Le Famished Cat

Since getting out of hospital & actually being able to swallow my food (one of the fabulous symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis is constantly choking on food, & there would often be days where I would go without being able to eat properly) means that I have picked up quite a bit of extra weight.  In… Continue reading Le Famished Cat

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The Part-Time Vegan

Our friend that currently lives with us is a vegan and I have always been interested to see what she comes up with for her meals.  She has even allowed me to sample some of these (yum!) & I think is secretly converting my dogs into vegans too as they sample everything on her plate… Continue reading The Part-Time Vegan

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Bella Boneca

When you meet someone, the first thing you notice is their face & their skin.  After suffering from teenage acne, & also having very pale skin that scars easily I have always put some research into what I am using on my skin.  Thanks to FB & Instagram's algorithms they now suggest different skincare products… Continue reading Bella Boneca

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up


I love Instagram stalking scrolling & finding some amazing new products!  Some of them a bit of a hit & miss, & often they are overseas based beauty houses so I am always super chuffed when I find one that is Proudly South African. Last month I came across a company called CHICK.cometics & reached… Continue reading CHICK.cosmetics

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Be Kind To Every Kind

Did you know that this month is #PlasticFreeJuly? When I found out about this, I vowed that I was going to do my little bit to be more eco-friendly.  I have chosen to say "NO!" to plastic bags at all the shops, & carry my own fabric bags with me.  If I forget them at… Continue reading Be Kind To Every Kind