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African Secret

Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, refers to a range of traditional, alternative or complementary therapies that use essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds. I am always looking for natural products to use on my skin, & when my nails began peeling from the chemotherapy I was on the hunt for a cuticle oil that… Continue reading African Secret

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up

Tissue Oil

When I was contacted by Rubybox to participate in their survey for Justine Tissue Oil, I was very interested!  Rubybox is a great service offered right here in South Africa, where you subscribe & they send you surveys to complete that they feel may relate to you & your needs.  You then complete them honestly,… Continue reading Tissue Oil

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A Day of Radiance

After using a few of Bella Boneca's products, I was so impressed & immediately reached out to Megan, who started this whole business.  She realised the importance of using natural products, free of parabens & not tested on animals.  She researched & put a lot of time into this, before realising that there wasn't a… Continue reading A Day of Radiance

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up

Bella Boneca

When you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their face & their skin.  After suffering from teenage acne, & also having very pale skin that scars easily I have always put some research into what I am using on my skin.  Thanks to FB & Instagram's algorithms they now suggest different skincare products… Continue reading Bella Boneca

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up

Pink Cosmetics

My skin has always been a bit of trouble - from external factors such as my medication (including prednisone which is truly the devil's drug thanks to all the side effects); & moving provinces 2 years ago.  I have acne scarring from my teenage years thanks to all the hormones, & I have really battled… Continue reading Pink Cosmetics

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up


I love Instagram stalking scrolling & finding some amazing new products!  Some of them a bit of a hit & miss, & often they are overseas based beauty houses so I am always super chuffed when I find one that is Proudly South African. Last month I came across a company called CHICK.cometics & reached… Continue reading CHICK.cosmetics

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Seeing Results

I will never recommend a product unless I have tried it myself, & have actually seen benefits of using it.  My skin used to be something I really took pride in, & skincare has always been vital to me.  Whilst studying Beauty Therapy I came to realise the importance of our decisions now & the… Continue reading Seeing Results