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    Black Strawberry Activewear

    I attended International Yoga Day a while back with some friends.  I got to spend some time purely on myself, tried new Yoga flows, & left feeling utterly relaxed.  With the stress that every day life is throwing at me, I often feel like I am simply functioning on adrenaline & absolutely dread the day that this runs out! While I was at this event, I got to spend a little time walking around the stalls that were there & see more of what is on offer in the fitness/wellness industry.  One such stall was Black Strawberry Activewear… I was attracted to them from their bright colours & the friendly…

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    Fit Farm Girl

    On my quest to being healthy once again, & learning to love my body, I came across Fit Bands.  I had heard of them before, but because my health was so shocking, I couldn’t even dream of making use of them or really finding out more.  But then I had a life-changing experience & now I am able to actually EXERCISE!  And I am still determined to support local in this new path that I am on – so I knew that Fit Farm Girl was on my radar & that I really wanted to find out more. Then I heard about their event – mind.booty.soul pop-up experience which is…

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    Hoko Active Wear

    2019 has been my year of getting healthy.  I had a stem cell transplant in January & SURVIVED!  I really feel like I have been given a second chance at life & am taking every opportunity to live my life in the best way possible.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be strong.  I want to make good choices.  And this has all started with joining a gym & trying out different classes. One that has been absolutely amazing is yoga.  I had never even attempted a class before, but had seen how friends rave about it & how it has changed their lives for the better.  It…

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    Pretty Peachy

    As a woman, when I work out I still want to feel pretty.  I want to wear fun clothing & show off my uniqueness whilst still being able to move & exercise with ease.  I am sick of wearing plain back clothing, or oversized shirts that I have claimed from husband.  I want something fun that makes me smile & encourages me to keep going. Pretty Peachy Activewear has been popping up on both my Facebook & Instagram, & I absolutely LOVE what they have on offer.  Their pieces are fun, eye-catching & definitely on trend – from flamingos to bright colours. Verity very kindly chatted to me about this…


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