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    Michelle Funke Coaching

    Michelle is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is so kind, and after only one session with her I felt like I had huge breakthroughs in my life. I have had life and business coaching before, but still didn’t really understand the full benefits of it. That was until I had my coaching session with Michelle. We chatted through my imposter syndrome and people pleasing, and then chatted through some major events in my life. We discovered where a lot of my self-doubt and lack of self-belief has come from, and despite all the tears that I shed, I left feeling so much lighter and…

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    Laurie Watson Photography

    I met Laurie at a birthday party for a friend’s child & I was instantly drawn to her energy & zest for life. She captured unseen moments, & you could really get an overall feeling for the day when browsing through her pics. I started following her on social media & we sent messaged back & forth on a few occasions. We bonded over our love for animals, beautiful things & supporting local businesses. We would often send little messages of encouragement to one another, & I am always completely enamored by her style of photography. During this nationwide COVID-19 pandemic, people are staying in their homes for at least…

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    FireFlight Photography

    I met Dana through a friend of mine, Meghan, who is also a photographer.  I was immediately drawn to her, as she is the most fun-loving woman & has a stunning talent.  Dana takes mermaid photos, & they literally take your breath away.  She helps keep you relaxed during her shoots, & produces images that are completely magical.  I am super excited to share some of this magic with each of you, & I know that you will fall as in love with them as I am! “Mermaid: A sea woman who chooses Imagination over Fear” – Unknown Your name:  Dana Cato Business name:  FireFlight Photography Social media handles:  Facebook,…

  • Food,  Local Businesses

    La Luna Blends

    I have really seen the benefits of going “natural” with some of my treatments, & this includes the food & drinks that I put into my body.  I am trying to drink more water, & less tea & coffee.  However, when I saw these gorgeous teas at Jozi Girl Eatery, I wanted to find out more about them.  What made them so special?  And what do they actually help with? Your name: Lorna Jane Eppel Business name: La Luna Blends Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram Tell me a bit more about your business: I offer unique teas to support women’s health Where did the idea for these come about:…

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    I am THAT pale girl.  I get asked if I am a vampire, if I am wearing stockings when my white legs show, & if I spend any amount of time in the sun I simply come out looking like a lobster. At school I remember being so envious of all the “cool kids”  for their tans from their overseas island holidays, & their healthy glow that just radiated from them.  Perhaps if I had a tan I could tap into that level of cool & garner some of their confidence? So I invested in some self tan. I SLATHERED that stuff on daily & you could smell the coconutty…

  • Local Businesses

    In The Jacaranda’s

    I feel truly blessed to have a friend who takes the most stunning pictures. Meghan McCabe has shot my entire family, including my animals & every time I lose my breath as I look through the final results. I am certainly no model. I am overweight, I am clumsy, & I end up laughing my way through every shoot.  But Meghan makes me feel comfortable & beautiful – & isn’t that what we all need? This is my absolute favourite time of the year & seeing the gorgeous purple flowers from the Jacaranda’s brings a smile to my face – so what an honour to be photographed by one of…

  • Local Businesses,  Skincare & Make-Up

    Maria Cosmetics

    I had heard the hype, I had tried the lipstick for myself, & then I watched this YouTube video about where the thought for Maria Cosmetics came from… After I had brushed away my tears & taken a few deep breaths, I immediately reached out to Andrea to chat about this beautiful business. Your name: Andrea Hurter Business name: Maria Cosmetics Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram & Website Tell me a bit more about what you do: Maria Cosmetics is a company that is focused on educating women on various topics. We saw that women are flocking to watch YouTube videos on Makeup and follow makeup accounts on Instagram. They…

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    RareBear Project

    Today I knew I wanted to write about something special – something that has my heart. The #RareBearProject is all about supporting our community. From providing support to our Rare families, to creating jobs and income generating opportunities to the woman of Kya Sands. 100% of our income goes straight back into this project. ​For every bear sold for R180, R120 is paid to the creator of the bear, and R60 is placed into improving the marketing platform and distribution of the overall project to ensure sustainability. The #RareBearProject is a community upliftment program under Rare Diseases South Africa NPC. Rare Diseases South Africa NPC is a registered NPO and…

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    To the woman at the Gym

    About 2 months ago I plucked up the courage to join a gym. I haven’t exercised in over 15 years, & my body has taken huge strain.  Having Myasthenia Gravis meant that I couldn’t exercise, as stimulation of the muscles meant that they were weaker overall & it could even affect my lungs & breathing.  Well-meaning people would say I need to get fitter, or lift weights in order to try strengthen my muscles, but it just isn’t possible with MG.  It is a very frustrating situation to be in, as we all know the importance of exercise as well as the associated endorphins. But now, with my second chance…


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