Solution (Creator of 1 hour rapid tanning technology.  Gives client the ability to control the depth of color to rinse in as little as 1 hour)– depending on your needs.

If you have Pale Girl Problems like me, then you need to give sunless tanning a try!

Give Adrienne a call before you leave on your glamorous Summer vacay, & enjoy feeling tanned & healthy.

I would really like to thank Adrienne for making me her TANbassador, & always ensuring that my tan is on point.  I feel beautiful & healthy whenever I leave her house, & her positive, bubbly energy just fills my heart with so much joy.

You can book your appointment through her social media channels, or by giving her a call on 083 601 2291.  She is based in Lonehill, Sandton & offers great discounts when you do group bookings (yay for Matric Dances or Weddings!), or when you do a bulk booking (i.e. 4 or more appointments booked).

I will leave you with some more pics of my fabulous tan as it develops just to entice you a little further!


Reverie Beauty Studio

When I first started this blog, I reached out to small businesses that I was really interested in, & one of them was Bella Boneca.  Megan was so kind to me & we have stayed in contact ever since.

Recently she took over the salon Reverie Beauty  Studio in Illovo, JHB & she invited me to go there to have a pamper afternoon.  I was so excited as there is nothing better than being made to feel beautiful, having some time just for myself, & simply being spoilt rotten.  I finally got some time last week to go through to the salon in Post Office Centre & sat back ready to be pampered.

I walked into the exquisite salon, & was immediately attracted to the classy decor & feel-good vibes that were being extended my way.  With stunning black & white wallpaper, & silver accents throughout, you could tell that this salon is all about high class & exclusivity.  The therapists are friendly, & I was greeted with a great big smile by Pearl, the salon manager.

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Pearl has been doing beauty therapy for over 20 years, & boy does she know her stuff!  Her clients are of the utmost importance to her, & she really cares about you.  She pours love & attention over you from the moment you walk through the doors & makes you feel like her number one priority.  Pearl is a MACHINE when it comes to waxing – I had a half leg, underarm & Hollywood wax done by her in only 20 minutes.  I had to check my watch about 4 times to see if that was real as I have never ever had such a quick wax!  She told me a little about her life, & you can tell how much she loves her family & how she does everything to ensure that her children have the best life possible.

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From here I went on to Joyce, who told me she would be doing a manicure on me.  My toenails still haven’t grown back from the chemo, & so I keep my feet hidden for now!  Joyce told me her favourite treatment is a pedicure, so I will definitely go back when my feet are not so sensitive & I actually have some nails to paint!

She started off by exfoliating my hands, & then shaped my nails & pushed back my cuticles.  I wasn’t having tips put on this time, so luckily my natural nails weren’t too bad!

They have a wide variety of colours & brands to choose from, & I think that’s what took me the longest!  Joyce helped me choose complementary colours & got to work with making me feel like a new woman.  She told me about her husband, & how he recently fought through his second cancer diagnosis & still recently graduated – despite being so sick & having to take time off for chemo.  Talking to her you could tell how much she loves what she does, & her heart is so pure.  I felt like I was spending the afternoon with a friend, & loved having proper girly time!  Plus having soft hands, & the most fantastic hand massage was just what I needed to actually relax & take my mind off everything else that has been going on.

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Thank you so much Megan, Pearl & Joyce for spoiling me so much & helping me feel like a new person.  I had such a great time & loved the whole vibe of the salon.  I think you can always tell a lot about a salon by how happy the therapists are, & these ladies had only positive things to say about their place of work & their passion for their job.  Their clients are all treated with respect & love; which is really the way all humans should be treated.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.40.13WhatsApp Image 2019-07-21 at 14.40.14

If you are in the area, I would really recommend you giving them a go!

Meet these special ladies, pamper yourself & allow true relaxation to set in.

Believe me, you will love your time here…



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