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Keeping It Candid

Finding bloggers and influencers that speak to who you are, encourage you, and inspire you is so important.  No longer should we simply follow people who we think fit into the cookie cutter mold that society wants to force us into – it’s not just about the perfect feed with the blonde-hair blue-eyed family.  It’s about relating to people, knowing they are real and honest, and relating to what they are posting.

One such person that I have been following for some time is Cisca de Kock.  She has been blogging for some time, and I often find myself popping over to her social media to see what she is posting about and what is happening in her life.  Plus, you know I’m a sucker for spreading kindness, and Cisca has this in bucket loads.

This is such a surreal experience to be able to introduce you to her on my little blog, and I am totally freaking out right now!  #fangirl

Your name:  Cisca de Kock

Blog name:  Keeping It Candid

Social media handles:  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  and Website.


3 fun facts about you:
1. If I could win a life time supply of clothing it would be socks! I swear they have superpowers and disappear- I always end up wearing my husband’s socks.
2. If I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be BILTONG.
3. If I had to be trapped in a movie for a day, it would have to be Clueless.

How would you describe yourself:  Honest, Perfectionist, Goal driven

How did you get into blogging:
My Mom passed away when I was 5 months pregnant with Hudson (my first born). I was devastated, and went into a deep and dark depression. When Hudson was born, I sunk even deeper. I had no one to talk to. No one to listen to my motherly fears and I just felt completely lost. I started seeing a Psychiatrist who deals with Post-Partum Depression and she suggested that I try and find an outlet. So one night in September 2017, while pumping milk for Hudson I created my own blog called It’s a Mom’s Life on WordPress. I honestly did not think it would reach anyone, and that was ok. It felt so good to write what was on my mind. From there I created my Instagram page which was first called “Raising Little Hudson” . Hudson was a little eager beaver and my water broke at 36 weeks (It was like a scene out of the movies – I actually wrote a 3 part Birth Story Series) We had to leave him in NICU, one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, to leave the hospital empty handed. The day we left, the one nurse said “Have fun raising little Hudson” and that’s where the name stemmed from. This September my blog will turn 3 and since then both my blog and IG handles have changed. As my blog and social media handles grew, so too did my interests. I started off just featuring and blogging about local baby boy clothing brands. It became a bit expensive buying new clothing every month. It also became exhausting to take photos of Hudson. I knew it was not something that I wanted to do forever, and that’s when I starting exploring other avenues.

What does your blog feature:
Keeping it Candid is a Lifestyle | Beauty |Travelling and Parenting Blog. I started my blog to create an authentic account of my journey through life. Whether you are a lover of all things luxury: an organic foodie or a reveller in all things local, practical and affordable, Keeping it Candid will keep you up to date with the best in South Africa. I am a firm believer in YOLO and embrace each and every day to the fullest.


What do you want people to feel when they are interacting with you:
I want people to feel comfortable and not feel like they are being judged. Over the years, I have made so many connections with other women. Some of them echoed the exact same feeling I had when I felt alone. My main goal has always been to use this platform and to make women feel that they are not alone and that it is natural to feel the way they do, especially if they are new mothers.

Why do you encourage people to support local:
This current Pandemic has really put things into perspective when it comes to sustaining oneself. A have so much respect for women owned local businesses. At the moment, they need all our help to sustain themselves. So much care goes into creating affordable and great quality products.

Why is family so important to you:
There’s so much I wish I could have shared with my Mom. Her death was so sudden and unexpected, that it still haunts me. The void that she left grows deeper every day, but I know that she would want us to remember her and to celebrate her. She also passed away on my Dad’s birthday, 1 December. Before the boys, December was such a difficult time. Having the boys now, we make it a happy time for them, a time that they will always find special, even if their Gran cannot celebrate with us. I am very fortunate and blessed to have married a man that respects me and treats me as his equal. I am double blessed with two beautiful boys, whom I will instill the values that were passed onto me. I treasure each and every moment that I can spend with my family.


What is one way you feel we can all spread kindness:
There are many, but I want to mention two ways. Always treat others the way that you want to be treated. We also need to practice being quiet more often and to listening to others.

How can people reach out to you to work with you:
They can either make contact through my blog or DM. Alternatively they can email me at :

Quote you live by:
You are the artist of your own life, don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else

Anything else you want to add:
The number one question I always get asked is: What camera do you use?
I don’t have a fancy camera, I always use my iPhone 8 + to create content. I will always try and think out of the box. Sometimes I take a lot of photos and I will change up the styling, until I am happy with it. Once photos are taken, I select the ones I am happy with and then either edit with my iPhone editing app, VSCO or Lightroom.


Cisca, it was such an honour to be able to feature you on my blog, and it has been an absolute joy to get to know you better.  Thank you for your kindness, your messages and just for being you.

Please follow this wonderful woman – you will be a fan from day dot I can promise you!


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Lola Lifestyle

Some time back I noticed a business on my feed called Lola Lifestyle.  I was immediately drawn to their one shirt that had gorgeous eyelashes printed across the chest & I knew it was a shirt I had to own!

And then I was helping my sister at FIBO with her Metafit, & who was a couple of stalls down from us, but the lovely ladies from Lola Lifestyle.  I saw for myself how popular they are, & got to feel the quality of their products, & then I immediately had a chat to this mother & daughter team about doing a feature on them.

Plus they gave me some inside info on a sale they will be having soon, so keep an eye on their page for more…

World map Lola Lifestyle-page-001

Your names: Adele Olevano and Lene Johnson

Business name: Lola Lifestyle

Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram & Website


I see you’re a mum/daughter team – tell me more about how this business idea came about & what you both do within the business:  My mother has been manufacturing for the last 35 years. She started out with evening-wear and eventually progressed to manufacturing for local designers. I was in the film industry for 8 years as a clothing stylist. We saw there was a need for versatile clothing that looks good and feels comfortable. My mom is a sucker for amazing natural fabrics and this was the reason we started exploring our options with the bamboo. We both oversee all creative aspects of the brand. The team work is critical to make the dream work because we both still work 9 to 5 jobs in between running Lola.

Where are you based: We manufacture in Bezuidenhout valley in Johannesburg.


Where can people order/buy from: We have an online store and we have a few stockists, those change from time to time but the details are in our Instagram bio

What makes your clothing different to others: We take great pride in the quality, fabrics and fit of our garments. We want our consumers to put on that Lola item and feel like they can rule the world.

What is your personal favourite item: For Adele it will have to be the bamboo run jacket. This is her masterpiece. For Lene it’s definitely the lounge pants. Comfort is key.


What have been your most popular items: Our oversized shirt has exceeded our expectations. It’s such an amazing piece and looks good on everyone. Out tshirts have also done very well.

Why do you encourage people to support local: Supporting Lola Lifestyle is not only about supporting our dream. The manufacturing is done by local South Africans which means every piece of clothing you buy goes to supporting their families. That is the South African dream. That is also the only way we are going to grow our economy and create a better future

Quote you live by: #itsuptoyou to create the life you love


Isn’t this gorgeous?!  And don’t you want to own some of their stunning clothing for yourself?

If you do buy anything, please tag me in your look – I would love to see how you style it!  I have put a few things on my Christmas Wish List (yes, the lash shirt is one), so I hope Santa sees I have been a good girl this year.


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Maria Cosmetics

I had heard the hype, I had tried the lipstick for myself, & then I watched this YouTube video about where the thought for Maria Cosmetics came from…

After I had brushed away my tears & taken a few deep breaths, I immediately reached out to Andrea to chat about this beautiful business.

Your name: Andrea Hurter


Business name: Maria Cosmetics

Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram & Website

Tell me a bit more about what you do: Maria Cosmetics is a company that is focused on educating women on various topics. We saw that women are flocking to watch YouTube videos on Makeup and follow makeup accounts on Instagram. They know all about contouring and eyebrows, but they do not know what the HPV virus is or how to do a proper self-breast examination. We decided to breach that gap by creating a fun and glamorous makeup platform where women can come to for makeup tips, but also to learn about female health and various other topics regarding women.


Have you always wanted to create your own makeup range: Never. I never even wanted to be a makeup artist. After school I went to study Theatre & Film Acting for 3 years. Thereafter I took a gap year where I traveled, waitressed and au paired. When my gap year was over I still wasn’t ready to be an adult. I went on to study a 1 year Journalism course which I didn’t enjoy (I think it wasn’t creative enough for me). Nevertheless I finished it. I’ve always been good at makeup since my mother was a makeup artist. I basically grew up with a makeup brush in one hand and a bottle in the other. I started doing makeup for some extra money. Word got out that I was good and so my business started. What a journey right?

What makes your makeup different to everyone else: The actual makeup: Our lipsticks are wax based. A lot of other lipsticks have fats or oils in them. Fats and oils are what makes lipsticks “go off” quicker. The wax base in the lipstick results in the lipstick staying on for very long, leaves a glamorous matte finish, but it doesn’t dry out the lips.


We also have a range of highlighters called the Hero Highlight (designed to highlight the Hero in you) This is a dual use creamy highlighter that can be used on the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, brow bone or cupids bow or it can be used as an eye shadow. The formula is creamy enough that it sticks to where it is placed and doesn’t leave you with an all over shiny face (like a kid who has had too many spare ribs).


But on the more important side. Even though our products are of high quality and we have put loads of love and care into each one, it is more than just how it looks when you put it on. We want women to carry our lipsticks in their handbag like a weapon. We want them to put on their lipstick like their war paint. It’s not just a lipstick. This is your sword. And no, you are no longer waiting for that prince on a white horse. Because girl, you ARE the warrior on the white horse. And THAT’S what makes our products different.


Why do you encourage people to support local: Sjoh, this is a difficult topic. I can write a book. I feel like people that have never run their own business or started anything of their own, struggle to understand what goes on behind the scenes. It is an emotional rollercoaster. Your business is your child. And every time someone supports you, it’s like your child taking a step. Your child saying their first word. And so, every time someone supports local. They help your entrepreneurial child grow.


How can people order from you: They can shop online and we courier countrywide.

We also currently stock at 2 salons in Cape Town, Northern Suburbs:

Simply Wellness Centre – Verdi Blvd & Langeberg Road, Sonstraal Heights, Cape Town, 7550

Melan Skincare: 28 Oxford St, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550

Also keep an eye out on our social media pages for our pop up stores and exhibitions.


I know there is a special story behind why you started this – please tell me about this:  I was 19 years old when my mother got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She was only 49. I wasn’t too worried because “mother’s don’t get sick” and there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to beat this. She took everything in her stride and continued to be an amazing example for me. Later, she was really suffering from all the chemo she was receiving, but one thing she never stopped doing, was take pride in herself. She still continued to spray herself with her favourite perfume, she asked me to paint her nails in the hospital, she still wore makeup to her chemo treatments. She watched YouTube videos on how to exotically tie scarfs around your head and wore extravagant earrings with it calling herself “Esmeralda”. To me, she was even more beautiful than before. When I was 23, the cancer had spread to her brain and on the 22nd of August 2016 she sadly passed away. Of course I was devastated. I am an only child and my mother was my best friend. My whole life. I shared everything with her. I thought I was never going to recover from the pain. But from the pain, came something beautiful. I decided to never let her amazing legacy die. And so I started Maria Cosmetics. In the words from the song Vincent “This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”


Quote you live by: Find what scares you and run towards it

Anything else you want to add: All our products are named after powerful women in history. If you visit our website, you might be able to recognise some of these phenomenal women. If not, well, maybe you will learn something.

CAM-0313 (1)CAM-0321_resize

Andrea, I know your mum is so so proud of you!

You have created an empire, & I know that your business is going to continue to rise.  Thank you for being a change in the world & for encouraging us all to live our best life.  You deserve to be the name on everyone’s lips (excuse the pun!), & I cannot wait to see how Maria Cosmetics will continue to grow.

Thank you for your time, your energy & simply for being you.


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Makeup by Ryno

Having this extra time to recover from my transplant has allowed me to discover myself once more, as well as what I am really passionate about.  And I realised how much I absolutely ADORE makeup & how much I miss doing my makeup, as well as others.  I have been out of this realm for a little while, so I have been watching many YouTube clips to learn more & also get to stay on top of the latest trends.

Jeffree Star, James Charles, Nikkie Tutorials, & Jaclyn Hill are stunning international makeup artists & vloggers that are world-famous – & watching their videos you can see why.  However, they often review products that aren’t even available here or are just impossible to afford!  I had heard about Ryno previously & his stunning makeup, & I was excited to find him on YouTube.


I also follow him on Facebook & Instagram & every time I see something of his, I spend a good few minutes admiring his work.  I have been so excited as he released his own eyeshadow palette last year, & I finally managed to get my hands on one of own last week!


The colours are absolutely gorgeous, with great pigment & no fall out under your eyes.  I have been having such fun playing with them, & have even booked in for his Makeup Masterclass in June!  When someone has dreams, follows them & allows others to feel so beautiful.  He has an amazing gift & we are so lucky that he is sharing this with all of us.


My playing around with the palette for the first time

I am so grateful for his kindness, patience & dedication to the beauty industry.  And I am so grateful that he took the time to answer all my questions!

Your name: Ryno Mulder


Business name: Makeup by Ryno

What prompted your interest in makeup:
As a kid I used to watch my Mom’s 2+ hours daily beauty regimen which involved smokey eyes and combing out the clumps from her lashes using a needle. This transformation awed me and to this day my signature is smokey eyes. And yeah I comb out lashes (but with a comb made of needles). I also named one of my eyeshadows after her, a warm brown inspired by her hair colour and the shade is called “R” for Riëtte.


When did you start doing this professionally:
The first time I got paid to do makeup was in 2005. I didn’t have money for makeup college after school so I worked at my local Bobbi Brown counter. We often had their trainers from New York teaching us and I’d paint anyone’s face, regardless of their age, features, skin colour or whether they were going to buy something. I was there to rack up experiences and 8 faces a day was not unusual. It was an invaluable experience.

Why do you love what you do:
The power of transformation. Making someone see themselves in a way they did not think possible can help them imagine all kinds of possibilities for their life. I hope the people who experience my work will draw on this feeling of empowerment even when they aren’t wearing my makeup.


Tell me more about your masterclasses:
The Makeup by Ryno Makeup Masterclass is an opportunity for anyone at any skill level to learn how to be their own makeup artist. Anyone with a passion for beauty should know how to enhance their own features. It covers contouring and highlighting, how to shape your brows for a fresh look, how to do smokey eyes, finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin, which shade of lipstick is your ultimate colour, how to apply false lashes and more. Every guest receives a goodie bag, can enjoy the food and drinks and I give away a a beauty hamper. I love meeting my followers in person and taking selfies with them.

What is one secret for makeup that every woman should know:
Stop focusing on what you perceive as your flaws and paint on the face you want. I explain this idea in detail at the class.


Tell me more about the process for creating your makeup palette & how you chose what colours to use:
I have a signature makeup style so my objective was to have a palette that contain all these eyeshadows. This way my followers – especially those who attend my private makeup lessons as well as my countrywide makeup masterclasses – can easily recreate my makeup looks on themselves using only one palette. The Freak Unique eyeshadow palette contains 16 velvety smooth eyeshadow shades in ultra pigmented, super blendable colours with hardly any fall-out. The shades range from warm neutrals to bolds, and mattes to shimmers allowing endless possible looks from natural to classic, on-trend to smokey. The Freak Unique eyeshadow palette retails for R390 and is available online

Have you faced any backlash or negativity & how did you overcome this:
There is the odd negative feedback, in particular because I am outspoken on topics like going vegan. I propagate a cruelty-free and plant-based diet to every person I meet. I am living my truth and this brings me peace of mind and happiness.

What quote do you live by:
I love great quotes and there are so many that I have journals all over the house so I can write them down. Quotes are really just little time capsules of wisdom that resonate with your own world view. I cant think of one now but if I had to distill my experience of life and what is most valuable and eternal it is truth and love.

Anything else you want to add:  I have trained with Kim Kardashian’s personal make up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. He created the Kardashian look and defined the beauty look of today. So not only do I share my techniques with you but also Hollywood’s make up secrets and favourite products. I don’t believe in holding on to knowledge and am happy to answer any makeup questions at my masterclasses. You can find more info on these under the EVENTS section on my Facebook page.


Isn’t Ryno so lovely?  I am SO excited to meet him & grow my skills from such a master – I feel like such a little fan & may just let out a squeal when I finally see Ryno.  The transformations of the above ladies are just a few that are on his social media pages, & I honestly couldn’t tell you which are my favourite.  One day when I am going to a fancy event I definitely want to have this artist making me look like a whole new person!

Don’t forget about his Makeup Masterclasses – he is currently travelling around SA & you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Hope to see you there!


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Unicorn Fitness Box

In case you haven’t realised, I am slightly obsessed with unicorns!  And with my sister owning the Metafit franchise, I am constantly on the lookout for new & exciting fitness things too.  So when I came across the Unicorn Fitness Box, it was like they had magically combined us together with our favourite things…

Your name: Nadine Ackermann
Business name: Unicorn Fitness Box
How did you choose this name: Who doesn’t love Unicorns, surprises and fitness stuff
What do you do: A contributor to the corporate machine by day, supplier of magical fitness stuff by night. And weekend.
What sort of things do you include in your boxes: Each month we include items from the fitness industry in the categories of apparel, equipment, nutrition, recovery and education. We have found awesome local startups that are dying for a platform to get their product out there in the hands of their target market. You will find something for everybody no matter what form of fitness you’re in to, weather you are a seasoned athlete or a newbie to fitness. Magical Fitness Stuff. Delivered.

How did you start this business: The need for me arose when I kept seeing these awesome products available, but could never justify the spend on something I might only use once. So I got a couple of brands together that I liked and gave it a try on the ladies in my gym. The response I got was great, it was also a ton of fun to do. Our subscribers love the idea of getting things that they say they would never have thought of getting for themselves. At our gym we have one or two ladies that also have small gym equipment based start up and seeing them struggle to move stock and make sales was also a great assurance to me that this idea could be needed.
Social media handles: Facebook & Instagram
How can people place their order, & how much are the subscription boxes: Log on to our website and select from 1 of 3 magical subscriptions. 1 month, 4 month and a year. We start at R565.00 a month with shipping and delivery included. For this you get 4 to 7 items in each box, with a value of R700 to R1200.
If a company wants to get involved, how can they get hold of you: Drop us a mail on and we can get chatting! Every single item that goes into our box is carefully selected, defiantly tested and purchased and paid for. This allows us to up hold our brand as a premium and exclusive subscription with accountability to our subscribers from us and our suppliers.
Quote you live by: Act like a lady, Lift like a Boss, Sparkle like a Mofo Unicorn.thumbnail_DSC_3732

Doesn’t this sound like such a great idea?  I know I absolutely love the sound of it & definitely want to try one out for myself – maybe it will even encourage me to get fitter & healthier!


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IT’S OKAY to not always be okay

Have you ever met someone & just clicked with them from the word go?  They just get you, your craziness, & love you through/despite your ups & downs.  To me, this person is Charlie – from Charlie Foxtrot Illustrations & Charlie and Beastie.  She has the most AMAZING talent, & she found space in her heart to squeeze me in & love me for who I am.


When I saw that she was bringing out colouring pictures, I knew that I had to get in line to get it!  And it is now available through Etsy, or you can contact her directly to place your order for the download of these.  You can then print these off & spend your days coloring in & releasing some creativity – ideal for during my next hospital admission or treatment.  She evens occasionally offers one-of-a-kind commissions & just wants to make the world a better place.  She is my spirit sister!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 14.47.13

Your business name: Charlie and Beastie

When did you start & why: We made it official this year but they were “born” in 2014.

What made you decide to make these colouring in pictures: More than anything was the requests that came in and all the people who kept saying I should create some, I finally gave in and actually loved it so much that we’ve done a colouring in book as well that will go live in November 🙂 and we’ll hopefully have a different set monthly.

What was your inspiration behind each pic: For most of these ones I played on my own interests and talents and the fact that it doesn’t matter what you decide to be you should go and do it. This particular set is more “realistic” but we’ll have a fantasty careers set out next 🙂

What do you hope to achieve through these: Personally drawing really helps with calming my brain and settling the anxiety though I know that most people think they can’t draw so this way I’m hoping to help other people calm down even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

Which one is your favourite: Tough one! I’m going to say the front page because it has a little bit of every page 😉

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 14.47.09
Where does Charlie & the Beastie come from/the story behind this: This is a long story, one I have yet to really put into proper words which is something I have been meaning to do for their website. In short I was going through a really tough period and working at a job where I was belittled daily, one day I started doodling this character and she just sort of grew from a few lines to the Charlie you know today. She helped me through it all and stuck around when I started freelancing, then last year I hit another rough patch and Beastie appeared. He’s pretty much taken on a life of his own now, they both have really. I just help them voice what they have to say which is that IT’S OKAY to not always be okay, to be a little weird, to be what you want to be, to be smart, to be afraid of the dark and to love who you need to.

What quote do you live by: IT’S OKAY to not always be okay

Where can people order these from: They are available via Etsy but they are also available directly from our Instagram page if you just send a DM because I know that not everyone has the ability to buy with a card.

Any other info you want to add:  The reason they cost more on Etsy than when bought directly is because Etsy charges per listing as well as deducts from every sale you make.

Charlie, I am so grateful for you in my life & thank you for sharing your talent with the world.  You are one in a million & you brighten my day with every message that you send.  May your business flourish, & may it continue to bring joy to everyone who has the honour of being in contact with you!  I still can’t believe I own one of these shirts from so long ago – it’s like this friendship was meant to be.okay.png

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Tattoos by Tory

As part of Women’s Month, I knew I wanted to do a focus on women who have achieved a lot in an industry that is predominantly run by men.  Instagram has been a great tool to search & look for inspiration of ideas of women who are pushing boundaries, achieving what was previously unachievable, & pretty much just rocking at life in general!

Tory is one of these amazing women.  I have been following her for some time & her style of tattooing is something that has literally drawn me to her since the very first image I saw.  Tattoos are something I have always been interested in & I always admire people’s pieces of art when we are out & about.  People have a lot of opinions about tattoos, their meaning & who gets them; so if you are one of those judgemental people then maybe it is better that you don’t carry on reading.  Make sure you follow her FB page here.

I got my first tattoo just before my 21st birthday.  It is 5 stars, & the word KARMA – an acronym of our family’s initials. Family has always been everything to me & I wanted something to remember this.  When my mum found out, she literally walked out of the shop that we were in & left me behind in the change room with no handbag or cellphone.  She was really not impressed!  I am the “naughty” one in the family for having tattoos, even though I have tried to explain the meaning & significance behind each of them.  They are a reminder of the importance of certain things in my life, how I have survived what I was not meant to have, & the inner fight that all women possess to get them through difficult times.395742_10151287187295198_882887635_n38492191_10160512065170198_154205449233629184_nWhatsApp Image 2018-08-12 at 09.52.50

According to Wiki, “A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. The art of making tattoos is tattooing.”

People are now using tattoos as a way of expressing themselves, showing their individuality & as a symbolic reason.  Whereas in earlier days tattoos were often seeing as something that only sailors owned, these are seen on a daily basis now on women & men, young & old.

But now, onto my interview with the amazing Tory – da da daaaaaaaaa…


Full name:  Tory Sutherland-Dadds

How long have you been doing this for:  Been doing this 12 years now this last July. Need to have a party 😂

What made you get into this:  I have always loved art and drawing since my earliest memories, and I just love skin as a canvas. I was building homemade machines at around 13 years old which I was strictly forbidden from using on myself or any other person.  To add to that…have just always loved tattoos and had no doubt about what I wanted to do.

What is your favourite tattoo:  My favorite tattoo was a leg sleeve I did on a friend a couple years after I started. Every session was so much fun, and we had so many laughs along the way. She gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted and we landed up winning ‘Best full leg’ at Ink and Iron with that piece in 2011.

What style of tattoos is your favourite:  I absolutely love doing large, detailed black and grey pieces. I also LOVE doing pointillism pieces, and watercolour tattoos are incredibly fun as well. It’s so hard to decide, because I also love doing very fine, intricate line work. I just love tattoos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How many tattoos do you have:  I lost count of my tattoos when I was around 19/20. And it’s difficult to count as well. I have a sleeve made up of smaller pieces, so is that one piece, or do we count each individual piece? If we count individuals, I counted about 40 when I was 25ish, and I’ve had a lot more done since then.

What advice do you have for people who want to get a tattoo:  Research artists and find the one they love. Get a quote and save for whatever their price is. Cheap tattoos are not good, because the top quality equipment, inks and needles are not cheap. It’s investing in yourself in one of the most visible and lasting ways, so don’t go cheap!

A funny tattoo story:  I have only ever really made one horrible mistake on a tattoo in 2010. It was on a girl named Candi, on a posterized Marilyn Monroe portrait. I got distracted by a query at the door and colored black on the nose where it should have been light grey. I freaked out and told her what had happened, and she giggled in response saying she was sure I would sort it out. I did manage to sort it out by tattooing white into it, and that tattoo made part of a sleeve that one us ‘Best black and grey’ and ‘Best overall tattooed female’ at a convention. She is also now my best friend in the world.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 21.01.41

The quote that I live by is my primary school motto: “Be first that you may be of service”

The best way is to whatsapp me on this number (0795797385) with any queries or bookings!

Thank you so much Tory for taking the time to answer my questions, & for just being absolutely amazing!  You are inspiring & so so creative.  I have loved chatting to you – & thank you for paving the way for more women in South Africa that want to get into this industry & can grow through your example.


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