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Msulwa Life

When I first discovered Msulwa Life, it was through their reusable cotton rounds. I had begun to truly be aware of the waste I was producing during my skincare, and was desperate to find an alternative. I didn’t want to use the regular cotton wool or cotton rounds for cleansing and toning my face, and immediately placed an order for their collection of reusable cotton rounds – and have honestly never looked back. And then I began following them, and was amazed by all that they had on offer – from skincare, to soaps, to scrubbies, and so much more. I reached out to Megan and asked if I could do a feature on her, as I really feel we should all be more aware of not only our waste, but also using products that are kind to our environment and our skin.

Reusable Facial Rounds

Your name: Megan Miller

Business name: Msulwa Life

Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram and Website

Tell me a bit more about your business: Msulwa Life is a South African online store that creates and sells unique eco-friendly and natural products. Msulwa is an isiZulu word that means Pure, Innocent and Clean in English. We loved these meanings as it perfectly represents our brand’s vision, together with being South African. The Pure reflects that our products are free from harmful chemicals, the Innocent reflects that we don’t use animal products and are cruelty free and the Clean reflects that our products are eco-friendly, protecting the environment in as many ways as possible.

What are 3 fun facts about you:
1) I never follow a recipe – I prefer experimenting in the kitchen!
2) I like to ride motorbikes and do adventurous activities
3) I’m always thinking of new and creative projects

What made you decide to start this business: The concept and dream of Msulwa Life has been on my mind for a few years. I qualified as a Biokineticist in 2014 and then headed over to the UK and Europe where I worked abroad for 5 years as a Carer and then as a 2nd Stewardess/ Personal Trainer on a Superyacht. This is where I was exposed to a large amount of unnecessary waste and at the same time saw new ways of being more of a conscious and environmentally aware person. Over the years working abroad, my appreciation and love for South Africa was cemented and I came to realise Africa is my remarkable home and where I decided to return! I came back in February 2020, where I began Msulwa Life, running this eco store online which launched in March 2020.09.

What makes your products so unique: Msulwa Life’s products are unique because they all strive to achieve all 3 of the Pure, Innocent and Clean aspects that represent our brand and Msulwa meaning. We believe that these are the 3 vital components that we all should strive to align in our lives in order to achieve an optimal human lifestyle that is in harmony with the earth.
We therefore create and source products that are Vegan, Plastic Free, Natural, Chemical Free, Organic, Zero Waste, Cruelty free and Sustainable.

What is your personal favourite product: The Natural Body Moisturizer with Geranium & Lavender together with the Natural Facial Moisturiser with Sea Buckthorn are my Favourite! They really are refreshing, nutritious and are amazing on the skin.

What have been your most popular items: The most popular product is the Reusable Facial Rounds – I have been really impressed by how many people have switched from disposable cotton rounds and are so much more eco-conscious! The rounds have often been chosen with the Konjac Sponges, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Tooth Treatment Paste, Organic Dental Floss and Msulwa Soaps!

Why do you wish people would make use of more eco-friendly items: I had learnt great appreciation for Health and the Environment after a lot of research of how important our food and product choices are to our bodies and the Earth. I discovered that a Plant Based diet has been seen to be the healthiest diet for humans. This also exposed me to the devastating impact of the animal agricultural industry on our food quality, the shocking animal brutality and that this industry is the biggest contributor to global warming and environmental destruction – it was a huge realisation on how unaware we all are of this industry. I wanted to create more environmental awareness to South Africans and provide products that easily help people transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. The earth is at a critical stage of its survival, and if everyone started to be active and take individual responsibility, we can make drastic improvements to the earth’s and our health!

How can people purchase from you:
• Visiting our online store is the easiest way to browse through our whole Msulwa Life’s product range.
• Enjoy reading the product descriptions and learning about how each product will benefit you and your eco-friendly lifestyle.
• Add your chosen items to your cart and then choose from many secure online payments options including EFT, credit/debit card, Payfast and Zapper.
• Once you have made your order, we will instantly receive it and then begin putting it all together for you.
• When your parcel is ready, you will be notified with your Courier’s tracking number via email. Easily follow your parcels journey all the way to your door which will take 2-4 days.
• We securely courier all over South Africa!

Quote you live by:

“When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way.”


Enjoying what you do and having a desire for what you want to achieve, is really the foundation for success. I haven’t yet got close to my environmental and business goals, but I feel I am on the right track!
I knew that I would only reach my full potential and be the most effective in the world when I pursue my passions and utilise my skills in directions that I was truly interested in, and this is Msulwa Life.

Anything else you want to add: I qualified as a Biokineticist in 2014 and then headed over to the UK and Europe where I worked abroad for 5 years as a Carer and then as a 2nd Stewardess/ Personal Trainer on a Superyacht. This is where I was exposed to a large amount of unnecessary waste and at the same time saw new ways of being more of a conscious and an environmentally aware person.

I can’t wait to purchase more items from this stunning range, and also to know that I am doing all I can to live a better life, and protect our beautiful world.

Which of these are on your wishlist? I would definitely recommend the reusable cotton rounds for each and every person.

Thank you Megan for your time, your passion, but most of all for wanting to make a real difference and spread kindness everywhere. You are one in a million.

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Silicone Straws SA

When I attended the event organised by Fit Farm Girl recently, I met the wonderful ladies from Silicone Depot.  When I saw their stand, I immediately went over as their name is one that has been on the lips of many!  They have the most gorgeous silicone straws in convenient carry cases (believe me, this is something we all need to think of as you don’t want them simply rolling around in your handbag & collecting all those goggas!); as well as silicone containers for food & liquid (these are able to go in the freezer & microwave without releasing harmful chemicals & will not leak all over the place).  I even got a silicone cleaning brush & gloves for washing my dishes & so on – when you read up more about what those green scourer sponges have & the germs they hold on to; you will want to chuck yours far away immediately!

What struck me most was the passion that they have for their business.  They know the importance of zero waste, & the effect that our lifestyles are having on our health & the health of our planet.  We need to be making a change.  We need to be conscious about what we are doing & not simply stand back & accept the way things are going.

Your name: Evanza Meintjes

Business name: Silicone Depot
Sub divisions: Silicone Straws SA & What Babies Want & Eco Choice


Social media handles:  Instagram & Website

Tell me a bit more about what you do:
I have operated my own beauty salon for 12 years now. 6 Months after my son was born, I started What Babies Want. Now just over 3 years old, What Babies Want offers silicone bead dummy clips and other silicone baby items.
Nov 1st 2018, I started Silicone Straws SA. After research I realized the urgency and need to go further in trying to eliminate single use plastics from our lives, and that’s when Silicone Depot was born. Offering a much wider range of Silicone goods.


You are well known for your silicone straws, but I see you have expanded your range. What else do you sell now:
BPA free, Food grade Silicone items for;
Daily use like water bottles; and coffee cups.

Where can people purchase your products from:

What products do you think every household should own?
Food storage containers made from food grade silicone; since plastic, styrofoam, and cling wrap negatively impacts our hormone levels and therefore in the long term affects our quality of life.

Why do you think it is so important that people try to live a waste-free life?
Not just about waste-free living and protecting our oceans and eco systems, but also to benefit human health and living by cutting down and eliminating plastic from your lives.
We also have a responsibility towards our children’s future as well as the future of their health.

What are some of the scary facts you have discovered about plastic?
Through my exposure and research of Silicone I have found that there are many “fake” silicone/silicon in our market.
Also that BPA containing plastics is one of the leading causes of endochronic illnesses that leads to chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and also infertility.


Why do you have such a passion for what you do:
It is in my core to learn everyday and educate and spread info as far as I possibly can. Since I’m also a polycystic ovarian sufferer, which there is currently still no cure for. I feel it is my duty to inform others of the estrogen mimicking effects that BPA has on our bodies – creating turmoil and getting stuck on endless meds to try and correct.
Starting with a straw, affecting users of all ages, questions arise and awareness begins. This is how we are going to help shape our younger generation to more Eco-Friendly humans.

Quote you live by:
It started with a straw…
Work smarter, not harder.


Anything else you want to add:
If it doesn’t say BPA free or Food-Grade Silicone, then chances are good, it’s not.

I absolutely adore this company, & have really enjoyed my time of getting to know them & their products better.  They have such big hearts, & I would definitely recommend them to everyone that I possibly can.

Plus, for all you wonderful readers that have supported me throughout this journey, you can get 20% discount off any of your orders – simply use the coupon code “nomorebpa” when placing your order!  This will be valid until the end of June 2019, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

If you would like to see these products for yourself, they will be exhibiting at the Momee  & Babee Expo happening 5 – 7 July at Gallagher Estate.

We are slowly making the switch of everything possible from plastic to silicone & glass, & I couldn’t be happier!  Let me know what changes you are making in this regard too.

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The Refillery

In my quest to live a better life, I have been searching for better options & doing what I can to make more eco-friendly choices.  Less plastic, less waste, more happiness & just making decisions with the planet at the forefront.  It isn’t always the easiest or most convenient decision, but it is one that I am proud of & one that I am determined to learn more about every single day.

In our area I discovered the most beautiful shop.  The big open doors invite you in, & you are immediately drawn to all the interesting-looking foods etc all around the shop.  I literally let our a squeal the first time I walked in, & then promptly turned bright red & hid my head!  I knew this was going to be a new favourite of mine; & that I would be spending lots of time browsing & adding different goodies to the brown paper bags.  I have enjoyed their black rice; the different quinoa, cous cous & other grains; & even purchased a solid shampoo bar for my sister.  I knew I had to do a feature on The Refillery…


Your name:  Samantha Molet & Dominic Moleta [Co-founders/owners/husband and wife]

Business name:  The Refillery

Social media handles:  InstagramFacebook & Website


Tell me a bit more about The Refillery:
The Refillery is a planet friendly grocery store offering a stylish, convenient, plastic-free, ‘weigh& pay’ shopping experience that helps you stock and restock your pantry without the wasteful single use plastic packaging. We offer all types of dry produce such as flour, grains, beans & pulses, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, herbs & spices and superfoods to all your household cleaning products from So Pure as well as toiletries all refillable. You are able to buy in whatever quantity you like. Our customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers [B.Y.O.J – Bring your own jar] to fill up or you can purchase any of our jars from Consol Glass or make use of our recycled brown paper bags to decant into your containers at home.
We offer an online delivery service as well as a click to collect in store too.


Where did this idea come from:
The concept itself of bulk foods is an age old concept that has made a come back in the recent years due the ever increasing plastic crisis we have put ourselves in. Dom and I used to work out at sea in the yachting industry and saw first hand the amount of plastic waster and pollution in the ocean and remotes part of the world and now with two young beautiful children we want them to be able to see the world in all her glory and not riddled with plastic bags and litter. So we decided instead of talking about it, to put our intentions into practice and thus The Refillery was born.

Where can people find your store, & can they buy online:
We are based in Cedar Square Shopping Centre in Fourways, on the upper level shop U3.11 opposite the ski ramp and we also have our online store where you can order online and all orders over R500 are free delivery all over South Africa.


What are some of the products that you sell:
We sell a gorgeous range of Zero Waste Lifestyle Products such as shampoo bars, reusable produce bags, bees wax wraps, straws and reusable bottles and cups to your basic pantry staples to pasta, rices, pulses and beans, superfoods, cleaning products, DIY ingredients, toiletries, organic loose leaf teas, single origin coffee beans, baking supplies, dried fruit and nuts, curry spice mix, to even lemonade on tap and snacking options too.

What is your personal favourite product:
I am huge fan of our Spaza bowl covers as i love to cook and entertain so to be able to cover my dishes in gorgeous, hand crafted covers just makes my dishes look fantastic and super easy to keep, clean and reusable too. Not to mention a local product made by woman in Townships who are stay at home caretakers.


What are your most popular products:
People absolutely love our japanese rice crackers which are simply more-ish, our black rice is a huge fan favourite as well as our bliss ball recipe in a jar not to mention our ZWL product range.

Why is living an eco-friendly life so important to you:
Its not about doing it perfectly but rather trying to do the best you can as an individual or family. Its small actions by millions of people that make a difference and as an avid lover of sea, bush and travel I feel its important NOW to change our habits for a better future.

Why do you think people are so encouraged by this idea & living a better life:
I strongly believe people are concerned about the plastic crisis and genuinely want to help but don’t always have an avenue to change and The Refillery makes plastic free shopping possible, convenient and easy. Its in their best interest for themselves and their children children.


What are a few hints you have for people who wish to make the change:
Be more aware of the amount of single use plastic you consume, this the of plastic is not recyclable and will never degrade so its important to try make small changes where possible.
– Choose reusables where ever possible; such as bags, water bottles, coffee mugs, straws and produce bags and reuse them over and over again.
– Make use of what you have at home, reinvent old jars or containers, repurpose them.
– Choose sustainable resources such as bamboo and stainless steel [bamboo toothbrushes and stainless steel razors]
– Try bulk food shopping, its feel good shopping and you have much less waste as you buy in the quantities you actually need and use.


Quote you live by:
“You don’t need a handful of people doing Zero Waste living perfectly, but rather a million people doing it imperfectly”

Anything else you want to add:
Thank you for this amazing opportunity to feature on your blog – we are honoured!


This is such a happy place, & with their own little coffee corner, it has the perfect vibe to sit back & just chill.  You feel relaxed & instantly a smile spreads across your face when you walk into the store.  I find myself needing to “pop in” at least once a week just to see what is there & what catches my eye on that day.  And every time I go there I discover something new that I just have to try!

If you are in JHB, make sure you go through to the shop for the full experience.  Or visit their online store & place your order.  Let’s work together to be the change.

All pics taken by Catia Frazao.

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Jislaain SOS Tees

Trying to live a greener, better life is one of my goals for 2019.  I want to try to recycle, refuse & reduce – I no longer accept plastic bags when out shopping but rather take my fabric reusable bags into the shop with me, & if I have forgotten them behind then I will load up the trolley & have to carry everything into the house individually!  I also have a bamboo straw & a stainless steel straw that I carry with me to use if necessary, & again, if I have forgotten one of these then I will refuse a plastic one.  We have a recycling bin in the office, & I am trying my hardest to decrease my carbon footprint.  We have also recently implemented meat-free Monday (you can read more of the benefits here).

I think going through my stem cell transplant has really reminded me that we only have one life to live, & we need to make it the best life possible.  Also what kind of planet are we destroying not only for ourselves, but for the future generations?  Do we want our children & grandchildren to be exploring through rubbish piles rather than the beauty of nature?  I know that I don’t!

I also discovered a group on Facebook called Zero Waste Journey Southern Africa – this is a non-judgemental space where people can offer advice on how to reduce their waste.  The time to make a change is now.


When I heard that two of my favourite businesses (Jislaaik! Online Stores & Olive & Arrow Creative) had collaborated to bring out a range called Jislaain I did a little happy dance.  I saw some of the cushion covers they had done, & then I saw a sneak peek of their tees that they are bringing out & I just fell in love.  Their SOS Tees are to raise awareness for the plastic & waste problems that are being experienced worldwide, & to encourage people to do their bit in helping to save the planet.  They have also joined forces with Raw Co. to print & develop this range of tees.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jislaaik! store has a passion for making a difference in the world & I love everything that they stand for…


Jislaain is a collaboration initiative bringing together a few elite local brands. Promoting South African talent and still providing that exceptional quality that you come to expect.

Laain (pronouced as Line) – focuses on amazing One Line drawings done by Olive & Arrow Creative. One Line. One Line is used for the whole illustration. These designs are the signature of the Jislaain range and can be seen on each and every item available.

We’re bringing One Line Drawings to life – minimalistic, simple and absolutely gorgeous.


The SOS (Save Our Seas) Tees range focuses on exactly that. Saving our seas – well, technically not just the seas!

Here are some shocking facts on the current status:

  • According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), South Africans use between 30kg and 50kg of plastic per person per year.
  • More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. –
  • There are 5 giant garbage patches floating in the ocean of which the largest one contains more than 80,000 tonnes of plastic. –
  • Have you ever thought that some of your trash might be in those patches? Or that something you threw into your dustbin ended up killing an animal?

With this range we aim to raise more awareness on this issue and to get people to think differently about their consumption and the impact they have on our planet.

We will also be donating proceeds on each shirt purchased to various charities who share the same view and passion and who are actively making a difference in our world. Our followers on social media will be able to suggest and vote for their favourite charities on a monthly basis.

The shirts in this range are all ethically sourced and made locally.

(Taken from the Jislaaik! website)

Jis Logo Round Transparant

Their range of tees is launching in about 2 weeks, but they are doing a giveaway on Monday 01/04/2019, so make sure you are following them on social media & don’t miss out.

The sponsors for the prize include:

Jislaaik Logo - Word - Transparant

Jislaaik Online StoreFacebook, Instagram & Website

Making a difference in the world has always been a passion for Jislaaik and to bring out the Jislaain SOS Tees range is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just so heartbreaking to think that we as human beings are responsible for all this waste  that is everywhere and killing so many animals (and possibly humans too) just because we can’t responsibly dispose of this. But if each person just makes one right decision in this matter – just imagine the huge change and the good things that will take place.


Olive & Arrow Creative Logo-4.png

Olive & Arrow CreativeFacebook & Instagram



Raw Co.Facebook & Instagram

My intention for RAW Co.
~ Not just a brand but a lifestyle ~
💚One that focuses on providing you with excellent quality, real, authentic wares made from natural, recycled and sustainable products that are source and manufactured following best labour and environmental practices.
💚A brand that does good for our people, community and environment.
💚A business that I’ll be proud to leave to my son one day.
💚I hope for it to make a BIG positive impact for our future generations and that it will assist us to live a more sustainable and responsible approach to life.
~ I find fulfillment and gratitude in doing this for the good of our environment and future. ~

The Bamboo Project PNG.png

The Bamboo ProjectFacebook & Instagram


The RefilleryFacebook & Instagram


BiddykinsFacebook & Instagram


MinimalwastesaFacebook & Instagram

Our aim is to provide South Africans with quality, earth friendly, stationery. Looking around it has become apparent that reusable straws, coffee cups and bags are the new thing (and rightly so!). We realized that there is a plastic-free alternative to everything, except stationery! So we decided to embark on the journey to make this possible to South Africans. Our founder, Christie, is a marine biologist and has been an active volunteer at the Two Oceans Aquarium for years. So therefore, she decided that our profits go towards rehabilitating stranded turtles, (a lot that arrive with stomachs full of plastic!) at the TOA.


BundubeardFacebook & Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 08.52.39.png

Silistraw – Facebook & Instagram

With a world population of over 7,6 billion people, if every person uses 1 plastic straw per day, that would result in over 7,6 billion plastic straws per day being added to the plastic waste that will take over 200 years to decompose, whilst permeating its way into our food chain and harming sea and bird life across the world. It is a fact that in our lifetime, our oceans will be home to more plastic than fish … a shocking statistic.

Silistraw is a reusable silicone straw that can be easily cleaned, folded and stored in a convenient small capsule resulting in no mess.

Why silicone?

Reusable, Non-Toxic, BPA Free
Environmentally conscious
Durable, Foldable, Easy to clean, Dishwasher friendly
No metallic after taste

Bert Logo.PNG

Bert 3000 – Facebook & Instagram

There are also 3 of us bloggers that have got involved, & I ADORE the other ladies so please show them some love by liking & following them 🙂


My Spreadsheet BrainFacebook & Instagram



Gathered by ClaireFacebook & Instagram

Flowercrowns & Treatments.png

Flowercrowns & TreatmentFacebook & Instagram

You can enter the competition on Facebook by clicking here, or go through to the Instagram one here.

Good luck!


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